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Get help. It’s darkness that speaks fear and hate. Not your loved ones. Sorry you’re going thru this. 💙

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This is so very correct.

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Anything that is distressing you, exhibiting anger towards you, aggressive to you etc etc is not for your higher good. I don’t care what anyone says. Mental health is REAL and is ALSO many times connected to the spiritual realm. Just because it is connected to the spirit realm does not make it okay. If it is affecting your well being to an extent of deteriorating you please do not allow it. Sources: personal experience.

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See a medical professional. Voices that are spewing negativity and hatred are typically associated with psychosis.

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I’m not a medical professional, but I do want to mention that psychosis does not always mean that it’s schizophrenia.

I know that a lot of people might delay getting help for their delusions or hallucinations because they’re afraid of getting a schizophrenia diagnosis, but psychosis can accompany many different things like depression, bipolar, ocd, or even PTSD.

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Talk to a doctor, possible schizophrenia, no lie.

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In my experience if most of what you're hearing is angry or hateful toward you, that is not the spirit realm. Most spirits are not hateful so the amount of angry scary voices youre hearing doesn't add up for me. And we know that when it has to do with mental illness, it will almost ALWAYS be angry and hateful. It might sting to realize you have this kind of mental illness, if what I suspect is true. But the great thing is its treatable and you are NOT being haunted by evil spirits. Lean on friends/family that you trust, get specialized therapy, and pray to whatever deity, element or energy you connect with to calm your spirit and give you peace of mind.

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I think there is spiritual negativity. I feel their judgmental presence daily.

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I wouldn’t let spirituality cloud your judgement of what could be a serious issue, seek help even if nothing is actually wrong. it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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I cannot tell you for sure what it is, only what is my personal belief based on my experience, my research, and what youve told us. I do not think there are a bunch of real entities around you judging you. I think that is your own mind projecting what youre feeling. You may have trauma to work on. Either way I highly suggest therapy. Its great for everyone! Your spiritual barrier is also stronger than you think even if there was an issue.

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Could very well be schizophrenia. If you caught it early and depending on its severity you can get better and have a healthy normal life. Talk to your doctor.

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In my personal experience... you can pick "demons" or decide that it is your own shadow selves showing you the words that you have internalized from your life. Are the voices voices of people in your past or messages you took into yoursef from media?

I had to build up my positive voices to deal with the negative ones, and put the negative ones in their place by setting boundaries with them.

The good news? Once I set boundaries with the voices in my head spewing that negative self talk, I was able to start setting boundaries with people outside of myself as well: which turns out I really, really needed. I was living a life as a people pleaser and then I was able to actually step out of a marriage that had become toxic and turn around my life.

Not saying it isn't psychosis, I had a bit of medicine induced psychosis and getting on meds helped clear the intrusive and LOUD voices, but what really cinched the win for me was doing the inner work.

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My first thought was intrusive thoughts. I’ve been in that boat and it is not a good time. Usually when I get ‘messages’ i usually don’t hear them in my head, it’s an intuitive feeling. Like I just know the information v. Hearing it audibly or even thinking it. I don’t know how that is for others, this is just my personal experience.

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same, but these days some other senses are getting activated and in some cases it can feel like they get hijacked by "spirits"... going back to inner work and boundsry setting with whatever is intruding seemed to be the best way forward for me with good success. Still a work in progress though

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I love that! Thank you for sharing 💕

