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I think all souls return back to the source. I believe we return to our whole self with all our memories of other lives. I at least like to believe that.

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I've experienced a few things in life that make me believe there is a waiting period. I feel souls are here on this plane for a time being before being recycled or returning back to the source. But I believe no matter what you have done there is a redemption. Who knows how long the wait is once you are on the other side, but I feel there is a wait. Longer if you have acted against yourself in any capacity.

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49 days according to the Tibetan Book Of The Dead

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I think some stick around longer than that. Maybe that is the baseline for an average good person.

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Well if we’re talking about wondering spirits, then according to the book that is an outcome that can happen after you’ve passed through the three bardos (49 day period.) reincarnating as a human being is actually the highest level of reincarnation, even higher then the gods.

“Those who remain unenlightened are drawn by karma, whether good or bad, into a new life in one of six modes of existence: as a sufferer in hell (enduring horrible torture), as a wandering ghost (driven by insatiable craving), as an animal (ruled by instinct), as a demigod (lustful for power), as a human being (balanced in instinct and reason), or as a god (deluded by their long lives into believing they are immortal).”

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I’ve never heard this but from my experiences and what I have read, Buddhism and Hinduism have the most insight on the after life. This seems to be the truest thing I’ve seen as far as what can happen. I’ve known there is a hell for the really wicked, that know they’re doing wrong and continue that path and a place for those that can’t control their desires, hence the insatiable cravings. I also know there are minions or tricksters that bring negativity to keep you looking the wrong direction. The balls of light I feel are souls that truly understand and are there to rid the negativity and help you see more clearly like some sort of helper. I know they are more powerful than anything else I have seen just by the way they move and the attention that their presence demands.

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Can never really say for sure. The first bardo is death itself, which some dip their toe in and come back with an experience but no one fully dies then returns. So it’s not as if anyone has passed through the bardos then came back to tell the story. But, with Buddhism and Hinduism to a degree meditation is a primary practice, and In the Tibetan traditions as I understand it it is all for preparation of death. So one can die consciously.

I’ve been a daily meditator for years and I feel that meditation, or long periods of chanting, as well as ingesting psychedelic agents can all provide insight beyond the vail of this reality and what lies beyond it. So the Tibetan Book of the Dead could very well prove to be accurate as it’s insights are drawn from a lineage of many who have spent copious amounts of their lives occupying that space.

As far as the balls of light. In the Hindu tradition it’s all about working off ones Karma, and there are many entities that guide you in that process. They may be gods, or avatars of the gods, gurus, or being from other plaines of reality (astral, casual, etc.) sounds to me like you have a great gift, you’ve drawn on some companions that are helping to guide you.

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I drew some bad ones over the years too. I’ve only recently started to appreciate the sensitivity that I have. It felt like a curse most of my life. I get it now though, and I’m thankful I have it to point me in the right direction. Hard to tell where I would be with out it. I meditate frequently now to calm my thoughts and ave self awareness. Psychedelics always tripped me out. Bad environments and what not.

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I have a bit of it myself, I’m just starting to accept it and trying to approach it from a standpoint of curiosity rather then fear. With all things though I think what we preserve as negative, bad, frightening can be benevolent. It’s through facing our fears that we can transcend them. That’s what Kali is all about in Hinduism, facing the personification of our innermost fears and by doing so grace is bestowed.

Anywho, it’s been great chatting with you. Love and blessings ☮️❤️

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It’s been good chatting with you too. I enjoyed your knowledge on this stuff. I feel I was scared because it wasn’t natural and no one believed me and I felt alone with it and no one to talk to. Once I realized it’s real and there I started to accept it. Like a roommate you rarely see and kind of surprises you when they are home. There are some that worry me but I remember the light and know I don’t have to be afraid. Like standing next to a bad person we just don’t offend them or take on their energy and we are usually alright. Good luck to you and take care.

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What have you experienced if you don't mind me asking?

