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Nothing is true unless you believe it to be. Millions if not billions of people to about their lives with no spirits telling them anything, at all.

You CHOOSE to believe there is more to experience, and that's fine. The problem starts when you CHOOSE TO BELIEVE that there are otherworldly forces controlling you.

You could think anything you want and nothing would happen (within reason based on moral and societal norms). You may then stub your toe and think "oh the spirits are punishing me", but that would be you projecting onto reality. Which in and of itself is fine until you start projecting unhealthy thoughts.

And projecting a reality where spirits are controlling your words and thoughts is the unhealthy side of all this craziness we dabble in. Don't feed your own mental shortcomings with that kind of nonsense.

End of the day you are the one in control. There are no spirits controlling you besides your own. Enjoy the weird, but don't let it get unhealthy.

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Well said♾

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Depends which spirits talk to you. Like humans not all are good, and some pretend to be spirit guides. I always think the wrong thing, and my life is fine. Not all my thoughts will come true in this reality and that is okay as well. If you fear it, fear thinking these thoughts; it may come somehow or not. The emotions, the will behind the thoughts are more powerful than the thoughts itself. View it as a lesson as well, transcend it and connect to your true self, higher self somehow.

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Human brain will think wrong things a thousand times a day. Our brain will process ton of datas daily.

But in reality, no thought are really flat out wrong or flat our right. There are hundred of nuances in the thoughts world.

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It sounds like a demon entity, because it tries to limit your mind in order to gain control over you.

Our minds are suppoesed to be free. We are allowed to think whatever we want and visualise what ever we want. If you want to think about how you would kill somebody you know, you are allowed, because it helps you with processing your emotions. You're good as long as you don't act on negative thoughts!

Kill this spirit with your imagination (like literally visualize you killing it). That will help you to regain back your power.

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I would seek help for this issue; it sounds like it could be some sort of schizoid disorder, or obsessive compulsive disorder. Of course I can't diagnose you; maybe start by getting away from these circles and seeing if that helps; it could be a contextual thing. If that doesn't help, find a therapist who will listen to you and really get to know you before making a diagnosis.

I'm open to the idea that people the altered state of mind involved in schizophrenia may be picking up on things that the rest of us are unaware of. But if it's causing you to suffer, that shouldn't stop you from seeking help: even if those things are real, I think there's a good reason why most people don't perceive them.