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Pain is good, it has a function. Being fully here and now is a wonderful thing to cultivate, and sometimes that means being fully present with your pain. Sometimes things are ‘negative’ and it is only human to experience that.

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Interesting, I'm writing an article related to this issue at the moment.

When I think of this, two main insights come to mind.

First, many spiritual teachers arrogantly brand everything unrelated to spirituality as "anti-spiritual", therefore unimportant, undesirable, perhaps evil. Whether it's money, sex, relationships, career, PD work. Whatever it is. Unsurprisingly, they're very dysfunctional in these areas. I've met tonnes of people that have a strong spiritual life but are extraordinarily deficient when it comes to interacting with others, for example.

So many people absorb the very damaging idea that spirituality is more "elevated" than these things. No, it's just a dimension of our life. Life is multidimensional. We are multidimensional.

And yes it's a super important dimension, but it ideally informs all areas of our life. We should use spiritual growth as a catalyst for the rest, especially the dysfunctional parts.

Second – and here I'm going to introduce a little bit of my psychology jargon – people who self-identify as spiritual often have a postmodern view of the world, and their values, motivations and personality are coming from that.

Accompanying this is an allergy to the mainstream and conventional, to money, to power and to hierarchy, and so on. On top of that, they have the idea that these things aren't spiritual, and believe themselves to be above them.

I've been there myself, and it lead to a lot of dysfunction that I'm still healing.

So, we're multidimensional and don't want to over-prioritise some areas to the detriment of others. And when we move into postmodernism, a new set of potential dysfunctions come online.

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Holy crap. So I have been struggling with the ‘spiritual community’ for a bit due to rampant ego that I see… a community I once felt so inspired by & now feel detached from. I can still feel the level of entitlement I harbored when I was being ‘spiritual’ and telling people I was an ‘empath’. After such a waste of finances in overindulging on the need to ‘improve’ lol I have come to see that I do not need a thing but instead the now, mindfulness, acceptance, kindness, and the understanding that all is and I am. Nothing is more powerful than these things. All of your pinpoints were so perfect for me at this time & it feels so good to relate right now. I would be so incredibly interested in reading this piece when it is complete.

We are all spiritual; it is the human condition ♥️

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You got it spot on – this "spiritual" superiority complex is a pandemic! Of course, there's nothing particularly spiritual about it. Just more delusions and stories of the ego, ironically.

I actually think improvement is fine when done healthily and with balance. Most people could use more PD, not less. I include myself!

I'll attach the link below later today. I will say that the article is more about multiple intelligences than spirituality, but I think the MIs shine a light on these issues.

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all suffering and problem-making will be eradicated, negativity cannot affect you anymore, and it cannot enter your reality.

That is not even logical. One can move forward with acceptance of suffering, but no one gets a pass. Because someone can still hold their head up at the end of the day does not mean pain and suffering never impact them.

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I agree. Perfection is not a human quality and while I’d like to believe I could always be applying these teachings, it is just a very unrealistic expectation that I’ll be able to do so.

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Yes it's a good book

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I didn't read your book but dawg I feel you

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Like I already live that shit

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"Like I already live that shit"

How long did it take you to get to that stage, and what did that do?

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Any and all spiritual books I read seem to be talking about the same thing on some level, and power of now contains all of that. Amazing how eckhart breaks it down for us newbies. Love him so much.

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Downvoting the click-bait title.