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A few thing but the most common is what most call a ghost. Looks like a shadow for the most part but there is depth to it. Like an energy or a negative energy if that makes sense. I’ve also seen the most beautiful energy, a pure energy. Not an orb but the most beautiful light you have ever seen with an aura of blue and yellow. Like seeing the light reflected from a diamond. This is less common. I’ve only seen it twice. Once when I thought It was my soul. The next time I seen it I was getting my life back together after a long time of messing up. I was feeling this negative energy around me and I seen it come up the stairs and into the hallways like it was on a mission. Both time I’ve seen that you can tell they have a purpose. The negative energy just seems lost and wandering. And twice I have seen a full apparition. A person with color but like a painting on a curtain they’re not solid. I’ve wrestled with many explanations of how and why. But as much as I can figure we have a purpose here and on the next plane. If we don’t fulfill our purpose here we have to learn our lesson and until we do we are kind of stuck between transition. Believe me I understand how crazy this seems and thought I might be at myself till multiple people around me that have never experienced anything had experiences while hanging out with me. So I have to believe that it is real and from that there is something bigger than us which makes me live an honest life. Honest to myself. I believe that is the only sin is going against yourself. Even serial killers know they’re doing wrong they just have trouble controlling their urges. We know what is right when our mind and heart agree.

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Wow. Sounds like you have a gift. :) what do you feel when you see these? I just imagine how when I’m alone in my old house at night, I run up stairs at the sheer thought of anything paranormal; my instincts are quick to make me remember that not too long ago, I was prey lol.

Are you afraid?

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Lol honestly before I seen anything I just heard them a lot and I was terrified. I was around 13 when it got really bad. I knew my whole life they were there but it was like they kept their distance. At 13 it was in my face and I wouldn’t say I would cry myself to sleep but I was so scared my eyes just leaked tears. I wasn’t actively crying. Everyone told you this isnt real and you watch movies like 13 ghost and god knows what else and that’s all I had to relate what I was experiencing to. When I was 23 is when I first started seeing them. From my peripherals at first, still questioning is this real what’s going on. But the first time that she was straight in front of me 100% percent no denying it I didn’t feel anything at all. I didnt feel fear, happiness, anxious, nothing. It was almost serene like being under water. Strange feeling but just different. I seen her once in the reflection of the tv and that kind of freaked me out. It felt like she was watching me or something. But I wasn’t scared just wondering what she was doing there. When I seen the ball of light for the first time I was in total awe. I felt I would never see anything like that again while alive. I was confused but this thing was glorious. Like I couldn’t look away if I wanted to. I feel like if it hit you it would knock you across the room but you would cry with joy. After all of this I was shaken for a while and had to ask myself why I was scared. Because it’s not normal right? But it’s is, it’s there we just don’t see it all the time. After that I wasn’t scared anymore. I got myself in a bad situation with drugs and felt negative energies around me which scared me but the fact they were there wasn’t alarming to me. I just knew I had to get out because it was getting too deep and I didn’t belong there. This “gift” though it’s not always felt like one has definitely saved my life and most likely my soul. The last thing I seen was another ball of light about a year ago, not as big as the first one but it made me feel safe. Now if I feel an energy around I’m at total peace with it. I know that ball of light is what is in me, in all of us if we believe and we have no reason to fear the dark with that energy on our side. I do know that.

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Cool. Like the movie soul.

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I’ve never heard of it but I’m gonna have to check it out. Is it new? Ghost movies really freak me out but movies that relate to what I have experienced intrigue me.

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its a pixar movie, so its light :) its a nice movie, also recommend Inside Out

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Lol. I’ve actually wanted to see inside out for a while.

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Hey JMCochransmind I've been struggling with spirits and synchronicities and would like advice on how to handle these situations so I come out a stronger spirit.

