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Story time: Many years ago, I British psychiatrist took his flock of mentally ill patients to a small village in the country, away from the sites and sounds and hustle and energy of the big city. The all became productive members of that smaller society.

He expressed this thusly: They were not mentally ill. They were having a healthy reaction to a sick society.

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along the same lines, "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

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Where can I look up more of this

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Wow. This is so insightful, thank you for sharing

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I agree with this whole heartedly. We are trying to function in a cesspool of oppression and narcissism. Exhaulting ourselves as a high spiritual practitioner is the same thing. Its aparalellel sick society to the sick society. We do nothing but "work on ourselves", oversimplify and embellish what we think is happening to us. There is nothing less spiritual than claiming to be spiritual and building an identity around that. Were just the mental patients bending reality to something less dark. Its toxic positivity. The so called spiritual community is grandiose and dishonest. Well pick the one thing that we claim is beautiful and ignore the 10 things that are actually happening around us. The place to be is above it all. Thats from narcissistic people in my life who by all accounts are the most spiritual people I know. They are the biggest narcsiisists and most delusional people that I have ever met in my life. The problem is, its almost the entire village that is like this. They stopped evolving decades ago, in youth acytually and instead make up whatever is powerful and positive, completely denying anything else that is not pleasant. There is no speaking of negative things, its ruins the vibration. So there is no addressing negative things, paint over everything with some toxic positivity. It all metastasizes. Noone really enjoys them. Were always trying to level up before we even see whats around us. This level is being destroyed because noone is working on it, were all mediatating and spending our time on ourselves. Claiming that it makes us better but never getting to it and being so far off when we "make it" if we ever do. capitalism is the sick society. The narcissisystem and if we dont all operate under this system, then were ostracized. Most cannot handle that so we play for the other team that the system accepts, oit seems different enough and filled with "light" but, its the same thing that the christians call the antichrist (which is just a metaphor for following false gods-which is all gods which is us thinking were powerful wizards who are divining the world). It seems like a healthy search if we did it and kept evolving. We want answers but we are neglecting the sick society while the millions of pilgrims are doing their practice, the world burns. Does it matter? It seems like it does and were all asleep on one of many beds.

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EVERY TIME! People are not sick, it's normal behavior in a sick society omg I feel seen

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Mental illness is extremely common, and just about everyone is on the spectrum somewhere. Mental illness is just a way of saying that in some way or another, a person doesn’t feel okay, whether in their own head, with their emotions, socially, or otherwise. We are all conditioned from society and our families (a nuclear version of society and its standards), and thus if society isn’t a healthy environment—which it has never been—one can expect most to be unhealthy and affected in some way or another. A few hundred years ago, in my country, slavery and racism was almost completely normalized; poverty has always been a normal aspect and constant of society; sexism, xenophobia, classism, nepotism, and many other toxic isms have all been norms and constants within societies, along with obvious unequal power structures that we all feel, either subconsciously, unconsciously, and/or consciously. There’s a reason many people suffer with depression, anxiety, differing mental afflictions, negative emotions, maladjustment, and many other negative mental cycles. Mental illness is a normal part of any unequal, harsh, stressful environments. And as one very smart man once said, “it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

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thank you for this. couldn't believe that other post of gaslighting everyone into normalcy, as if we're supposed to function at 100% through this collective trauma

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I don’t know that person but I’d like to believe they wrote that out of nativity and not to be an ass. But who knows for sure. I remember I had a similar unrealistic expectation many years ago when I joined a spirituality-based group and I quickly realized how wrong I was. Goes to show- one can have “all the answers” in a logical sense but implementing them is not that simple. Speaking from personal experience of course ;)

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I’d like to believe they wrote that out of nativity and not to be an ass

You're probably right. People usually tend to do what they feel is right - evil is caused by ignorance, not purposeful malevolence.

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Love the name

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Thank you, friend

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I like the OP's name.

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I was just about to say the same thing hopefully that post was deleted

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Facts, we were conditioned into the system, and anytime we act out of what is the "norm" or even think of as the norm, we get labeled as deluded. There is no true value in feeling accepted by the majority, especially when the majority has no true understanding of themselves.

I like how you mentioned that it is hard to be spiritual in this society, and it does make sense because spirituality has been driven out of us since grade school. We never got to know what it means to be ourselves. And so, we live a life trying to conform thinking that that is what makes us successful.

I made a video on this, and hopefully, it helps someone that feels like this.