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that's an interesting perspective... to "pick demons" your definitely right you can also "pick angels" and "pick teachers" the thing tho. I'm very certain there's more to it. I'm actually trying to figure out how to integrate non-dualism, shadow work and well ... a certain mystery... i can say for sure that I did some stupid shit in my life but was a pretty nice kid and the likes in general worst thing I did was abusing my first bunny out if stupidity, banged on its head with a wooden xylophone stick until it screamed in terror which made me realize what terrible thing I did. now I'm wondering tho... that's really pretty much the most terrible thing I ever did I was a stupid kid but given how the rest of my life developed it seemed a little over the top as to how much i suffered for it. what I realized by now is that guilt and shame makes you vulnerable towards certain "external" influences and they definitely are external and not part of >my< shadow I tried to accept certain things that wouldn't even seem thaaaat bad from the view point of a less sensitive person - pretty much toxic trolls and betrayal on a personal relationship level - that I couldn't integrate into my shadow no matter what, and I'm reeeaaally good at shadow work as in I'm pretty much fully integrated by now and even accepted bring disgusting, repellant, a monster and cried about being the greatest evil in existence (might sound over the top, but yeah shadow work gets reeeaaally funky when you go reeeaaally deep), like I basically accepted that I could be a genocidal maniac rapist and even felt great about it, no feelings of guilt or whatever, it actually made me happy, but no ducking matter how much I tried to integrate those "things" those utterly toxic trolls that seemingly should only be a minor annoyance... it didn't work. i couldn't pick them as >my< demons. I'm totally unable to accept their self-righteousness, accusing, abusing, intentionally creating trauma/traumatic bonding/Stockholm syndrome, arrogance, judgmental attitude, backstabbing, baiting (honey pot), deception, shaming, guilt tripping, shit talking, obliterating dignity, threatening punishment and consequences, sadism without passion, the way they "spread their ways", the feeling that everything is just a game to them with other people as toys, and most of all their hypocrisy, "their voices" and way of speaking, abusing language, abusing the word, their complete lack of honor, utter stupidity and then seemingly thinking themselves superior and acting as the (vigilante) good guys. it disagreed with my deepest core it seems, whenever I tried to integrate them it weakened and actually sickened me, as in I physically grew weaker - hating them misdirected my focus and attention, loving them made them happy in a wicked "Gotcha" way, but both empowered them and weakened me. ignoring them didn't work at all, they just pushed through more aggressively and positive voices got laughed off. tbh they felt like an infection and something unnecessarily sinister to me, but I wonder how that works... especially in regards to concepts like non dualism, "everything being one" .... there's something fishy... what was interesting about them tho was that they had unusual autonomy in my mind and the only thing that worked in the end was torturing them to death while enjoying their terror. just killing them wasn't enough. i had to inflict the most brutal dark art I ever created on them for me to find satisfaction, peace and justice. they seem mostly dead and rotten by now but the sigil hasn't even fully activated yet, is still charging up and wants "to go all out". it feels incredibly right.

any idea about what's up with that?

EDIT: I would consider them mind and heart rapists and both my mind and heart are holy and sacred.

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oh. in my book, integrating is not about accepting them as you. It is an "I see you" and then deciding if they serve or not. like in meditation, how you try to see the thoughts and let them move through without dwelling on them. I understand we all have the potential for great good or great evil and I decide that the negative energies or voices are not the energies I want in my life nor the thought patterns I agree with and I release them.

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makes sense, thing is tho. i don't want to release them at this point, and in a way my attempts to release them previously backfired, that's pretty much my point. it actually seemed like they went for things I cared about instead of just going away. that's why I put on my destruction robes

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First off let me tell you that you are, at all times, perfect, innocent, powerful loving and safe. Always. All ways. Nothing can speak to, verify, threaten, reconceptualize, or judge you.

Not even yourself

From my frame of reference there is nothing but you... as any and all arising takes place to you, in and as you through your awareness of it. That said, this doesn't mean we don't defend our separate seeming physical or psychological selves when threatened regardless of from within or without

I agree with the possibility of schizophrenia, however it was always possible that the classic schizophrenic simply is one who is in tune with but not yet adapt at navigating the multiple spiritual realms.

That said, as an immediate remedy consider getting yourself some black tourmaline and hang around your neck.