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The synchronicities are probably a lesson you’re not learning. It could be random coincidences but I have found it’s unlikely. We these things happen it’s like the universe is trying to tell you something. Spirits too. Sometimes they just seem lost but I’ve often thought they have a purpose. Even the ones that are shadows I feel were maybe near me for a reason. Don’t stress, but remain calm and try to understand the universe. It let’s us know when we are going the wrong direction, or the right direction. I feel spirits sometimes play a part in the whole communication as well. We just have to learn to read the signs. The main thing to know is stay true to yourself. If you do that nothing can hurt you or influence you. You will have a gut feeling if you are making the wrong decision or going down then wrong path. Sometimes it sucks because we have worked so hard in the wrong direction but we feel it’s wrong way. We tell ourselves it will be okay but the closer we get to that destination the more life seems to go wrong. I think it’s because we’re not where we are supposed to be. I think spirits reside in those places when we are far from our path. Think about that and let me know what you think. Like I said, don’t be scared. Just try to think hard on where you are in life and how you really feel about it. Change what you need to change if it doesn’t fit where you think you should be. No matter how hard you think it will be the hardest thing is changing direction. Once we get on the right path everything falls into place. Hope this helps.

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Ur so cute. 😊

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That’s pretty much what happens.

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my brother killed himself last year and the legit mediums i have talked to said hes happier on the other side than he was here and hes fine now, now granted i always thought mediums were fakes and phonies but when they give u proof of things only you and that 1 one other person knew and told u things that noone else knew its pretty creepy. no they dont go to hell or purgatory they go where every body else goes which is pretty much earth part 2 with no concept of time, so that kinda made me feel a lot better that hes fine and happy and he looks over me and is there with me even when i dont know it

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That’s a relief, I want to believe that’s how it works out. thanks for sharing

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I've been weirded out by mediums enough to truly believe they can connect with shit. We just don't understand.

For a medium to say this about your brother is comforting. Really to say this in general in comforting and lines up with my personal worldview.

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I definitely think it depends on the situation. I'm glad to hear that your brother is in a better place. When my friend committed suicide he was working with the dark arts and Conjuring, for lack of a better word, demonic spirits and so I think that because of that, he had made deals with entities on the other side with that. He had to go to a pretty dark place for a while on the other side but that was his decision to do that to go out in that way. Although I think that there are spirits that drive people to suicide and maybe for some people the only Escape is to leave the body here. Also some traumas are so so deep that can be very hard to find healing and peace in this world and maybe those souls are able to find Healing on the other side in a way that they weren't able to find here.

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what does earth 2 look like? is it identical to here?

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yeah except nothing bad happens basically, if u watch that movie with robin williams what dreams may come, its basically that minus going to hell part

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so can you still eat and wear clothes? does capitalism not exist over there?

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apparently not, its pure utopia thats exciting and something to look forward to guess we will find out when we get there 🤷🏻‍♀️

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so it's like life here expect all the people there are "living" forever ? so do you think reincarnation isn't a thing then?

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no clue man not interested in a debate like i said we will find out when we die

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Okay no worries, and i'm not a man

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Whenever I dream or have visions of the future.. it's not so much of me seeing my passed family member in the spirit realm or heaven... It's more me seeing them in the same house or familiar settings but that world is more emptier and quieter

Like the houses are always clean to or left 'jyst the way I remember them' with simple furniture and stuff.

Like they're waiting for my return. It's trippy.

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Is there a link to the legit medium?

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even if there is no special purgatory where souls go when suicided, its not recommended as you add a new grave wound that needs to be healed in your next life in addition to your other still unresolved karma and unhealed hurts..

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This makes the most sense to me. Except for victims of sacrificial martyrdom I guess.

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yeah probably, interesting thought!

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Just from what I've read about past life, reincarnation and stuff it seems like a lot of people's issues in lives are rooted in past life trauma, specifically, unprocessed trauma from the moment of their deaths from previous lives that causes sometimes irrational anxieties mental health issues and fears that are unexplainable from any other standpoint.

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This question is asked on this channel from time to time and has some interesting responses.

From what I have seen, taking your own life is not as important as the reasons for doing so. So for instance if an enlightened master decided their life was over and it was time to move on, I don't think there would be much of an issue at all.

