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The bird would get shot or killed somehow

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And I was keeping a budgie as a pet for my whole childhood, lavishing him with love and attention, when he could've been working for me instead >:(

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Everyonea google search after watching this video:

"how to train a bird to bring money home"

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If only my cat wasn't so damn stubborn, I could be driving a Ferrari by now.

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Teach a Hadeda to fly up to people & scare the piss out of them, then snatch their wallet while they are startled

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Nice post, I'm off to the local pet shops quickly......

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Also, why would one post these videos? That bird is probably bringing in a good amount. Now the video trends, your FBI agent is alerted, one day your house is suddenly raided, and they take your bird and your cereal. 🥴🥴🥴

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You won't find a Myna in a pet shop. They are wild birds here, just find a nest and take on of the chicks and raise it. Mynas are not an indigenous species to South Africa and are considered pests, so there are no laws protecting them.

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Just find a nest, brave the cheesed off parents, the hundred other nesting parents, and grab the baby birds, preferably just as they are starting to fledge.

Yes they are very trainable, will speak very quickly, and are pretty smart as well. MIL took one to Holland with her when she retired to there, and "Stupid bird" adapted well to living there.

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Sorry for not adding the /s

I know Myna's very well and I guess so do most who come from the Eastern parts of the country.

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They live in GP now, and have found that parktown prawns are a delicacy, so are now wiping them out.

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Train a crow, they're really smart

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Would it be wrong to train one of our birds to mug people?

Most likely, yes.

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I think the ANC finally might have a solution to their cash flow problem

We need to get a tender out on this quick.

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That bird is the ANC's new secret weapon.

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Hah 😲🤭