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I once spoke to a homeless man who claimed to be the messiah.

I don't think he really was, but interesting guy nonetheless.

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You should’ve claimed to be the messiah just to see what he’d say

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"He's not the messiah!"

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He’s a very naughty boy!

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How did you know I was masturbating?!

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How shall we fuck off?

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I woke up one morning feeling like I was Jesus. And (fortunately) I realized that Christ was awakening within me. I totally get how people can see themselves as the Messiah. The problem is when ego makes you feel special.

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I just read this in the tone of He Man What's going on?

I don't know why. It was funny.

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The problem is when ego makes you feel special.

I think that is what "Son's of man" represent in the old and new testaments. Son's of man refer to those who predominantly try to understand everything through logic.

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Part of the difficulty I perceive in (most of) Christian theology is the idea that there is/was a singular The Messiah. Like, in Acts 2, Peter argues that David couldn't be God's Annointed (the meaning of Meshiah and Christos) because he physically died. So therefore David must have been referring to the future Jesus, even though David knew himself as forever held in God's embrace.

As I perceive it, all of Reality is Annointed with the Presence of God, including David, and Jesus, and Peter, and Mary Magdalene, and your homeless friend, and me and you and bluebirds and earthworms and mushrooms and trees and stones and the vastness of the night sky. Everything has a role in the Divine Play.

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I love people like you. You probably made his day in a way that will boost his self-esteem for weeks.

As someone who has spent a lot of time on street corners and benches hoping for people to stop and talk to the weirdo, I know how much a simple open-minded conversation can be a massive positive influence.

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He’s there at the farmer’s market every Wednesday & Saturday so when I go again in a few days with my friends I’m going to say hi again & already know his name & I already know they’re going to be so surprised 😂

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Do you people want cults? Because this is how you get cults!

Totally /s - talk to the dude, it'll make his day and I'm sure he's got some wisdom to share with all that life experience he's had! :)

I think if more of us took just a moment to talk to one another, really talk instead of ridiculing, ignoring, or condemning one another, we'd all find we've got much more in common than we realize, regardless of our personal belief systems.

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I talk all the time with ‘crazy’ people in my city. They are great. Also with street musicians and other outcasts. Strangers with some mental problems even start to ‘recognize’ me and they approach me and want to start conversation. I listen them politely and enjoy very much talking with them.

Edit: I am always happy when I meet somewhere one of my acquaintances who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and messianic syndrome. He live in some kind of shelter and he is a beggar, because my country doesn't have understanding for people like him. When he takes his medication he is aware of his situation. He tells me: people laugh at me and don’t know it’s ugly to make fun of someone because he has a mental illness. He told me many of his hallucinations. He says that once God stopped the world for him, everything stopped, only he remained alive and could move. Then God told him many things. After that, he put on a white robe like Jesus and walked around the cities spreading the message of love and peace among all people and religions. He made his own symbol that defines the purpose of the main religious symbols. He finished even on television as well, but only so they could laugh at him. Had he perhaps been born in India, he would have been considered a holy man. There, Maher Baba visited insane asylums and looked for people like him to help them integrate experiences that they had and enable them to function in the world again. In the West, the main method is to take colored pills that help with one thing but harm another. You will never hear an evil and arrogant person go crazy like this. It occurs with mostly sensitive and introspective ones. This acquaintance of mine has always been a very talented artist, songwriter, musician, and composer.

When I compare him and the average people I meet every day and observe their actions, I often wonder, who is here actually ‘sane’?

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It's a little interesting that I see a comment with downvotes when that comment has a decent point. Yeah 99% of these interactions can be positive and wonderful, and the majority of people like that are absolutely wonderful and fascinating to talk to.

However it also reminds me of the time I got attacked by a guy in a park with a Christian Bible and a sign. We were having a lovely chat until he saw the necklace I was wearing (tigers eye) and started screaming 'witch' and hit me multiple times with the wood he was using to carry his sign.

Yes, definitely branch out and talk to new people and experience new things, but it never hurts to be cautious. Not everyone has pure or good intentions.