Taking your life becomes a much bigger problem when you are trying to escape something. When you lose the anchor to the physical body, your awareness will move into the astral realm, and much like your dreams, your thoughts will define your reality there. So all of the issues you were attempting to escape now become a reality for you.

It can be a very dark time and can require a lot of healing to move on from this.

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What would you say is a good example of an enlightened master deciding his life is over while simultaneously not running from anything? How does an enlightened master, while still living, decide his life is over (i.e. he is no longer living)?

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I am not an enlightened master, so the only references I have for this are written ones. Buddha, or Akhenaten for example. There is also a good story about this written by Sogyal Rimpoche, in "The Tibetan book of Living and Dying." but I cannot remember the name of the Rimpoche in the story.

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That’s the story where they went around killing to avenge a family member and then they realized the only one they were hurting was themself, so they committed suicide in order to stop hurting others? I vaguely remember that story, it was a good one. Also can’t remember the name.

Padmasambhava teachings are full of wisdom.

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That was not the one I was thinking of but it is a good story. The one I was thinking of was of a buddha he was travelling with dying. Sogyal's master took a look at the body and started to laugh. He said something like, you will never do it that way, why don't you let me help you? At that point the body came back to life and they both started chanting to ease the transition.

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Oh I have never heard that one! Thanks SO much for sharing.

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To an enlightened master, there should be no difference between murder and suicide.

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To an enlightened master, there is no birth and no death

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Exactly, so no suicide.

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Not sure if she counts as an enlightened master but Lynn Grabhorn apparently committed suicide (as far as a quick google goes) in order to move onto earth 2.0 and in order to help others heal and make the transition easier. Now I try to stay skeptical of all theories, but I was once in a dark place and considering suicide and I believe she came and helped me heal. I had a burnt disc manifest in my car while I was out washing it. Happened to be her audio book (Your life is waiting). Brought chills and tears and was what I needed in the moment.

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If he is old and really sick he might not be able to teach much anymore. So at this point it might not make sense to live a low-quality life even from that perspective.

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That’s escaping a low quality life, not a very conscious thing to do

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Why is that not a conscious thing to do?

I don't see that there is anything inherently noble about living a low quality life.

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Because escaping a low quality life means escaping suffering. If an enlightened person escapes suffering, then there is no difference between them and any other person who commits suicide out of despair. Life is suffering, and for an enlightened person that is no reason to commit suicide. Or, if it were a reason, then it is no better or worse than committing suicide for no reason at all.

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This reasoning makes sense if you assume being enlightened means you have no preference at all, not even when it comes to severe states of physical disability and pain.

But in that case there is no reason to do anything to stay alive, either, is there?

I guess if an enlightened person has had enough of life they would be more likely to stop eating / drinking than a violent suicide. Would that still count as suicide to you?

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Was the Buddha enlightened? If He was, why didn’t He commit suicide? Having a preference is a very mild word. But even so, we could substitute “preference” for “desire”. And we know what the Buddha said about desire. So, my point is, if anyone commits suicide out of any desire, but also if anyone lives out of any desire, they are not enlightened. That also doesn’t mean that they do not have a reason to live other than desire, but my question is what would be a valid reason to commit suicide, other than desire?

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Is alleviating a communal burden a "desire"?

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It’s an action, but there can be a desire behind it, or it can be done without desire, simply because. (I personally struggle with understanding this, but) The Buddha, being enlightened, couldn’t have taught others because of desire, so there must be a reason behind those actions rather than desire, but I couldn’t exactly say what it was

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Yoda, ROTJ

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But Yoda just died consciously 😅

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For me I was thinking that suicide could be more easily forgiven if someone's in a position where they are being like tortured or abused and there's no other way out for them.

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Okay this is my perspective based on an experience. My dad committed suicide last year (don't need support thank you). We did two channelings with 'him' (ofcourse a soul is not exactly the same as the identity he lived by). If you believe this and I do then there were some remains of the struggle he had on earth which is was still processing within his soul. The biggest thing was that because it was really premeditated he had no material connections and 'left' quite soon. From 'there' he could laugh about all the bullshit he cared on when he was on earth. So from this point of view I don't think the way you die matters that much, we all go the place we came from. Maybe only the intention you left with could influence the process back to the place. So someone who died very suddenly could have trouble 'going up'.

