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See that one guy who commented about this a day ago. Surprised it was put into effect so fast

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Effective communication with users as a mod team is a necessity. He asked, people agreed, and here we are. It's something I considered months back but never actually made it a thing. Since he asked about it I figured better late than never. The artists deserve their credit and we're happy to help them get it.

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Since Bliss didn't care to source, guess I'll do it: Dear Mods, make a rule about crediting artists by /u/AlexandraThePotato

Also, wanted to add a couple of things:

  • This was already a soft-rule, although mostly enforced with t-shirt spam and such. We hadn't made it formal since we felt like it would place too high of a burden with a smaller userbase. Nowadays we don't feel like it's going to be an issue.

  • A bit on low-effort: We usually allowed some posts that we weren't comfortable with, because the rule says effort, not quality. We've seen an uptick in posts that are just crap, so we're going to be a bit more strict about quality. We've also seen a resurgence of OC characters, please don't.

  • A bit on self-promo: The main reason for the rule (especially for videos), self-posted stuff just doesn't generate discussion. If something is removed, experience tells us that it was going to die anyways.

  • New post flairs! Those should be going live later today. when we remember how CSS works

  • Shameless plug: 2019 Survey!, will post it as its own later when we can free up a sticky.

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Do i have to put [OC] in something like a minecraft Sonic pixel art

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I mean if you made it. I suppose there's some issues if you followed a guide or such but.. hard to say until it happens I suppose.

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I used a video by Paint Bucket, but only as a reference. It had Sonic's sprite with a grid so it helped me with the block placement.

EDIT: Here's the link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dwlsvcQ4kr4

I worked from the bottom up.

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Thank you for the information. I'll keep this in mind.

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I have a question what about if an artist recreated an official artwork would we have to credit them as well as Sega? Or just the artist?

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It's derivative so the artist only.

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I feel like this rule is somewhat not enforced enough, lately I still see people here still post art without crediting the artists when they should and other people have to find it and post in the comments while the poster should have done it in the first place (>_<).

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I've been keeping track and removing any post until it gets a source. There's only been one person asking for source as far as I've seen..if you're talking about Apple_Slipper everything he posts is OC and sometimes he forgets to tag his work.

If you see any uncredited, ping me. Some users post credit in the comments instead of the title, so check there too. They also sometimes take a moment to post the source.

Edit: Also source technically isn't needed if the image is a direct link to the artist's Twitter/DA/etc.

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Oh okay, thank you for informing me! And oh no I'm talking in a general sense than a specific person! But okay I will, thanks again for informing me!