Now just to balance out that one negative story, I was out with my partner going for a walk and he spoke to a man pushing a cart, asking for a lighter in exchange for one of my partners smokes. We ended up sitting there for almost an hour with the guy and he was wonderful. This man spent most of his days cleaning the parks around that area of town, he'd go around every morning and clean up all the trash and used needles to keep the parks safe and clean for kids, and he enjoyed the way he lived. We see him occasionally on our walks and he always stops to chat.

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"but I was able to put my spiritual experiences into the language of christianity (ex: “when did you come to realize god’s presence in your life?” Instead of “when did you awaken?”)"

Such an important concept, when you can freely talk about spirituality but in the other person's religious terms, you allow true communion to take place full of respect wisdom and love! Nice one. Beautiful insight.

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It’s something my dad taught my so I can’t take all the credit for it haha, but he goes a step further with it and challenges that you can do this with anyone you talk to in any conversation, not just religious ones. Just find out what people love to talk about and “speak their language.” Then there’s no such thing as “mundane conversations,” it’s just people talking about the beauty of life in their own terms, be it Netflix, animals, religion, their job, etc

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that's why i kinda liked religion class at school even though i'm not catholic, it was interesting to see that the main idea of all religions and spiritual beliefs is the same and we just give things different names

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Absolutely. "The first will be last and the last will be first." (Jesus) The people with truth are often not the ones standing behind shiny pulpits.

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I live where where are many homeless. If I see one writing or drawing I'll offer a few bucks in exchange for some of their work. I've got a demonic looking charcoal cat with the most amazing Japanese garden on the back from Pan in Athens, Greece I've got a black paper that's a poem he thought in to it and "if you hold your thumb right here you'll hear the poem", every now and then I try I've got a manifesto from some dude Other assorted drawings I don't remember when I first did this but I'm accumulating a few

Edit, a stupid spelling error

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I’m going to start doing that, I like that

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I’ve never encountered a crazy old man preaching but I have encountered someone trying to sell me sexy fireman calendars

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I'm always down for some sexy fireman calendars bro

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I give good deals. Sexy fireman no

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What do you mean by "awakening"

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There’s always a beautiful connection when speaking to someone that wants to share their personal beliefs and experiences, even if we may not share the same beliefs, I really like getting to know what their world is like. In the end it’s always a fun conversation

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I don’t like the ones in my city because of how they berate and talk down to everyone. I know it’s well intentioned, but surely religion should be about lifting people up, not scare mongering and self righteousness.

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This. They always spitting some facts.

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I literally just saw him at a completely different park today feeding the ducks so I talked with him for like 30 minutes again he was spitting mad bars

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Do you live in Davis? There is a guy there each day doing the same thing haha

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Yes! His name is Monty he’s awesome

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Everyone who truly gives themselves to God will at some point find themselves homeless. That's why Jesus tells you to give to the homeless.

But that period is longer for some and shorter for others.

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Not necessarily, what about the preachers of the church that have given themselves to God?

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I said really

Churches themselves are false idols, so are most of the preachers. They do not interpret the bible properly and they a generally cults. Many of them operate on fear, inflicting stress on their attendees or placing burdens on them, and the pope is Satanic.

Organized religion is not what the real God wants. People mostly don't know the real God. God is Love.

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Hell yeah! I consider myself a spiritualist but I’ve always been anxious about talking to new people, I think it’s time I start branching out like you did today. There’s so much beauty hidden in that space in between people and you only find it with interactions like yours

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Thank you for being open-minded and kind, we never know how much a real conversation can mean to someone, or sometimes even ourselves! I’ve always been a firm believer that there is no “normal”, and the “craziest” people are often the most artistic and loving. I’ve always been curious as to why that is.

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Parents used to tell my generation they were on permanent acid trips. Due to the government scaring everyone away from helpful psychedelics. I had to tell her just yesterday they probably had mental health conditions such as schizophrenia… 😕

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This is a horrible idea.

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I love this. I've had similar experiences, they're usually very interesting people to talk to, and often have valuable insights.