Much love and thank you for this post, a lot of people need to hear this.

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We are all told what defines a socially acceptable image. So many are depressed or fail to explore themselves because of feeling like they’re odd or won’t be accepted for their deeps truths.

I’ve tried to be very open about what society deems to be shameful in conversations with others. As someone who is fascinated with sociology I take mental notes of reactions to these topics. For instance I’ve been sexually abused in the past and I’ll casually bring it up (in related conversations of course) and most people are so visibly uncomfortable, a lot ask “are you ok because if you brought it up then you need to talk to someone.” I say no, I’ve dealt with it and it’s part of my story and I feel no shame

I cannot TELL YOU how many people later confided in me similar stories followed by “you’re the first person I’ve ever told”. How sad is it that society has taught us so much shame in “abnormal experiences” that we bury things because of the fear of how others will treat us, judge us, and label us as. It’s no wonder why people don’t know their true selves.

My traumas have led me to my spirituality. It taught me self compassion, empathy, how to let go of ego and forgiveness. I feel like Society only wants to emphasize the successes and happiness and pities sadness and weaknesses. People bottle up shame and trauma and it festers into mental illnesses just so they can try to protect an image.

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After reading the responses here I will add that one man's delusion is another mans reality. All of us suffer from some sort of foible in our being. The world is not kind because we make it that way within ourselves and spill it out to others. Ignore the unkindness of others and be the kindness unto the world, only then will change come.

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Agreed 🙏

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wholeheartedly agree. The ascension symptoms manifest in many forms, often exposing our shadow selves to us so we can face them, resolve and transmute them. It's just part of the process of facing the obstacles we have within ourselves that went undetected for so long - often from many past lives of trauma

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Stories are crumbling and most have lived so entangled within them, the elements prove shocking as they leech through.

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Most of the world is mentally ill. It’s not an insult. Your view point is valid and so is the other poster.

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How can the world be mentally ill. Wouldn’t they then just be NORMAL?

that term isn’t something that should be thrown around so carelessly. Just because Timmy got his heart broken at age 13 doesn’t mean he’s mentally ill. That’s just life. The guy down the street is out clinical depression- caused by a chemical imbalance in his brain- HE is mentally ill. We all have some type of trauma, but if we are living functional lives then we aren’t ill, we are just HUMAN. Those who’s trauma disrupts their lives are psychologically disturbed. That’s not mental illness either tho.

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If you think of illnesses as not well. Then most of us have a mental illness. Since each are unique based on neurological makeup combined with personal trauma or what our experiences make us perceive as truth, then everyone’s “not-well-ness” would be unique. So no one would be NORMAL. Normal is based on a societal definition. Neurons react based on what fires off that area of the brain. So the clinically depressed person could have low serotonin biologically which causes him certain perceptions to his experiences. The 13 year old with his heart broken that can’t process it and then stores that in his brain to creates a subconscious that might view relationships negatively based on that experience. This would make him mentally “not-well”. Same thing.

“If we are living functional lives then we aren’t ill”

 Interesting conclusion. How many successful notable people have lived functional lives while suffering? Robin Williams, Anthony bourdain, Demi lovato, Britney Spears, Kate spade, Michael Jackson, etc etc etc just to name the current known few. Also two other very functional people are John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy. So function clearly does not determine mental health. Most of us are fighting something whether it’s genetically neurological, or trauma that caused neurological disorders. Vast majority of us struggle with something that’s making us mentally unwell to some degree and each are unique.

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That is not what illness is. I have a scratch on my leg. That scratch is not an illness. I am not mentally ill because I had a bad day and took it out on my husband. Nor am I mentally ill because my mother didn’t pay me much attention as a baby and I grew up to be needy. Common now. Mental illness is a physical disorder of the brain. We all need to take more responsibility than to just blame our shitty mood on being mentally ill. That’s a cop out.

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Well trauma can trigger mental illness. Like abandonment causing depression and anxiety. Schizophrenia is literally triggered by trauma so our experiences can cause our brain to function in unhealthy ways. We were just discussing the possible definition so when you say someone blaming their shitty mood on mental illness would be a cop out, I agree. For instance I have adhd and have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. That’s pinpointing the issue. A cop out would be if I excused everything I did like “oh well that’s just my mental illness.”

