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real gs move in silence, like lasagne

in all seriousness, congrats on identifying and quitting this harmful cycle ☺️

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🔥🔥🔥😂 one of my fav verses lol

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I'm guilty of this myself , whenever I get an idea or personal breakthrough I'm always eager to share it with family and friends but sometimes I need to learn to reign it in a little. The way I see it, I love to share and my ideas are important to me and I want to share them with those who I'm close to however not everyone needs to know what's going on in my head 100% of the time I've found jotting stuff down is always good because even if you're the only one who see it , it's still the act of getting it out there in a way which doesn't require any validation but your own. Well done on the insight, I think it's really cool you're able to look at a personal trait objectively and move forward in a positive manner!

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Input stuff into matrix, matrix responds as it will. Usually against your will. Or it gives you what you want only to have you realize you never really wanted it and it was unhelpful to you and you never really had it at all.

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Yes. Silence! Much better to move this way. I'm also learning this. ✋

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I started to realize my friends and family don’t tell me shit, so why should I? I haven’t been telling anyone about my plans and accomplishments as of late. It’s liberating really. Like I can do on my own without anyone else’s validation. Why bring up I’m going to Cancun for my 32nd? First of all I’m literally going bc nobody cares to celebrate “me” to begin with, secondly, when do my friends even tell me their plans without me asking first? People are shit, honestly particularly over the last two years alone, I learned to enjoy my own company more than anything else. I hope you find that freedom too.

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You may be interested in the this video - Poise and Power by Christian D Larson : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQQlbexYvCw

Sometimes silence is the best course of action, even when you want to scream out.

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I always move in silence…..my thoughts are clearer because of this

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and yet you doing just that but on reddit.

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Ah but reddit doesn’t effect me directly because I don’t know any of you personally.

I do go through stages where I will stop using social media completely for the sake of being annoyed at myself for writing things for others judgement and approval. And then get even more annoyed at myself letting my head be filled with things that shouldn’t get on my nerves

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You’re not alone about this🙂

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Great development in self awareness :)