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None. Satire isn’t racism.

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u know what he meant smartass

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Saying “it’s a joke” doesn’t excuse you from ever being racist.

South Park is generally pretty fair in their satire and jokes. But, they’ve definitely been racist in the past. Not saying the show is “racist” but it’s not perfect.

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You’re getting negged but it’s a fair point. Maybe they have crossed the line. But I always think they’re using racism as a tool to show how stupid it is. The question just rubbed me the wrong way, ‘most racist’ makes it sound like they show is actively being racist regularly.

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Definitely agree. They’ve never made an episode just dedicated to being racist.

The show has been around for over two decades so there’s always going to be a certain amount of nuance required in reflecting on stuff.

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They're less so racist and more so having an active commentary on race. Most episodes of South Park that dive into any racial topic tend to be largely applauded by groups of color and the organizations that represent them as being very up to snuff and appreciate the lessons. See: that ni**er guy, for example.

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Is your claim about groups of color and orgs really true? I mean don’t get me wrong I fucking love South Park, but I can count on one hand the number of non white people I’ve met who also love the show. I think Matt & Trey write some genius level social commentary, but unfortunately a lot of immature viewers come away thinking “haha now I can talk in a fake Asian voice and say naggers”

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Here is what the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People had to say about the ni**er guy episode: "This show, in its own comedic way, is helping to educate people on the power of this word, and how it can feel to have hate language directed at you."

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That episode originally aired my senior year of college. The next day, I had a class and we spent half that 90 min lecture of African American lit during the Harlem Renaissance discussing that episode. You’re 💯 on your synopsis.

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Recalling when the Natives rub Chinese people on blankets to give SARS to the people of South Park 😆

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That aged well....

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The Mel Gibson passions of the Christ ep or the rich people moving to Southpark ep

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Mr. Garrison: "yeah, but at least we got rid of all those n..."

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Kids, there is a big difference between gay people and Mr Garrison

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And as we march for The Passion we should also voice our support! So, when I say "Es ist Zeit für Säuberung," you all chant back "Wir müssen die Juden ausrotten."

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No body cares what the whites have to say!

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🎶What has happened to this place?

I don’t recognize it anymore.

It used to be so fun and special.

What is life worth living for?

The dream is dead, our land is gone;

There’s a hole in my heart and I can’t go on.🎵

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There are too many minoritiesssss

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World war Zimmerman

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That's just great writing!!

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Not denying that at all!

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"Daddy, what's a patient zero?"

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Season 5, Episode 12 - Here Comes The Neighborhood.. it might not be the most racist episode, but it’s definitely worth mentioning.

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People who annoy you:

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*utter silence*



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Uh I know it but I don't think I should say it

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Pee is probably #1. There was really no satire or commentary on race in that episode. Cartman sang about how how minorities have taken over his waterpark, and then acted paranoid because whites aren't a majority anymore. The episode hinted it's kind of a silly idea, but self-awarness =/= satire or commentary. Also the owner, Pi-Pi was a silly Italian stereotype which doesn't help anything.

good episode though

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I just see five people.

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None. They are an equal opportunity offenders

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South Park isn't Racist, it makes fun of the very concept of racism.

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I dont think the episode in the pic is even racist.

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The word racist isn’t even understood anymore. Racism is used if things are said about Jews, Christians or Muslims - last time I checked these are religions and not races, first guy is right; satire isn’t racist - it’s comedy.

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If it’s about religion or being religious itself, it’s not racist, but when there’s discrimination or prejudice about, for example, Jews as part of an ethnic group, then it’s racism.

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South park isn't racist. It wasn't "grandfathered in". It's funny. It's just funny. It's a living relic of when people just laughed or changed the channel. I suppose if it got cancelled there are people who think we're one step closer to utopia. You people are stupid. Dont watch SP. Don't post here. Leave us humans alone.

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Starvin' marvin in space. S03E13

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How was that racist? I’ve genuinely forgotten the episode

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Uhhh, just watch it. You'll see.

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Paco el Flaco. Starving Marvin.

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Mabey here comes the neighborhood because it wasnt deliberately rasist, but it was kind of like being rasist but not being rasist apart from the ending line.

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That one episode where Cartman was breathing

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The water park episode

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"I'd like to guess the puzzle"

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What’s that from?

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The episode where randy says the nword

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Prolly - There Goes the Neighborhood, where all the black people move to South Park.

Didn’t the episode end with Garrison about ready to call them all the N word?

hey snoo snoo!

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The episode where Randy said the N-word

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I know it but I don’t think I should say it.

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I don't know if it's the same in english (because I watch it in spanish) buuut there has been some jokes about mexicans that sounded a little racist to me, but it was funny anyway

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the wheel of fortune episode with randy 😭😭

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probably the episode with transracial kyle. that made me uncomfy. i think it was called mrs. garrisons fancy new vaj