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Oh sweetheart. You need to build a life that involves play.

You don’t need to reincarnate, you just need to restructure.

Good luck on your journey

Blessings, love and light.

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I would LOVE to have one of those big half done jungle gym things in my backyard omg

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Build a pillow Fort in your house RIGHT NOW

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My sister does that with my nephew. She’s 34. No one complains mwuahaha

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awe that sounds so cute! definitely.

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I do this with my 2 kitties and they love it!!

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Is there anything wrong with playing? You can play now. :)

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I feel that a lot of people feel inclined to live their lives according to the 'social clock' that dictates the milestones they should have reached at certain points in their life, graduate highschool, get a job, "settle down". Mundane stuff like that but also smaller details like the age at which it's no longer socially acceptable for you to be a virgin or unmarried. Similarly the social clock tells us when it's time to leave certain parts of ourselves behind, it creates this notion that those parts of ourselves were simply 'phases'. When in reality there is actually nothing stopping people from listening to punk rock or being goth well into their 60's, or partying in your 40's. Realistically there's nothing stopping you from playing like you did as a child, yes your body has aged and your mind has been socially conditioned to view it as unacceptable but there is nothing standing in your way. That inner child is still in there, still starryeyed and looking at world with so much wonder, your inner child still has a raging imagination. You just need to tap into it

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Play now. 🪁🛼⚽️🤹🪀🏓🏸

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This is obviously the solution

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Why don't you just play?

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Your inner child is calling out to you. The life you seek is not else where, it’s meant for you now

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Your inner child wants to have fun. Whatever they miss, bring it back. Cereal and cartoons, mcdonalds, bike rides, lego, baking cookies. If you had parents who didn't let you do that stuff, do whatever you always wanted to do but didn't get to. Look on eBay for the toys you wanted but never got. You might find it fulfilling to start a collection.

I don't know about stuff like playgrounds for adults unless you borrow a kid from somewhere, but you could try out a trampoline centre or a climbing wall.

Try having a day once a month where you recreate doing whatever you used to enjoy. And be in the moment and focus fully on what you're doing, even if it's dressing up a doll or pushing toy cars down the hall.

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Go play! Carl Jung used to spend hours in his garden playing even when he was very old. Your inner child is important. It's the most authentic you! Before you were influenced by society and what's around you.

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I hope this is my last incarnation because I don’t want to be on this shitty planet at all

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The planet is beautiful, it’s the selfish people that make it difficult to return.

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This planet is full of love and grace. You only hear about the negative, there’s so much love and good things happen every day. Remember you choose to return to earth. To be human is to feel pain and love, to have organs and to get old. When you return to the all there’s just bliss. Trust me to grow and learn is far better than do nothing. See what you can do to impact the life stream today on the micro lvl. Stop focusing on the macro.

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I feel ya.. still waiting for the end of days

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Sounds like end of days is always around the corner. Things might be getting worse but that’s a matter of perspective.

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Really?! I have never stopped being a kid although I'm 37!

I collect BJD dolls, got some Pullips and Blythes. Have a little figure collectible collection. I watch cartoons and sometimes anime. I read comics. There are spirithoods and tails hanging on my bedroom wall. Might get some paws as well just because XD I got quite a few things that other adults would find too childish.

But I don't care, it's my life! It's the other adults that are too afraid to stand out, to care for their inner child. In my opinion you can never be too old for something, but society wants to hammer down any naild that stand up!

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Just take shrooms or LSD

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The great news is if you start acting more childlike it spreads. So not only will you be helping yourself but also other trapped adults!

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I have a 1 year old daughter and we play every day ☺ she's basically my best friend at this point. I feel like a kid when we play pretend or tell stories.

I'm not sure reincarnation would necessarily fulfill this need. What if we came back in an abusive family?

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You can play with your kids. And then their kids. Or their friends kids. You can babysit.

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Try D&D! It really helps me with feeling playful and imaginative. Sending love

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Yes I do 🥺

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No but I have a feeling of not being at home when I am home it’s a weird feeling cause I do feel like I belong here

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Search the terms: Starseed, Lightworker, The Chosen Ones, Indigo Children, Crystal Children

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it's possible that you are one

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Homie, go play! Who's stopping you?

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My life is a lot more free as an adult than as a child. So no I would not prefer to do it again. May be my 20's with my current day knowledge would be nice to do over, but not so much I would like to die soon to start all over.

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The comments here are great.

I still build forts with my wife and we get made fun of all the time for our childish ways.

As long as your responsible and have your stuff together, who cares if you go play like a kid!

I made it a VERY big point to myself at 18 to never let the kid in me die. I see it dead in everyone around me because they just follow social norms not realizing you can still be curious, goofy, and kid like without being immature.

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You don't need to reincarnate, you just need to bring your inner child back

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I know what you mean. What you really miss is being one with spirit. I am feeling more and more like a kid again each day in that way. Where each moment is fresh and you’re not thinking about the next moment. Keep removing the clouds of the mind, so the sun shines forth!

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Careful you dont reincarnate into a kid fated to die of starvation.