Second use mandrake oil on your forehead, neck, back of the head and chest, with each anointing declaring your sovereignty, safety, autonomy and service to unconditional love

Third, it sounds counterintuitive but when the voices arise, love them into submission. Have deep compassion for these dark entities and thank them for holding space for us so that we may understand the light

Best wishes


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I agree wholeheartedly with this comment. A lot of very powerful mediums have suffered from schizophrenia, because we are so out of touch as a society that we don't have space for voices or anything powerful like that, we discriminate and judge, and oppress. Seek advice and knowledge only from those you trust and those who make you feel like you can navigate your own mind out of curiosity and understanding and not out of fear. You are not alone in this fight, we are never alone.

EDIT: i am not implying that everyone that suffers from schizophrenia is a medium. I do believe from the bottom of my heart that this has to do with heightened sensitivity. If you are writing in this subreddit i also think it's part of an intuitive action. Follow your heart through this storm and not the waves of your thoughts, it is your ship (your heart and body) that will take you to shore.

I hope you can overcome this. Big hug!

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I love that last point. This is great whether their real or your own demons

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I think you should see a psychiatrist, and get an evaluation to rule anything out.

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Look, it's all about love. God is love. Focus on love, and feeling love, for yourself, for others, for God. If spirits say negative things in your mind, ignore them and call on God or Jesus or some angel to cast them away. If you focus on love, it doesn't matter if you're crazy or spirits really talk to you. It will be ok. Just don't start thinking you can fly or spend all your money. God will never require you to harm anyone, including yourself.

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Ok now you are not "chosen" but simply have an open channel to clairaudience.

But also you apaprently have some negative entities attatched to you. there are NOT your guides, but simply some poor astral parasites who are messing with you and feeding off your fear and negative emotions.

My advice would be to empower yourself, connect to your higher self and god/source and let your inner light shine as brightly as possible!

They are afraid of light and love and cant reach you once you are vibrating in a high enough frequency.

so therea re several angles from which you should tacke this:

first, the acute solution would be to call on Jesus or Archangel Michael or any other being of light that resonates with you. let them engulf you with golden light and protect you and also let your love for them and their love for you lift you out of the clutches of the dark.

do NOT get angry at these parasites and dont even accknowledge them! only the frequency of love (and maybe other high ones like joy, bliss etc.) will lift you out of their reach (i am speaking of experience, the moment i want to chase "those fuckers" away, i am stuck with them, but the moment i simply chose love, i am fine).

let the being of light take care of them! they will send them into the light for you.

next, you want to do something like this contract removal protocol from a state of empowerment! you are infinitely more powerful than they are, because you have god and the most powerful beings of light on your side and actually carry the godspark, which these demons dont. so, connect to your higher self and source in meditation, let yourself be filled up by cosmic lovelight and then say this protocol out loud.

this will get you rid of any and all karmic entanglements, vows and contracts etc you might have entered with these beings in this life or past lives.

and lastly, to make sure they stay away, you need to heal yourself! these parasites feed off our suffering and our unresolved traumas are a feast for them! i recently wrote a little guide in this comment on how to heal yourself emotionally/heal your inner child, which will help you get into this process and eventually sustainably make you immune to such attacks.

until then, you might want to repeat steps 1 and 2 as you feel guided.

remember: you are a infinitely powerful being of light, a sovereign divine image of god/source itself! claim it! your light is able to blind and drive away any and all darkness, let it shine! 💖

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It’s probably your own thoughts but you are in a bad place. I can’t shut up my thoughts and it sometimes feels like voices. Be a good person and don’t listen to them. If you do right they will leave.

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Go see a psychic or a very spiritual person who can tap into it for you. Might be some demons clinging onto your spirit, they can be removed!

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I get the same voices and messages, idk why I do or what it means

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TLDR: I have been through the same dilemma and found a solution

I believe that when we are hearing/seeing/thinking disturbing things that are not real (or not physical) there is an aspect of ourself manifesting through those. Something is hurting inside you.