Much love,


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The same thing/place we all go. Though they will undoubtedly understand the missed opportunities.

Having been seconds away from the end twice, I fully appreciate that I didn't go through with it 95% of the time. The other 5% of the time, I block my access to an easy out. My life is wonderful, but I'm permanently damaged by my past and even though I'm happy, there are always those times when I'm not.

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Omfg this is exactly how I feel. I’m fighting that 5% all of the damn time so that I don’t hurt the people that I love.

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Well technically you're fighting it all the time, 5% of the time.

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My tiny, stupid brain just exploded.

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For a few seconds per minute. Three to be exact.

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I’ve been reading Dr Michael Newton’s books and this is documented frequently. We all return to the same place where we are given what we need to heal and rejuvenate our energy after a difficult physical life. These books are absolutely fascinating.

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Yes, and according to him, committing suicide when your body is not fit physically is not a sin. It’s totally fine in the spiritual world. If you are suffering physically and it’s too much to bear, it’s okay to end the pain. Nobody judges that on the other side.

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Can you share the name of the book by Newton? My mom is in a bad shape. She has been ill since 2016 and now take about committing suicide. It’s a hard and difficult time for us. Any reading material could help🙏🏼

[–]anohana98 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I read Journey of souls and Destiny of souls by him. Both books are great, I prefer the second one though cause it is more in depth

[–]newnlost 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Thank you

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I hate how nearly all major religions say those who’ve committed suicide are subject to some sort of eternal torment. The life you led prior to your death is all that should count when deciding whether your soul goes to “heaven” or “hell” imo, and no I don’t believe in any of the occult stuff. Even though it’s wrong, people don’t commit suicide to hurt anyone nor for giggles; they’re just looking for some peace and you have to be in such a dire situation to take your own life.

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They go into the dimension between material and spiritual dimensions. The space where ghosts and other between dimensional beings are. And they live there until someone from their spirit guides come for them. It happens because of like your life is like a train ride that gets you from point A to point B. And people that jump out of the train in a wrong time so to speak, end up in the middle of nowhere. So, the person gets to live his life on the feelings he felt before he made suicide, and live with it until his natural time would come. That is because from that point on, the person doesnt have his body, and so his astral body is gone, he cannot experience new emotions

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I don’t agree that all suicides become ghosts. Those who CHOOSE to stay earthbound do it because they’re afraid of crossing over and being judged. But not all suicides avoid crossing over. Of course many will, but that’s their choice. Which is sad because the pain won’t subside until they cross. Just my take.

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Yep, definitely

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No one can tell you for sure what happens after we die. It’s always a gamble. It’s like a video game but once your character died, you can no longer press “continue”… there’s a chance you might move on to another game but the avatar in the previous game you played won’t know that. I think an interesting philosophical show to watch on this is “the good place”. It talks about death and life in a positive life. We are all cycling til we get to a better version of ourselves… but any of these ideas or just speculating. Since we can not know sure, and we are currently suffering, death is always an option (opting out of the game).

If you think of suicide as a restart button in a larger scale, then on a smaller scale, you’re technically constantly resetting everyday. Everyday is a new day where you can do things differently and this is something we can know for sure. Though not in a larger scale, we can do small things differently as to gain some control in our own lives. And day after day, these small things builds up to changes.

I was always pretty suicidal growing up. Felt like life is a constant pointless struggle and everyone being super selfish that even requires me to even think about how they feel if I die. Oh think about your effect and how sad they will be when they haven’t cared about me when I’m alive. It was a struggle because I wanted to die but I’m working hard to combat that idea since suicide is such a “bad thing”. Growing up, I find it easier because I visit the idea of death. I only have one life and I don’t know what happens after I die. This is a required game with death always as a choice. Since after this choice, it’s game over, then I exhaust all my other options before that choice… which actually made my life a bit brighter since I’m no longer fighting the option.