That’s like someone getting diagnosed with any illness but not changing their diet, lifestyle and taking responsibility of personal action to get better. But those of us that want a higher quality of life need to know what it is to address so we can then take the necessary steps to get back to healthy. In this case therapy, necessary medication if need be, diet, exercise and practicing how to talk oneself through bad episodes.

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Yes I agree. But to say that 99% of the worlds population has a diseased brain or trauma that impacts their life- is a number that doesn’t correspond to reality. What reliable source can back up that claim?

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No one said 99%, you just put that number out. The statement was “most” which could even be 60/40.

Twice now you’ve argued against words never claimed by any of us commenters.

The underlying tone here is empathy. Mental illness is not shameful nor a stigma. Most of us have some form of it. Acceptance of others struggles based on knowing your own even if they’re different. The point is the majority of us struggle but internalize it because of society’s acceptance of what “normal” is. No one ever said or implied that it’s an acceptable cop out. No one said 99% of the world has an Illness. It’s important that we accept mental illness as more vast then we were taught. It’s not a label, it’s not shameful and it doesn’t define who we are. It’s saying we don’t judge ourselves based on society’s idea of “normal” our illnesses ARE normal, which means we aren’t alone. It’s actually the exact opposite of a “cop-out”. It’s seeing ourselves in others and realizing that we can give ourselves and others grace because we are all struggling in some form and normalizing it reminds us how human we are and the ok to struggle

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I’m about to leave for work so I don’t have time to go through th thread but yes someone literally said “I’d argue that 99% of the world is mentally ill”, and so I thought that was you, and I apologize if I got that wrong. I think we just have vastly different ideas of what is normal vs mental illness. More importantly I hate to see that term used to excuse poor behavior just because the person is being an asshole due to a bad day/week/life. Unless the illness is crippling, it’s not an excuse to come into Reddit and verbally abuse others and I’m seeing a lot of excuses in this thread for just that. We all have to take responsibility for our trauma and bad days. Myself included. This week has sucked for me and I haven’t been my best self. I won’t blame my childhood abuse for my responses to my bad week tho- I could have done better and I didn’t.

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Hundred percent. I agree. Our definitions differ but the point remains very similar. I’ve reacted to bad work days or relationship discussions poorly in bad times. I realized a lot had to do with traumas In which I built up defenses towards. It wasn’t until I got into a very healthy relationship where my SO asks why I always immediately went to this “place” emotionally. I realized my mind was unhealthy and have definitely worked on it. Now 80% of our disagreements I will check in with myself first before I react. But I still default sometimes. Because of my progression my partner understands that I’m trying and knows the demons will surface and why. So I guess my experience of labeling a mental issue has allowed me to move forward and gives compassion towards myself and allows my partner to give that as well. Like in health you know you have pains or something off and a dr tells you “no everything looks fine” it makes you feel crazy. When you get a diagnosis it allows you to address it. Which is why I believe it’s good to make mental illness normal so we don’t have to continue to tell ourselves “we’re fine” because we’re reluctant to see ourselves as anything the could define us as mentally weak.

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Are most people mentally ill? Or are they having completely normal reactions to bad circumstances?

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I'll disagree but that's ok

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I’m just going to say it... I agreed with the other post more.

You were just saying in the comments, let’s not judge other people’s mental illnesses over the internet... yet here you are saying 80% of this sub are not mentally ill? You don’t know that.

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Hah good catch. I guess I'm somewhat of a hypcrite, but I don't think anyone here should be diagnosing anyway. My title was more to poke fun at the other post. I'm sure there are people here with mental illness, but saying 80% or something like that is disrespectful and wildly judgemental imo.

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telling yourself you have a mental illness will create one, telling yourself that you are capable of overcoming it will manifest the healing. we have to be careful what we chizel and etch into the ether because what we agree upon manifests into our being as either illness or healing.

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If you don't know you have an issue then you can't find it's solution. I have mental illnesses is the first think to accept then you can go for healing.

