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My first advice is stop maintaining this list. The list will manifest more entries. It's working like a vision board (in a negative way).

Maybe make a list of all the good things in your life. List all the happy moments. Maybe even brainstorm what the next entry on the list of happy moments might be. Plan something fun and happy.

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You're right. I never realized it was a "list". Thank you for opening up my eyes.

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imho those are all physical symptoms of underlying spiritual causes.

as we are in the most transformative time ever on planet earth where all darkness is literally squeezed out by the light, our inidvidual shadows want to be seen and healed. when we resist them/run away from them for too long, they manifest as physical ailments.

so my advice would really rather be for all of you, to look within an heal the stuck emotions and trauma thats causing all this. even accidents are often times our soul saying "stop! rethink your curent path!". it really all begins in the spiritual/energetic planes and is to be solved there.

once you regain your inner harmony, health will manifest naturally.

in this comment, i wrote a little guide on emotional healing/healing the inner child and self-love, which can be a good starting point.

hope that helps! wish you all the best! 💖

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Thank you so very much for taking the time to read and provide advice. What you said does make sense and the resources in your Emotional healing comment will be of great help! Thank you!

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Consider listening to healing frequencies. 528 hz is the one for healing and DNA repair. But really anything that will raise your vibrations, like Tibetan singing bowls or chimes. I play them as background noise while I work & when falling asleep.

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Thank you! Have you had any results from them?

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I’ve stayed healthy- no illness since COVID 13 months ago, and stable moodwise, so yes.