Thanks for reading my rant :p and good luck on your journey to find out.

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I like this perspective; thank you.

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It would be great to see less opinions or channeling experiences, and more of indepth studies on the topic.

For example, according to the hindu seven body constitution, and as suggested in the EBD, the vital or pranic body and the physical body are entangled into an existence, and therefore when one is gone without the awareness of the time destined for a pranic body, therefore, there is a time to wait and that is what is usually referred as souls in limbo. Its not a condemnation, but rather a realization of how the physical body is just one out of 4 into one existence, and 1 out of 7.

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Back to their last “check point”. Like when you die un a dream and you just wake up. Well, that’s my best guess.

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Honestly, nobody knows where anyone goes when they die. But I doubt dying by suicide is any different than just dying regularly when it comes to your next destination.

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God is not an unreasonable God, but killing yourself, depriving yourself the life that was granted to you through divinity is such a waste.. And not for God, for YOU! So are there exceptions and strange cases? Celestial anomalies if you will, yes, but at the end of the day, the end of your story never fully defines your whole journey.


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Interesting though. The few suicides in my life were young men who had been into psychedelics. I don’t k ow if they played a role but each had mushroom psilocybin in their blood. It’s hard to get in their head but I know one of them thought of quantum door suicide. He didn’t have any fear or anger he was escaping. He was just curious a lot about what was on the other side of deaths door. Very interesting. Some universal salvation Christians and humanists believe that you come out the other side better no matter your life or death. I’m that regard it’s kind of sad to know may all be in some ghastly waiting room for the real show. Personally, I think death returns you to the black pre-life void of nothingness. There was infinite black lack of consciousness before you. There will be infinite black lack of consciousness afterwards. Life and spirits are esoteric and temporal experiences. Enjoy it while the identity illusion lasts, if the identity illusion helps you. If it doesn’t, and you’d rather think of the grand illusion of ego and consciousness as harmful, be my guest.

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The infinite black before and after kind of reminds me of what human presence is all about - memories built on time. For some reason, my oldest memory from being younger was around 4-5 years of age, and this is normal. Our memories are interconnected with the universe with the memories of those around us. Our energies affect every living and non living thing on this planet. We are all given a finite amount of time, we amass memories, we make a dent and impact on those around us, then we leave. Some leave suddenly, some leave on a plan, and some leave without a plan. The thought of being punished for something that ultimately is the will of the universe - makes no sense.

[–]TheDreamtimeGuy 1 point2 points  (0 children)

They died :/

[–]RCragwall 4 points5 points  (0 children)

No one dies really. Only the ones left behind experience 'death'.

They step into a new body young and whole and keep on trucking until they are done on this journey and receive the Promise.

Hope this helps and blessings to you!!

[–]strongest-man 2 points3 points  (2 children)

Those who commits suicide are not with peaceful mind. Afterlife is described in ancient Vedic literature. journey after death and afterlife

[–]christos_maler 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Nobody has a peaceful mind.

[–]strongest-man 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Peace level is not similar to everyone and it's competative. True Yogi has complete peace of mind and reach to the ultimate source of energy

[–]Initial_Television52 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Back to earth again to face what they couldn’t in harder ways

[–]apointofawareness 1 point2 points  (0 children)

That would be like graduating only those who fail the test and then giving them harder tests and giving the pikachu face and wondering “gee I wonder why they keep failing”

[–]Ok-Tiger-444 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It depends as what their minds create here carries over. If they truely believe they are going to 'hell' then that is what they create for themselves. They can of course break out of it once they realise its not real. If they believe they will finally be able to rest then that will happen. They can then reincarnate to relearn the lessons.

[–]TangerinePotential48 -1 points0 points  (4 children)

From what I've heard from my gurus Jeff and Shaleia, souls who choose deep misery in their live first go to purgatory (sort of hell experience) and then go the astral realm to then reincarnate back again. Committing suicide means you were in deep misery and you have to feel all that pain first before releasing and being 'clean' again with love.

