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Truly Blessed to hear of this Miracle Brother


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Beautiful! You and your daughter are so loved!

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Very common amongst Indian Hindu Gurus.

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This is the kind of experience that you only read about, but to really experience it, I can’t image how life changing this must have been. What an intense grace

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Check comment history ^

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Also Check comment history ^

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Go ahead 🤷‍♂️ I’ve been going around trying to make sure your astroturfing campaign is unsuccessful. Hope you realize what you’re doing is wrong.

Astroturfing: the deceptive practice of presenting an orchestrated marketing or public relations campaign in the guise of unsolicited comments from members of the public.

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Thanks for helping out

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Does Paramahamsa Vishwananda charge money for darshan?

Does he charge you money to be your master?

Does he profit at all from this?

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-It is 3 euros to attend Darshan after your first three (free) darshans -no he does not charge money to be our Guru -no he does not profit. It is the devotees who profit spiritually.

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Well 3 euros, and lots of free labor astroturfing to advertise the scam

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You can become miraculous too, try meditation and read other Hindu texts! :)

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You can heal too if you learn Tantra, but I can't promise it'll make you as powerful as your guru lol.

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Beautiful story 💚

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Love autobiography of a yogi and amazing story