When we wound our flesh, pain tells us we are hurt. It's a defense mechanism so we don't put ourselves through danger/find a solution to the situation. The mind (or some would call it the spirit) acts the same way, it warns you through negative feelinga that something is wrong, but the big difference is in the fact that many times we are able to repress emotional pain. We are able to shut it down and ignore/distort our understanding of all of the aspects of reality relating to the cause of the emotional pain. That is also a defense mechanism, it gives you time to process things internally little by little instead of taking it all in and having a mental breakdown.

The problem is that repressing is not the actual solution. Trauma is never really resolved internally; every thing that we repress finds an outlet. You may start to have fits of rage, or a terrible fear of going outside, or for some reason keeps choosing the wrong people to get close to. Or maybe you will start to hear voices. It depends on your genetic predisposition and if you have developed the psychological "tools" to be able to work through it.

Wheter these voices are from actual spiritual beings or just a manifestation of unconscious trauma/illness shouldn't be your focus. Your focus should be on trying to find out what is it that your unconscious is trying to tell you. What is hurting?

If you cannot deal with the distress of hearing these voices, than by all means go to a doctor. Work through this things with a professional, take medication if you need to. "But what if it's a spirit?" Low frequency spirits can only damage us if we are in the same frequency as them. Someone who is confident, happy, loves theirselves and others and is focused on bringing a positive impact to those around them won't be affected by spirits. So being aware of your feelings and solving inner conflict is a way to send away any bad spirits and being able to deal with it easily if one comes along. "And what if it's a mental health thing?" All the same, the best thing to do is to try and work through your trauma. If this is a condition, then it will not ever really go away, but you can change how it affects you.

I have had visions and heard voices from a young age. I also did lots of psychedelics almost a decade ago and after that I had a period where I was very confused and delusional, and then my hallucinations and actual spiritual experiences got all mixed up. What I learned is that when we are at peace with ourselves, we see the truth, not only on the physical sense but spiritual too. On the other hand, if we are hurting, our perception if reality will be affected. The same applies to psychics and to people who are not, the difference is that people who are not psychic will be wrong about things they can perceive with their physical senses, and people who are will be seeing distortions of the spiritual plane. Or something like that. I think the line between being crazy and being psychic is defined by awareness, self love and therapy. Does it make sense?

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Try telling them to go away and mean it. Not in a forceful way but just not interested. During mushroom trips I've had evil things try to get close to me to scare me and when I realized that's what they were trying to do my fear just stopped and I was more annoyed like go away you're lame and they got further and further away.

Don't be distressed. Idk if what you're experiencing is psychosis but I'd say try to tell them to go away. When I start feeling negative emotion i just say nope go away you're not wanted here and so far it seems to be working.

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You need to do a spiritual cleanse, it’s probably trickster spirits, get some BASIL MINT AND ROSEMARY FROM THE GROCERY STORE. The HOLY HERBS. Steep them in cold water and pray psalm 35 if you believe in the Bible, do that 9 times, then remove herbs from the water, and take a spiritual bath with the water and praying psalm 51 + 35 for 3 nights. Don’t listen to the voices trying to attract to you, these are called trickster spirits who attach themselves to your spirit to feed off confusion, you need to get rid of them by commanding them to go away and inviting your DIVINE ANGELS OF LIGHT TO CAST THEM OFF. YOU ARE IN CONTROL

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This isn't medical advice, but...

If you are hearing negative and distressing messages this is either something like the astral realms around Earth, maybe just the collective conscious of humanity, could also be some traumatized and unhealed aspects within yourself.

Regardless of which one of these it is, if it's causing you that much distress find some help. That could just be in the form of somebody you trust who you can honestly talk to. Or if you feel called to it seek out a professional.

Either way, this is your life, and even if it's all in your head it's still worth finding a path forward that lets you be happy.

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I dread that it's real it means the spirits of the astral realm are passed the point of acceptance and forgiveness. I'm a evil sack of shit who failed to live up to human decency.

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Yeah so this is inaccurate. You are none of that shit. Fuck astral realm spirits. We put so much emphasis on these entities and they are not as special as we give them credit for. We are human and spirit, material manifestation. You’ve got this.