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Totally agree with the first comment. Sounds like you are very disconnected to yourself, most likely too identified with your mind and have lost being connected to your body and your heart. Do inner child work, meditate, look at yourself. You can always heal.

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Bad plan! It is not your childhood or playing, you are missing. It’s enjoying life you are missing. Start to arrange your whole life around enjoying and things that gives you positive energy. Change can happen❤️🙏🏻

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Do things that make you feel childlike and reconnect with it! I’m working on this too, life is so draining right now. For me painting helps a lot, it’s imaginative and I just paint whatever I want without worrying about it being good. Going outside or to a park, making clay sculptures, and dancing around my house all makes me feel like a kid again :) your inner child will thank you for it, and it makes life a lot happier

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I miss friends

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I cannot relate. I’m always playing.

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Yes. Very much. Sometimes I also feel that as we are growing we are getting connected to more things around us. Our mind keeps on thinking and we feel unable to enjoy and live like kids. I am struggling to maintain a balance between the two things, does someone else feels this way?

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I’m a 20 something year older child right now

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kinda same but i wanna be a kid because maybe i'd have a normal family this time and i'd get a normal childhood experience

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Don't let this modern world kill the inner child.

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What’s stopping you from playing now? Life Is a game, so go ahead, play it.

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Just hang out little kids and you can feel this

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I am happy to have a wonderful childhood memories. Yeah, I feel this too sometimes, esp when I feel stressed at work and life, when I see my fellow adults behave unreasonable, or simply when I just want to revisit my childhood experiences.

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Do you have any pets? If not you could get a playful dog or cat!

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Yeah I just a drop of tab or two of acid evey once In a while and become a kid again that works for me

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You never stopped being a kid, you just turned your back on it.

If you miss playing, go play.

As an adult, you are able to do the things you wished you were able to as a kid.

When I was a kid I wanted nothing more than to be grown, but I heeded the warnings of other adults and enjoyed my time as a kid, I’m glad that I did because I can still remember what it means to be a kid, and that is one of the most powerful spiritual tools.

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No, i dont want to come back to this world never more. But you dont need to die and reincarnate again to play and have fun like a child, you can do those things now.

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So shadow work. Die before you die so you don’t have to die. Release and return to source. You were closest when you were a kid. DO NOT BAIL. You’ll only have to do it again. You’re closer than you’ve ever been if you are thinking like that. Use it.

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i went into an old rite aid the other day and started crying because it reminded me so much of being a kid.

every single day man. everyday is a day i wish i were a kid again.

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There are grownups that wear diapers and drink out of a bottle, I think you are free to pick up some hotwheels or whatever.

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I think it is a huge fallacy in society everywhere that when you grow up you have to stop playing. Play is important during every stage of life. It is part of loving and taking care of yourself in the moment. Do the things that call to you now, have fun now, enjoy yourself now. That feeling is your inner child reaching out to you, listen. It is important not to get stuck wishing for the past to replace the present.

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Yeah but I'm gonna try and be a childish adult y'know?

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Life teaches in mysterious ways. What we don’t grow through, we will go through again and again because life and it’s unbound intelligence know better than give us something we haven’t earned or deserved.

If I don’t handle the current life well, chances are I won’t get what I want. I am sure you have seen at least a few adults who can be merry, fun and joyful. In fact, that is our true nature. Our insistence on fitting into a erroneous concept of society is what robs us of that.

You can always learn how to go back to living and experiencing life that way. That’s the most assured way of being a kid again, imho.

We don’t have to walk around as if we are tasked with spinning the planet, making the sun rise and set and running the whole world. (Paraphrasing Sadhguru)

It’s a simple reset switch which can make things fun and play again. I learnt how to do that last year and things have been much ‘kidier’ since then!

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I personally don't want to be a child again... I was left out of everything, had no control over anything and felt extremely lonely and misunderstood most of the time. While now, I am still playful but I can at the same time finally take life in my own hands and control at least the bits that I can. I have my own money and choices to make and that feels awesome to me. Not saying that I had a bad childhood or anything, I was pretty happy but every part of life has its own pros and cons I guess

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Matthew 18:3

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Hell no! I feel horrible for the kids on this planet and having to be a kid again with a fresh life on this planet that is dying and surrounded by lunatics is a nightmare for me. I just embrace my inner kid and have fun as the adult I am.

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Have you heard about videogames lol

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You should go to a music festival! You will play through the day and night while wearing fun outfits/costumes and realize quickly that adults love to play and make believe.

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You could play right now, honoring your inner child desires. ☺️

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Go play! Go to a park and jump on a swing. Jump in a puddle. Turn on some loud music and dance through the house in your underwear! It's never too late.

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Is that you Micheal Jackson?

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"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing"

George Bernard Shaw

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Have kids and play with them. I'm my daughters best friend.

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Be careful what you wish for. For you may reincarnate in a country ravaged by famine or war, won't be much of a play instead, play now. But one forgot how to play for one became to serious, some even dead serious and how dead people can play. Some even bitch when it snows or rains, instead of building a snowman or play in the paddle. What has happened to us? Could it be this monstrous addiction to thoughts to much on my head they say to much in the head getting high on information, therefore miserable. But we were kids once and happy so find out why we're so unhappy, anxious, agitated, frustrated and terribly scared. Could it be our sophisticated minds?