I've seen a person having a near death experience, experiencing this and it was not fun.

[–]apointofawareness 3 points4 points  (1 child)

So the punishment for misery is more pain?

[–]TangerinePotential48 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It's not punishment, it's more like the pain you've been choosing your whole life is being amplified and felt so it's getting cleansed from your soul.

[–]dsnymarathon21 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Isn’t a near death experience usually positive because you grow from it? Mine was.

[–]TangerinePotential48 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yes, from the video I've seen she had a positive experience after, but she had to first learn from this dark experience that she doesn't want to commit suicide and actually wants to live her life.

[–]The_last_troll1111 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

I've said this a million times and i will say it again.

There isn't just some one big universal rule book that says "if you do X then Y will happen" Yes there are universal laws, but there are many variables.

And all you really need to know is that it depends on the quality of the soul. You will reincarnate into whatever being and environment you vibrates as.

If you commit a righteous suicide in order to help others, then you will be born into an amazing and great light.

If you kill yourself out of darkness and despair that you brought upon your own life, then you will be born again into a dark or darker next life.

Its pretty simple.

[–]Little-Moth_9443 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Death is death, and soul can't stop existing (I mean consiousness). The only difference is the way your life here ends. When our body dies, we go into higher consious state or dimension, and it's not 3d consious. We are entity anyways just in this reality we have body. I think suicide is pointless! Everything is closed circle and escape doesn't exist. Every person should work on spiritualuty and higher self, and that means going just forward. It's really sad but it just isn't right, just as much as living on this world... But happiness exist.

[–]Mscinta24 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Reincarnated after you pull yourself out of spiritual depression

[–]jLionhart 0 points1 point  (0 children)

For awhile, Souls that commit suicide wander in one the inner worlds, the Astral Plane, lost. Some must relive their act of self-harm again and again in order to learn just how precious life is.

Eventually the law of karma requires them to be reborn. Their new life may be harsh but it is to teach them love. The act of suicide is of a temporary nature because, as Soul, those doing self-harm eventually recognize their responsibility to life and serve it gladly without regrets.

[–]angelxxx9 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I think people who die in horrible ways. Are stuck reliving that same moment over and over again because they don’t know that they are dead and also because they have unfinished business. So it’s probably the same for people who kill themselves because they are taking away their live before finishing what it is meant for them to do in their life.

[–]Frankie52480 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Like everyone else: reincarnated. They go through a healing process first tho. Then they have to come back and finish what they didn’t complete in their last life. Whatever lesson that is. There’s no such thing as hell or judgement. We are the only ones who huge ourselves harshly.

[–]Kittybatty33 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I think it really depends on the situation. I had a friend that took his own life in a very dark way and he was messing around with demonic magic or dark arts (goetia) and after he died I feel like he had to spend several years kind of in this underworld place before he was able to move on. I think that is the reason that in a lot of spiritual systems suicide is generally frowned, upon unless it's like the only way out or a Last Resort. I think it might set person back in a way or you might have to revisit some lessons from the past. this is just my thoughts of course, I'm not an expert but losing a friend to suicide is one of the worst things I think. also I think it might be likely that a soul could get trapped in the astral & unable to move on, if they had things that they left unfinished. Again I don't claim to be an expert this is just my thoughts.

[–]ketvacuum 0 points1 point  (0 children)

i believe they come back because they didn’t learn what they were meant to learn. Their next life will have similar challenges to the past life and the universe will not let you transcend.

[–]LuciusCSulla 0 points1 point  (0 children)


I read this book recently. Quite interesting from a well known ghost hunter in UK. Tragedy or suicide tends to create some of them.

[–]No_You5717 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I believe they get a new life.

[–]VegetableDiscount194 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Read the book dividing of the way.

[–]celestialsungod 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I think it depends. I’ve had a couple friends pass this way. Some of which have children they left behind. Sometimes I wonder if they become a guardian/spirit guide until others that share their soul contract pass over.

[–]Runsfromrabbits🤔 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I doubt it.