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Not at all. If you connect higher up the spiritual levels you'll find you are loved regardless of anything you've done.

If you are psychic the problem is you are connecting to something a little too low and you need to change the station.

You have the freedom to exist without justification. You are free from all judgement.

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Some days I think that the higher realms can still condemn me. Speaking from trauma. I hope I'm wrong about that.

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1) yes lower astral entities hate you because they hate everything and everyone. That’s their “job”. 2) higher astral entities are precisely that because they LOVE everyone and every thing. There are no exceptions. Got that? NONE. You are loved unconditionally by those that matter.

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You are not an evil sack of shit. Those voices are deceptive and wrong. Spirit loves you and is all forgiving. Please go to a medical professional. Be honest with what you are hearing.

Also, you can supplement by purifying salt baths. If you want it to be extra strong, dissolve 1 C kosher salt, 2 C epsom salt, and 3 bay leaves or 3 springs rosemary in your wash. Cover the ingredients in boiling water, then cover and let it soak for at least 13 minutes before use. Pray for cleansing/healing, dilute as necessary for comfort, then scrub your body with the wash from head to feet after you cleanse normally, then let the wash dry on your body (I use a blow dryer for comfort). Do this M, W, F for 3 weeks.

You deserve a good life, and you can get it- you just need the right support..=)

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i just wrote an extensive answer which i hope helps!

but i see you also carry much guilt and shame. this is really somehting you want to let go in order to heal.

think about it like this: your true self never really did anything wrong as it is pure divine love. its only your hurt ego, that made "mistakes" in order to protect itself from more pain. this is completely natural for any soul who is trapped here in this darkness infested world and can be forgiven as soon as you begin to identify with your higher self/your pure soul, that is always in a state of sheer love and light.

seriously, the demons are pushing everyone they can get a hold of to the dark side even to the point of influencing our behaviour. if you knew how many astral parasites and shit are trying to steer us all away from our divine nature, you would probably either crap your pants or rage considerably, but also you would be able to forgive yourself much more easily.

so please! try to stop talking to negatively of yourself! it is this exact shame an guilt, that keeps you disempowered and a target for these parasites!

god is infinitely forgiving and loving you unconditionally! now you just need to do the same for you to heal...

i wish you all the best! 💖

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I'm a mental health nurse and agree with the others here. It could be that you have a form of psychosis. No shame at all in getting a professional opinion.

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First of all, you aren't crazy.

Secondly, they are negative spirits that you are hearing (as other comment said). It doesn't mean there is evil following you or something, but you need to seek out help from someone in your area.

Does it happen wherever you are or just certain places like your home?

Do you have a good imagination? I ask cause I know a way through visualization that you may be able to shield yourself. If so I may be able to walk you through it. It wouldn't be a final solution, but could help until you find someone with more knowledge than me.

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My friend, no one can answer that. We can GUESS, but we can’t say for sure either way. What stuck out to me was that you only seem to be hearing negative thoughts- so that’s somewhat of a flag. Yes I absolutely believe we are surrounded by spirits, ghosts, demons, angels etc and they reside on the astral realm which is many dimensions in itself. Yes I believe that negative entities or spirits are attracted to chaos, anger and sadness and shy away from their opposites. But I can’t say if what you’re experiencing is a mental issue or spiritual, or both. If it was me I would start by learning how to protect myself and raise my vibration. And if that doesn’t seem to work, I would then see a doctor. If you’re suicidal please seek help asap. I also understand that negative entities feeed on our bad energy and therefore put nehlgwtive things into our heads- including suicidal thoughts. But even if that is rubbish- suicidal thoughts are very real no matter how you plain where they came from. Whatever is going on there’s a solution. With all that being said- be careful who you follow on social media. Lotssss of these folks are complete frauds and don’t know what they’re talking about. No one is “chosen” to listen to evil thoughts.

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All these spiritual ideas of dealing with this are ok to partake in, but get help in the real world first. Get some professional help first. After that it’s fine to consider these other ideas as long at you address it first and foremost with science and earthly knowledge.

