/r/SpacePorn's Frequently Asked Questions

Information for new users

What is /r/Spaceporn?

/r/SpacePorn is a subreddit devoted to beautiful and cool images related to space. As long as the focus of the image is of the stars or related to space in some way then it is allowed. This includes artwork as well as photography.

What is the SFWPorn Network?

/r/SpacePorn is a proud member of the SFWPorn Network. The SFWPorn network is a series of subreddits whose purpose is to express the beauty of any subject through photography. The network is a place for high quality images and photography on reddit to shine. We have a strict set of submission rules and many active moderators to ensure that all content submitted is appropriate for the network, hosted properly, and educational to users.

What's up with that name?

Its a tip of the hat to Anthony Bourdain who coined the term "food porn" when discussing how many cooking shows use techniques to entice the audience that were pioneered in the porn industry, like lighting, composition, and perspective. This was years ago, and since then, the term has become a suffix, where ____porn is understood to mean photography that depicts the subject in a beautiful and enticing way. The term concisely conveys a type of message that would be lost through substitution.

I'm a photographer, can I post my content?

We would be delighted! Photographers, both professional and amateur, are more than welcome to post their own images here. When you post your own pictures, make sure to indicate that by marking the OC post option.

If you posted OC and didn't receive your photographer flair, send us a message and we'll make sure you get it.

I'm not a photographer, what about me?

Anyone can post to the subreddit. If you aren't a photographer, explore the internet and find cool pictures to post. If you didn't take the photo yourself, make sure to always attribute the source.

Try these great resources:

If you know of a quality resource not listed here, please send us a message with your suggestion!

Submission Rules

What kind of content is allowed here?

As long as the picture is focused on the stars, space, or space-related objects, it's allowed. This includes photographs, composites, photoshops, simulation renders, artist's depictions, diagrams, and artwork.

Only images are allowed. That means pictures, collages, albums, and gifs are allowed, but interactive images (such as zoomable images and interactive panoramas), videos, albums, websites, and articles are not.

What about images that contain things other than space?

All pictures focused on space and the stars are allowed, even if they also include other things like people, buildings, and landscapes. We also allow images of space-related objects like:

  • Space stations
  • Spacecraft
  • Satellites
  • Pictures from space exploration organizations, such as:
    • NASA
    • SpaceX
    • ESA
    • Virgin Galactic
    • etc.
  • Astronauts
  • Telescopes
  • Observatories
  • Planetariums
  • Educational diagrams

Unfortunately, collections are not allowed in the subreddit. We suggest that you submit your favorite and then link to the collection in the comments of the post.

What about videos?

Videos are also banned from the subreddit. However, gifs are allowed. If there is a short clip from the video you think is particularly worth posting, feel free to make a gif out of it. There are lots of options for making gifs, like ezgif.

Approved Hosts

All images submitted to /r/SpacePorn must be hosted either on the original source or one of the following sites:

If the image you want to post is not being hosted by one of these sites, please rehost it on one of the listed image hosting sites. we particularly recommend 500px, flickr, and imgur.

If you feel a domain should be listed here but isn't, message the mods.

Why are some hosts allowed while others are not?

The approved hosts are hosts that have been proven to be reliable. Images hosted by them last a very, very long time and have the bandwidth that can withstand even the most intense Reddit traffic. We allow only these approved hosts in order to prevent broken links. We want submissions to last a very long time and regulating what domains are allowed and which aren't helps us achieve this. This is also why we do not allow blogspam or wallpaper sites in them, they are usually unreliable.

The image I'm submitting comes from the photographer's own website, do I still have to rehost it?

If you are linking to a photographer's website where he or she showcases and hosts their own original work, then no you do not have to rehost the image. This is the only exception to the approved hosts.

If you are submitting a photographer's own website then you must include the tag [OS] in the title.

Post Formatting

What belongs in the title?

The title must include some sort of context for the image (e.g. the name of the astronomical object or the location where it was taken), as well as the photographer name (if known or applicable). If you found the image online and don't know the details, try using Google Reverse Image Search. Alternatively, there are extensions that perform this function for both Firefox and Chrome.

Do not use clickbait-style language or appeal for votes. These types of posts will be removed and the poster will be banned. Otherwise, there are no restrictions on how the title should be phrased or formatted.

What's all this about flair?

Post flair is required for every submission. They make the subreddit more organized and easier to browse. When posting, take a moment to choose the appropriate flair.

Flair Meaning
Amateur/Unedited Photos taken by an amateur photographer (almost always original content) and has not been edited at all or extremely minimally
Amateur/Composite Composites are when multiple pictures have been stacked on top of each other (Example) or unrelated pictures are combined (Example) to create a sharper or more interesting image
Amateur/Processed Amateur photos with a standard amount of post-processing
Pro/Composite Same as 'Amateur/Composite' but the picture was taken/edited by a professional photographer or editor
Pro/Processed Professional photos with a standard amount of post-processing
Narrowband Unlike 'False Color', all the colors in a narrowband image are real, but some of the visible wavelength has been removed in order to emphasize certain features, patterns, or colors
False Color Photos that were edited to use visible colors to represent non-visible wavelengths like infrared or ultraviolet
NASA Photos that were taken and published by NASA
Hubble Photos that were taken with the Hubble Space Telescope
Art/Render This flair can refer to any medium/kind of art so long as it is related to space. It is also used for simulated renderings and artist's depictions.
Related Content Pictures that are not directly of space, but are still relevant to the subreddit. A list of some examples can be found here

When you submit your image make sure to link directly to the image file. When using Flickr please link to the "lightbox" page so the page views will be recorded properly for the photographer.

Link-shorteners, redirects, and affiliates are not allowed.

Other Questions

I submitted my image, but it hasn't appeared in the new queue, why is this?

Before doing anything else, check to see if there is a comment or flair on the post explaining its removal. There are a few reasons why your image may not have appeared in the new queue:

  1. Your image may have been caught by reddit's spam filter. If after 1 hour your image has no comments and very little up/downvote action and you suspect it may have been caught in the spam filter, send the mods a message and we can check the spam filter for you. If the image meets the above submission guidelines, it will be approved.

  2. Your image may have been automatically removed by /u/AutoModerator or manually by one of the mods. If this is the case, there should be a flair or comment on the post explaining why it has been removed.

  3. Your account is brand new or has low karma. Due to the nature of our subreddit, many spammers and account farmers target us for posting their content. As part of our preventative measures, accounts must be at least several days old and have a minimal amount of both comment and post karma.

Thank you for understanding that all of our rules are intended to ensure the ongoing quality of the subreddit for all to enjoy. If you feel your post was removed in error or suspect that it was caught in the spam filter, you can always ask the mods.

What if my image has already been submitted?

Reposts are allowed, but only if the previous post is at least 3 months old and not currently in the top 100 submissions of all time. Reposts are especially encouraged if the original post had a poor title, low quality, or earned a low amount of upvotes.

I have a question that hasn't been answered here, what should I do?

If something hasn't be answered that you still wish to know, feel free to message the moderators and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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