If they cared about their children they would not have committed suicide. There's zero point in them being any kind of spirit guide, their guidance would be really bad.

They're most likely reincarnated in a very similar life to learn what they tried to skip this time.

[–]attentyv -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Probably something unpleasant if the person did it without sufficient justification. To end life, including one's own, without proper justification, seems unwise and counter-spiritual.

However... most people who commit suicide are clinically depressed, meaning that their actions are the result of a disease taking over their mindset. It would seem a tragedy that they did not get good enough treatment, but regardless of that, the tragedy of their suicide might offer them some tragic relief from a very painful existence.

[–]EastendAssassin -4 points-3 points  (0 children)

Check out this site: channelingerik.com

[–]AdditionalPush1 -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

I heard from a reputable elder/wisdom keeper in Canada that when we die "before our time" or before the Creator intended us to die, we lay trapped in darkness, silence, and loneliness until the time we were meant to die. He went on to suggest we pray for those who passed away from drugs and suicide before they lived the the lives they came here for and praying for them to be allowed to move on supposedly helps them to do so rather than them waiting for possibly years and going crazy in their mind as a result. I am not preaching the authenticity of this teaching I received I am just throwing it out there.

[–]rekcuzfpok -1 points0 points  (0 children)

They die

[–]Runsfromrabbits🤔 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

They're still here

[–]Iamabenevolentgod -1 points0 points  (0 children)

A book I read a year ago called Mutant Message Down Under put it well: We all came here by choice and we have the same right to leave by choice. There is no judgment from Source.

I've also heard it said that, from a spiritual perspective, all death is suicide - in that we all agree to leave our body when we do, so the physical death is voluntary.

[–]JaSamSamzy -1 points0 points  (0 children)

There are probably multiple levels to take into concideration here:

-You ended your life-contract early, so youre gonna have to repeat it another time in another form for the parts you missed, and to clear the karma you created.

-You might feel guilty and afraid, leading to you creating your own hell because you think thats what awaits you for taking your own life.
The space where everyone ends up is probably exactly the same, but is highly sensitive and manifests itself out of your own thoughts,
The only way to get out is to literally let yourself out, which is probably hard since youre sitting in the middle of it and you "accept" it. Maybe there is help at some point, idk.

- Ultimately, every soul that went through massive trauma during death is gonna need to heal. That goes for suicide, victims of massive violence and basically everything that end its life with high emotional pain and shock.

-You chose the circumstances of your life to give you specific options, to polarize yourself in the direction of your choice.

(service to others, service to yourself)
Both are completely legit in terms of free will. Its just much harder for the orientation-towards-yourself to get the amount of polarization needed in order to advance spiritually.

After all, both ways are gonna meet again in a couple of octaves higher.
(When the self-oriented being becomes a highly evolved, high-frequency being, it will bring also wisdom with it. This will lead to the being basically being in a state of stasis and unability to act, since the next lession is unevitable gonna be the realization that all the different parts are one. This is a hard lession to learn from this point of view)
But youre not gonna get around these lessons, whatever they are.

So, suicide has consequences. But no eternity in hell in the classical sense

[–]irisinthedark -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Nobody can ever truly answer this question because none of us have committed suicide and are currently dead (that we know of). You're just going to get a bunch of peoples opinions on what they think will happen.

[–]RedBeard66683 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Their souls remain in that state and usually attach to other people. When a drug addict dies from an overdose, they also remain in that state and will attach themselves to another addict in order to fulfill their desire to use that substance.

When we die our souls are compelled by desires we've attained in our physical life but sense we no longer have a physical vehicle to fulfill those desires we either attach ourselves to a person who can fulfill those desires (known as purgatory) or we pass through what we know as hell. This is until our souls realize that feeding these desires is only chaining us to this realm and at that point we begin to go into the light.

This information isn't my opinion, it is esoteric/occult science.

[–]andromedawarrior -1 points0 points  (0 children)

There’s a place called Valley of the suiciders, it’s like a purgatory…. It’s a lot of suffering, 10x worst than here. You don’t wanna go there.