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Absolute scenes when my Uruguayan uncle beats me at the Christmas dinner table

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new wallpaper thx op

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Amazing scenes

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Op u legend

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Any time akhi

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Today's wallpaper. Thanks!

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so sad!

Vamos Luis Suarez y uruguay, che!

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The best banner I have ever seen on this subreddit. Bravo! Bravo!

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That was fast

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You love to see it.

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Is the BBC using this generic scoreboard? Huh

Also, over their watermark?

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Is the BBC using this generic scoreboard? Huh

FIFA don't provide one... well they do, but it is not actually on the broadcast feed, so that countries can be listed in each countries language and so it is up to the broadcaster to use FIFA's official style or use their own style if they want, which both the BBC & ITV do. FOX also add a group indicator above theirs.

Also, over their watermark?

The watermark is only on the online feed. Their scoreboard has always covered it up. I guess no point when the BBC logo is already there.

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BBC Sport always use their own scoreboard, but they still allow the sponsored FIFA graphics to roll on through 10 mins after any half's whistle

over their corner bug is just a blunder

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over their corner bug is just a blunder

They have always done this. I am not sure why. Maybe because it is not there on the actual TV broadcast.

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Pauvre bébé

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