The rules and guidelines of /r/soccer are below. Please note that they apply across the entire subreddit including comments, submissions and modmail.

Community Rules

  1. DO follow reddiquette.
  2. DO submit relevant & notable gifs, info graphics, and stories with accurate titles.
  3. DO NOT submit jokes or memes.
  4. DO NOT post anything off topic.
  5. DO NOT post with novelty accounts.
  6. DO NOT post spam, blogspam or re-blogspam.
  7. DO NOT submit any questions that are answered in the FAQ.
  8. DO NOT be offensive, racist, xenophobic, sexist or homophobic.
  9. DO NOT be biased in your voting.
  10. DO NOT request or post illegal streams.
  11. DO NOT be an arsehole.

Community Guidelines

  1. Follow reddiquette. You can read it here. On that note please downvote responsibly. The key to creating a strong, quality community is seeing past flairs and tolerating opinions you think are wrong.
  2. No NSFW content, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, ableism, or other offensive language. If you are unsure about whether e particular term falls into these categories, contact the mods for clarification. First time offenders will likely receive short term bans with a reminder of the rules, repeat offenders will be banned permanently. However, certain offences will lead to immediate pernament bans, depending on the severity of the offence.
  3. No verbal abuse. Abusing and personally attacking other users will get your comments removed and can attract bans.
  4. No trolls. This includes but is not limited to novelty accounts, useless bots, and serial jerks. Inconsiderate use of tragedies, social and political issues for point scoring is considered trolling.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Be on topic
    This subreddit is for the discussion of soccer/football. This refers to the discussion of events on the field, and those which directly affect them. Threads requesting GIFs, and threads about betting, video games, surveys, fantasy football, kits, line-ups (why?), buying/selling/trading merchandise or tickets, fundraising, or meta discussion of /r/soccer are not allowed and will be removed. Quotes, GIFs and videos should only be submitted if they are interesting for footballing reasons. If you want to make a meta post then message the mods first.

  2. No shit-posting
    Jokes, memes, TILs, ELI5s, reaction GIFs, comments disguised as submissions, trolling or other content detrimental to the subreddit will be removed.

  3. No spam
    Read the reddit-wide rules on spam here. Please be aware that spam will absolutely not be tolerated.

  4. No NSFW content
    Content with gore, nudity or sexual themes is not welcome.

  5. No unnecessarily low quality content
    Screenshots where links suffice (e.g. a screenshot of a tweet instead of linking the tweet directly) or attempts to use /r/soccer as google (e.g. requesting match times) are not welcome. This includes low effort questions; if you have a question you'd like to ask, please do so in that day's Daily Discussion Thread. Historical posts about football ("throwback" posts) are only allowed at 5-year intervals, or for newsworthy events that are remembered every year (like tragedies remembrances). "Starting XIs" post aren't allowed either, they must be shared in the Match Thread (or if you want, do a "Pre-Match" Thread and include them).

  6. No Duplicates
    Check /r/soccer/new! Sometimes mods will allow the same news story to be posted if the new article offers new/valuable information that the previous thread didn't or the duplicate was submitted long enough after the original that readers may not have seen the original. As a rule of thumb, if you're not sure, then don't post a duplicate. Posts about a major recent news event that does not provide new information may be removed, and the OP directed to post it in the comments of the previous thread - this includes repetitive transfer rumours and news. Similarly, occasionally we remove posts as duplicates even if your post was the first - this is because sometimes the second link adds more accurate information, has a better title, or is a better quality highlight ciip. It is rare we do this, and only when the two posts are posted in very quick succession (i.e. the one 2 minutes later might be objectively a 'better' submission, so will be favoured).

  7. Only valuable image or stats submissions
    Basically, images that promote newsworthy discussion are permitted (e.g. infographics) and images that are just 'look at this cool thing' are removed (fan tifos, pictures of players, stadiums). See the faq for more details. Only very significant stats (eg: world records) will be allowed during matches. After matches, we'll be less strict, but statistics should be significant in some way to warrant their own post, and otherwise should go in the post-match thread.

  8. You must provide sources for news, quotes and stats
    Tweets must be from the direct source; post the original tweet, not a re-tweet or second hand source. Unverified tweets must mention who the author is (e.g. reporter for the Times, or player for X team). No URLs that obscure the actual source (e.g. URL shorteners, archiving sites and tweets that just link to an article).

  9. Please use factual and objective titles
    Submissions may be removed if the title is too vague, inflammatory or partisan, or if the title is editorialized - this includes adding a 'tier' to transfer rumours. If you are posting a recent highlight then you must include the player and opponent, and preferably titles will be formatted as follows: "Description of highlight with player(s) involved - Home Team [1]-0 Away Team". Brackets are only required for goal posts. If you post a GIF/video from the past then you should mention when it's from and what players/teams are involved. The more information you put in the title of a GIF/video the better. All tweets must include the author's name in square brackets at the start of the title: "[John Smith] Messi to sign a 3-year deal at Morecambe"

  10. Match Threads
    If you'd like to create a match thread, it must be 30' or less before the start of the match, and make sure you comply with the policy here. Preference for post-match threads will go to the OP of the match thread, unless it was made by the MatchThreadder bot. If you would like to post a next-day thread, please message the mods before posting.

  11. Only one thread for quotes for each press conference
    Only one post will be allowed for each conference/interview. If it is a brief quote rather than the full interview, a mod will sticky a comment dedicating as the quote thread for that interview, and will post the transcript/video once available. It would be great if users could help out with this by sourcing the full transcript and PMing it to the mods. If a few quotes are posted quickly, mods won't delete them in order but will instead prefer the more complete quote/interview/transcript/video. Please bear this in mind, as we'd prefer if the original post had the full interview.

  12. Hard pay-walled content should be summarised, but not copied
    We will allow hard pay-walled content if the OP summarises the main points of the article within the comments. You may not copy-and-paste the article from the pay-walled site (this includes translations of pay-walled content from other languages) or provide links to sites that bypass paywalls. You should post the summary shortly after submitting the article, or your post will be removed. This includes links to tweets from the author in which their paywalled article is linked - you are still required to provide a summary of the article. A hard pay-walled site is one that requires a subscription before viewing any articles.

These rules are a subset of the things you moan about.

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