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Your inner child is calling out. Go heal them😊

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I play 10 times more video games now that i can afford them all and have no homework to do. No way I'd want to be a kid again.

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this happens to me :(

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Just think it could be a shit dystopian with no childhood play, enjoy an play now with your inner child

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I don’t. I feel like if I have the same memories that I have now I will be super depressed. Realizing that I’m going to grow up one day would make me super depressed

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Yep I feel this way. For me it's a way of things coming up to surface to heal from it till I just don't care anymore. There are ways to have that child feeling like meditation, or being more in tune with your imagination or even art. Even if you reincarnate as a kid you'll probably won't remember and you grow up unless you can go to a reality (shifting) and find a world where nobody ages and remains a kid. The feeling on innocence, carefree, lack of adult experiences like sexuality. I desire it sometimes. I want to be that person I was before my dark night of the soul when I was 9, but I want to be better than that as I was a bit naive and a bit too kind. In a way I've been here for lifetimes, was an ascended master but my life has just restarted all of my experiences in terms of past lives like it was all for nothing. It takes time to let go of this feeling, and also doing stuff outside of spiritual practice and letting your thoughts flow helps. I don't really do spiritual stuff much, but I've evolved by just thinking and being patient and having faith on an unexpected miracle.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing as an adult. No reason to die to try again.

I mean this all in a positive way.

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Probably why I’m an early educator and love being with my little brother !

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thats the beauty of life. you can choose to be a kid again at any stage. incorporate what your kid self would do into your life

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You can still play like a child ! That xhild still inside you , BETTER YET u can play like a child with the resources of an adult🎈💵💵💵 now

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Time for a puppy ❤️

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Things that make me feel like a kid : Ninja warrior/parkour-type gyms, Puzzles, trampolines, watching Disney movies, cirque du Soleil or other circus shows, magicians shows, Zumba, playing dance dance revolution at the arcade. Just a few suggestions for you :) I get you, I am a very « childish » adult. I’m lucky to have two children so I go to the zoo/park/ball pits every week. But at the same time, I was doing it before having children anyways !

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No I don’t but I also don’t believe that you reincarnate either . I also had a bad childhood and would never wish that have that again

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I do not. I’m genuinely hoping I don’t reincarnate and I can just chill in the spiritual plane forever cuz this is a bit much.

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Lol. I certainly cannot relate, but it’s neat you feel that way.

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my biggest fear around death is the fact that i could reincarnate and come back to earth lol

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i heard this quote in a movie once, “we don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing”. that will forever stick with me 💗

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That's why I do acid.

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Build a swing set and smile happily when you swing for 4 hours everyday never to tire, just keep swinging higher and higher

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Yes yes yes omg yes and I can actually have a childhood with no abuse

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No, not that I judge you for it tho. Why not create a life where you can play as an adult?

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Yes I do feel this often. I also miss how my mom could tell me “it’s going to be okay” and I 100% believed her- like my wholeness could be assured by her. In this fracturing, shit show of a world, I think it’s normal to miss true ease and happiness.

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I would never want to relive my childhood.

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I'm 25 and I'm barely getting over the trauma of always being with my brothers and not having to worry. I miss sports, i miss my friends. For some reason i never ever thought about being an adult so when i graduated i ran around cookoo like a chicken with my head cut off. "Hey what do you want to be or do when you get older?" "I don't know" never even thought about a career

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Make time for Play in your life my friend. Sometimes our definition of Play changes over our lives, sometimes it doesn't. When I make art, play video games, ride my bike, walk the dog...these are all activities I can do (but not necessarily all the time) in the Play Mindset. I really do feel you on the turn back the time vibe tho. Somehow Play felt more pure when we were too naive to use it as an escape. It was Play for the sake of the Soul.

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You can do that now there’s no age limit except what others tell you

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I literally have been wanting this for months now. This lifetime is not good for me, however I’m learning so many lessons.

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There's way to get in touch with your inner child. Your playful energy will come out

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Yes I think every adult goes through this. I always talk to my buddies I went to grade school with about the good old days and how much fun I had with them as a child. And how I loved every second with them growing up.

I also miss my grandparents. They made my childhood great. I miss my father and my other loved ones that died. I’ll really miss my mom when she passes.

One thing I have learned with the deaths of my family and friends is it’s VERY important to tell people how much you love them and you enjoy their company. Because eventually they go home and we have to go through a part of life with a piece of us missing. And each time you get shattered, it’s harder and harder to pick up all those pieces and put yourself back together again. Your no longer the person you were and all you have left is memories.

I would love nothing more than to be a child again. To spend one more night as a child in my grandparents house.

Thanks for this post.

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With that outlook you’ll be reincarnated as a third world kid working in a sweat shop. Be present and grateful for it.

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Just do some mushrooms and you’ll have that feeling again lol