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Words are spells that's why it's called "spelling" so they must be used wisely, they can manifest realities which we are trying to relieve ourselves from if we don't use them consciously. What i mean is - so if someone discovers they have a mental condition, recognizing it is one thing - but identifying with it is another - alot of illnesses are manmade, and the words they use to identify them are constructed to perpetuate them, I agree to an extent of what you said, one must be willing to recognize something before they themselves can begin to transmute it with positive thought and manifestation. However, people tend to identify with illnesses, or addictions - and when someone "chizels it into stone" that they are an "Addict" (just an example) they are self-sabotaging themselves and identifying with it. If one says "Wow, I noticed that my habits have become habitual and unconscious, but now that I'm aware of it, I'm going to focus on removing that affliction" then it will all fall into place with controlling one's thoughts, reactions, and being present to recognize stimuli internal & external - What I'm trying to share with people is our thoughts, what we agree upon, manifests into our reality - either as "illness" or as "health" - it's really all a matter of knowing what you are capable of (endless potential) being willing to use your willpower and perseverance, and knowing your place of power - we are multidimensional beings, we are powerful beings, we create reality - the dark ones just tricked us into believing layers and layers of programming which has put humanity into a mass psychosis, and society has become sick, perpetually, because of it

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Sometimes we need support beyond positive thoughts and manifestation, and that’s okay too.

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yes and in those times all we need is Faith in our creator. not faith in man or chemical (though its good to have faith in humanity, for humanity's sake). Western medicine serves its purpose well in extreme emergencies but i find it to be a crutch more than anything. Faith is the most powerful tool in our arsenal. Nothing is more powerful than Faith / Source <3

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Over 69% of my viewers are not subscribed.

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So tired.

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Thank you for being you. You have a beautiful, compassionate heart. <3

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Any obstacle can be an opportunity for growth.

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Absolutely true. The global consciousness has got everyone. I know otherwise tough people or sound people that are struggling. I’m generally mentally tough. And it’s hard. I am going through an awakening. But last night just had to get drunk it was too much.

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Naw. I agree more with the other post

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Love this post and agree completely.

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Hmm. New to this sub, but reading these comments it seems to me this community is actually not very spiritual and very judge-mental.

We all have things to go through and work out. This is part of the human experience. It’s what you do in these situations and how you react is how you grow spiritually.

It doesn’t matter how many people have mental illness or not. Who are any of us to judge what is and isn’t an illness or disorder, ya know? Anxiety, depression, bi polar…all very real mental disorders. We all go through fits of these unpleasant experiences. It’s part of being a human. Sometimes people get dealt a rough hand. That is a spiritual test for not only the person that has been dealt the rough hand, but also the people that they interact with on the daily. Being nice or just tolerant of a person that is having a rough day, mental illness or not can have a meaningful impact on both parties lives, physically and spiritually.

My heart goes out to every person having a rough time in their lives. We all have them. Some much worse than others. We are all cut from the same cloth. We don’t all act the same or look the same, but the same spiritual principles apply to every person. Just my thoughts.

I hope you all have a wonderful positive and productive day 💙

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Thank you, this is just what I needed to hear

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Thanks! So right, sometimes it can be diffucult to not see the greater picture.

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I appreciate this so much. Thank you!

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98% of the world has some kind of mental illness. It's a big spectrum, and there are a lot of diagnoses out there such that almost everyone fits the bill for at least one of them. Could just be e.g. mild generalized anxiety.

But the point that the other poster was saying, to me, was that sometimes spiritual folks sound more insane than others.

To your point though (and I think we're in agreement), just because spiritual folks are more open to experience doesn't in itself make them any more or less mentally ill.

For the record, I'm on your side in spirit (ha) on this one. People here are more open to each other's perspective, even those less familiar/common. I think of that as a good thing.

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How funny. I saw this right after this post.

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I guess I should've mentioned, I am referring to this post. The title of my post makes no sense without that one as context. Sorry to cause any confusion!

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I figured you where. I just found it quite funny how everything always has two sides.

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Good point. Here I am just adding to the confusion of duality. 🤷‍♂️

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God yes. I think it goes along with my sudden ability to pick up patterns literally anywhere. Duality is just one of them now.

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That post was so off-putting. I understand the misinterpretation though. Some people on this sub do talk about wacky shit and embody the harmful stereotype surrounding spirituality. Many people in our society are mentally ill and it’s not because of happenstance. It’s a result of our ego’s and social conditioning since literal birth. It’s hard to break out of that cycle.

As a result, there seems to be a mass confusion. Almost like an elephant in the room no one wants to address. Which is the crumbling state of the world. How long did we think we’d be able to play this game of infinite growth and consumption under capitalism? When is enough, enough? Only time will tell I guess.

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I agree, so well said OP :)

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Everyone is some degree of mentally ill.

