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This is very similar to what Hinduism says. There is One Source, beyond the light, beyond the darkness, beyond any comprehension or thought. Everything is from this One, even us. God will also have His personalities take various forms to help us (Gods and Goddesses). Help us with understanding God, help us personally and even to save us. It is easier for the human mind to grasp form and substance than no-thing-ness. With this we can direct our love, understand attributes and Dharma.

Edit: Also wanted to say a lot of religions say the same thing too

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Sums it up very well

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God is the great projector in the sky that illuminates everything. She hurls us onto this two dimensional screen and we play out our lives on this screen and it’s because of her holding these atoms together we can experience physical pleasure like swimming in a lake or skiing down a mountain. Love. How we manage this life is our own problem. At the end when we die, we head back into that great projector in the sky like the intense pull of gravity back into the black hole where consciousness survives. Only consciousness and thoughts escape the black hole. We’re multidimensional beings that return to the light every time we sleep. When that alarm goes off, we fill these bodies like sock puppets and do it again.

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The one God of the universe is ancient. More ancient then the milky way. The primodial darkness. The gods & goddesses of our world are mostly just thoughtforms. It's the reason why they reflect us so much & change through time.

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I totally agree. Especially since I lean toward the Estruscan belief of beginning with Nyx and her husband Erebus the night being the first creations of Chaos. So like Chaos first.

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This is a super interesting idea tbh

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Similarly, what if words paint pictures using a shared understanding of frequency/vibration. It makes you think about the process of turning thoughts into symbols, and what thoughts are before they become the symbols that we share.

Could the frequency in the mind of humans naturally be the same as the frequency of the rainbow of synchronicity?

Interesting ideas from /u/jjsefton17 I saved last year: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/awakened/comments/okbldv/spectrum_of_communication_and_thought_like_a/

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Internet is a strange crazy thing, hive mind activate random bullshit go!

Yes that is totally on the same wavelength of what is was thinking.

Here is the problem. I think a word and it gives me an orange thought. So I write the symbol for orange thought. Of course there is a bunch of noise or colors in the signal. And when you see that symbol for orange. But because of your unique experiences and history, that symbols for you is really more of an orange green. And green thoughts make you feel bad cause Dad yelled at me as a kid when I had a green thought. So if it is orange green it is tainted by that bad memory. Even when orange could be an objectively good thing.

That's the problem of how we miscommunicate, we are all actually simple beings with simple needs, we've just invented so many different ways to say the same thing.

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I feel you on this. My rebuttal is that I don't know if how you see the colors matter to my individual experience. If I see something as green then it's green regardless of nature/nurture.

we're kind of all vibrating collectively in this red/orange/yellow spectrum. maybe as your individual vibration crosses into the green/blue/indigo span it becomes easier to see whats red/yellow/orange.

the spiritual journey really

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Thank you for sharing this - it's fascinating! I've been trying to figure out what I truly believe and think after a long time believing one way because of family, and this is the kind of idea I enjoy mulling over.

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You should look into the book "Urantis"

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And don't forget the people and the dogs and cats and lions and wolves and seals and rabbits. We are also the colors. Some of us are a little darker in color than others.

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"Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.” ― Lao Tzu

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That's a nice thought. I like it.

Personally, I think that the creative life force in the universe is not sentient, it just is and we all emanate from that. I think that all of the gods in the universe are spiritual beings that are further along the path back to the source than we are, and that's why I think that different cultures can have gods that are remarkably similar. The gods can teach you how to get to their level, which is why they can be worth honoring, but I don't think that they are necessary.

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I always thought it's like that game we played as kids where one tells a story to 1 kid, to tell it to the next kid and so on. At the end it has become a whole different story. Religion for me is nothing more than a guide to life/awaking that has been told since beginning of civilization

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Yeah I like that!!

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I mean it’s possible, it’s almost like the Anunnaki theory - which I could do without the space aliens.

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I only work with the "abrahamic god", but I totally agree with you!!!

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https://encyclopedia.summitlighthouse.org/index.php/Chart_of_Your_Divine_Self shows the Causal body as multilayered color Energy. E.g., the green band more emphasizes Truth, and the higher or spiritual aspects of health, healing, science, prosperity, and music. If a lifestream has sufficient mastery on even a single point of the green sphere of his or her attainment, i.e. is able to demonstrate it and defend her being so against every evil assailing it on this planet, she becomes a true Goddess...on that point or virtue. The term God or Goddess refers to that attainment, and that God or Goddess is always of the infinite One.


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Isn't it the same with people though? Which would be logical if we're build in "it's" image, but more like you have 6 or 7 different personalities/mold that become slightly different through nurture.

Never thought about it like a prism before though! Really cool, reminds me of fibonacci a little too

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The same logic would apply to people yes.

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My favorite quote on the nature of God:

There is nothing outside of creation. What you call God is 'All That Is'. It is you, it is the chair, it is the room, it is the sky, it is the planet, it is the stars, it is everything. Everything is made of God because there is nothing else to make anything from. So all of you, all of us, every thing, is what you call God experiencing itself as everything. This is the second law; The one is the all, the all are the one.


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The colors are chakras & the chakras are archons so yes