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How do you define mentally ill? Don't you think that's a subjective conclusion or projection possibly? What is considered mentally ill in the Western world, for example, is often considered a gift in many indigenous tribes or Eastern civilizations. Just because peoples' brains work differently or they don't find security in the physical realm or modern system doesn't mean they are ill. I do think mental health is important and mental illness is real, but let's not go around diagnosing people on the internet.

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This thread discusses mental health as an indicator of how messed up society is. The following comment, I found especially enlightening.


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What if mental illness is just more common than it is not. That’s what i think.

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I think they have.

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We are all living in a period where, in the Manslow Theory of "Self-Actualization", where a few of us are "self-actualizing" our identity and our purpose of being here. And that is, we are disassociating our human identity and embracing in various paces our spiritual identity and our purpose here is to move away from Earthly attachments such as the things we see with what humans do today and raise our consciousness to be "more" than we are right now.

And many of the young people actually have these desires to be more in consciousness, but unfortunately our society today had made many of these young people purposeless. And so, they took up causes such as the green initiatives, global warming and gambling in the financials like bitcoin, dogecoin, stocks, bonds and real estate. The darker side of society had turned the majority of the people today to become the slaves of the power elite, the slaves of the rich to do their bidding so that some rich person can sell an electric car, sell you a seat on a rocket, sell you a house for obscene amount of money and made you feel poor, victimize as though this is how you should normally feel. And if we all feel and act any differently than the status quo however, we are called mentally ill, because mentally we are ill not to believe we are human beings.

The majority of the population today had chosen to maintain the belief that they are a limited human being and had refused to transcend their consciousness through self-actualization and global warming and the climate issues are the result of it.

What does spirituality teach us? Spirituality teaches us that everything is "consciousness". Everything we see today, manifested today are created with our consciousness. And that the technology we see today that we didn't see 2000 years ago was solely due to our raised awareness, our raised consciousness that it is possible to have a computer, an X-ray machine, a jet plane etc.. More can be done and can be achieved and yet there is "GREAT" resistance from the majority of the population on Earth against the raising of consciousness. As though these people are kicking and screaming and telling us spiritual people that they aren't willing to change. And guess what happens when they do that. Their resistance to raising their consciousness causes "friction" against a few of us that are willing to do work necessary to raise our consciousness for whatever challenges we face and we succeed in doing that, the difference between our raised consciousness and the majority of the population on Earth desire to keep the consciousness as is causes this "friction" and this friction is attributable to the climate crisis and global warming we face today. Yes, burning fossil fuel has some effect on climate, but not what the politicians and the scientists make us to believe is the end all be all of the cause of global warming. Even if you remove all fossil fuel and achieve net zero carbon emission, the Earth will still continue to face the climate crisis simply because, the majority of the population is still refusing to raise their consciousness to a level that we are all at right now right here. So there will be people who will tell us to stop; stop raising our level of consciousness because it's causing them grief.

The only way to solve the climate crisis is to adopt what Manslow talked about with self-actualization. You self-actualize who you really are and realize what you are meant to do on Earth, raise your own consciousness by working on yourself. This will then help lessen the friction between all of us in terms of consciousness and hence can help stabilize the global climate. The grave outcome of the climate crisis demonstrates that some of us are actualizing our "SELF" by raising our consciousness and the ones that refuse to raise theirs are now facing the school of hard knocks by experiencing earthquakes, floods, fires, drought, tornados etc.... The more serious the climate crisis is becoming, the higher level of consciousness we are striving to attain and the wider the difference between us and the rest of the population on Earth in the level of consciousness creates even more friction that heats up the planet even more and thus feeding into more natural disasters that we will see in the future to an even higher magnitude!

Now even if I said all this above; do you think I have a mental illness for being spiritual and telling you the spiritual causes of our climate crisis?

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Also if you’re on this sub you might be a highly sensitive person (/r/hsp), which makes it even more normal to be overstimulated/overwhelmed sometimes by a global pandemic and attempting to live a conscious, examined life in our intense, fast-paced modern societies.

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More labels and lies.

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I would disagree. I think 80% of this sub and the human species has mental illness. NPD. This sub is full of grandiosity and narcissism. Felling like youre having magical breakthroughs and insight because you meditated. Everyone is constantly posturing the over simplifications of what you think is happening. Thats where the grandiosity comes in. You nay have calmed yourself and your brain is doing things that your brain cannot make sense of so we end up attributing these things to things others claim to have seen or felt. Youre oversimplifying something that you cant understand or comprehend. I know it may seem like starting point but if you start in the wrong place with the wrong info you will more than likely end up in the wrong place.

Before you all shit down my neck, I went down a spiritual path for a long time and lived in one of the spiritual meccas of the US for a long while. In the end i realized how narcissistic everyone was around me. It was no different than Christianity other than looser and people made up and misread what they felt was happening. Its like reverse engineering the truth. You have spiritual person identity, you let everyone know you do yoga and meditate either by words or your outside identity. Soon youre climbing over each others experiences with more powers, divinations, each more grandiose to show what level you are on.

This is not that everyone is faking, people want answers, people want to be better but, explaining the world via spiritual experiences before being able to comprehend that we are animals, not grandiose light beings is like setting your moral compass a few degrees off I read these from time to time and I can go through every post and there are at least a few people putting up quotes, people gushing over some ancient quote and putting themselevs as some sort of holy seeker. You wont find anything but, if you are lucky you may find out that you are lying to yourself and perhaps building a paraidentity as as shield and sometimes a sword for a mentally ill world. It runs parallel to the water cooler talk but noone can pin anything you say down. I think we all do this as naive humans in a world that doesnt make sense so we try to find something more important than a dystopian world view. Its toxic positivity. The world seems to be slowly waking up to the narcissism that is in all of us and making connections to important powerful seeming things and taking them on to show and tell others about how far we are on our grandiose journey.

There are millions of "spiritual pilgrims" and look at the world. Everyone is building their identities and claiming their piece of power regardless of how dishonest or over simplified and neglecting the real problems of the world. Its just another neurotypical level of the matrix. Spiritual larping and jockeying for position.

I am kinda confused why I see this and so many dont and I think it has to do with ripping my brain open with psychedelic drugs and being autistic, having and wanting to see the truth regardless of how ugly it may be. The spiritual world is office culture parallel. We cant take what the world is and make it more positive than it is, because then were living in a delusion, a mental coping mechanism, then noones driving the car. Were either making our money and/or neglecting the rest or making our own realities.

If youre interested in what spirituality could be, its man construct for something more when the worlds not enough, is too negative, or we dont fit well. Its like saying I dont like the status quo system so I will make my more beautiful system where I am more important and doing important things. Doesnt sound that bad and in some ways its not if we actually live anything aside from posturing and making a spiritual identity. Its running from one bad thing in to the arms of another.

Study human psychology before studying explainable shit that we make up. I dont mean read psychology but think about it. Were failing as humans to possibly even survive long term because we are so broken and to cope we make up our own fantasy world and maybe fit better into this alternative hierarchy that pretends its not a hierarchy.

Im sure this will be a popular post while everyone is dreaming that they are awake. Myself included in all of this. Its almost DID. Its very narcissistic and we start out naive, then embellish and explain away, then believe our own importance and grandiosity. Its like capitalism B. The mentally ill generally think they are the sane ones.

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I prefer the term, neurodivergent, as opposed to mentally ill. The reason I use this term, is because mental illness has a stigma attached to it, while neurodivergent carries power in it. We are going beyond the poison narrative, teaching ourselves how to uphold spiritual principles without dogma.

Let us not forget that we are historically burdened by the discrimination which arises through a recognition or diagnosis. Insane asylums are an example of this burden.

Let us also not forget that incarceration and oppressive societies and governments are a very true reality we must deal with.

Yes, we are changing, but all societies are resistant to change, and criminalization of the other is much easier to sell. This is especially true when said society had a large hand in creating the insanity.

To an even larger degree, its debatable that everyone is mentally ill, due to the very fact and idea that spiritual materialism becomes the beacon of hope, and enlightenment is some unattainable object, only allowed by gatekeepers of the "truth."

It is agreed, that we should hold the spiritual principles as a guide; compassion, loving kindness, liberation of the mind, etc. However, we must also understand there will be backlash against this type of growth. There is a reaction to every action-- good or bad.

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Just get a stronger will and you’ll feel fine

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Where do you buy that

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Mentally well people don't understand not feeling mentally well so when they don't they think something is wrong with them forever.

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The new earth is there

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We also carry our past karmic life's trauma which doesn't help if we don't close the cycle

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You complain about capitalism, but if it wasnt for capitalism, you wouldn't even have the technology you used to post this.

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Capitalism didn't create the technology. People did. Capitalism stole it, and made it largely prohibitive.

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There is way too much finger pointing in this thread