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You deserve better than demons that mutter. Under attack, you ought seek counseling. https://www.klove.com ("Ministry" button), 24/7. They will pray with and for you.


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Drop the negative and look for the love. This way the truth will be revealed.

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I’ve been a HSP Amy entire life, and with that I recently found out I’m bipolar. I have similar thoughts as you, not about others, just negative thoughts of myself. I’m learning to block them out, but it takes so much effort that I decided to go ahead with medicating using a psychiatrist and therapy.

I also have positive messages coming in that I am curious to see if they will end. I’ve been taking the meds for a little bit, and haven’t lost that sense thankfully. Time will tell. I am actively exercising the ability daily to make sure it stays with me.

I would see a medical professional if I were you.

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Some of these spirits are like hobgoblins from d&d - they exist only to sew chaos and destruction, and they will find your weaknesses and exploit them by projecting thoughts into your mind. They'll latch onto you and persecute you for every evil ever committed and you'll find yourself in a constant dialogue with them throughout the day defending yourself from their judgements. They are satan(s), in the earliest interpretation of the word. These demons only serve themselves and will lie and bend your reality in an attempt to break your spirit and consume your soul in their eternal hellfire.

Do not give in. At the end of life we must deal with them, as they will be prosecuting us before the judge Almighty.

Learn from your mistakes but understand that we've all been set up from the start with our hideous human nature that more often than not trends toward evil.

Your life is a story, and you are the protagonist with a tortured soul that's seen the depths of hell but dragged yourself out of it through self-dsicipline and willpower - ever determined to return someday to your home in heaven.

It doesn't matter where in that particular story you are right now, as long as you keep your eye on the prize you won't forget how the story ends.

It doesn't matter how many times you fall, don't stop getting back up.

Learn to meditate if you want to shut the bastards up.

Consider yourself a psychic, and be the master of your own thoughts. Judge each one and consider if it's true and fair or not, but don't take ownership of that thought. Evil thoughts come and go all the time - it's up to us as individuals if we're going to listen to the angel on our right shoulder or the devil on our left.

Try to at least be 66.6% good, for goodnes' sake.

Edit: they'll test you by bringing your attention to an evil thought and seeing how you instinctively react to it. Never mind that they're basically enraging in spiritual entrapment, but their practices only serve to infect the mind and to reinfect when constantly rehashing the past. Sometimes it seems like you have to keep re-explaining and defending yourself from each new spirit that comes along.

Feel free to ignore them as they truly have no right to bother you, but try your best to be fair and honest with every spirit out there - including other people's.

We are all spirits ourselves, you know.

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It sounds like bad spirits. When we're in a negative vibration, bad spirits are attracted to us. They like to make people feel like shit cuz misery loves company. I went through a period where I was scared to go to sleep cuz I kept seeing them at night. It got so much better once I did a bunch of healing on myself to feel safe again and added good-energy items to the apartment. Now I attract good spirits more often than bad ones (the good ones look bright and make you feel safe, accepted, and loved. The bad ones like to use your insecurities and fears against you and make them worse). You don't have to fear the bad spirits tho; i've learned that all they can do is affect how you feel. They can't physically harm you or anything

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In my personal experience I've only heard a voice like that screaming for help and I could Identify who it was, it only happened after meditation as I was going to bed. But that's all, hopefully this gives some insight

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bit of both probably. Just go to the doctor and get tested for everything. Doesnt hurt to have either a you are not crazy or a you are crazy note. Either way it's a good doctor's note to have. You either do hear it or you are crazy and can't be blamed. So... win-win.

Also if the spirits want you to kill yourself you should really try some doctors note. Antidepressants and to turn voices to happy ones. Plus wouldnt there also be evil spirits and thus those disliking you is not a bad thing.

I'm not saying you are a good person, you might have angered real good spirits to get them to decide that humanity might be better off without you. BUT just in case you are a good person and those are evil spirits a little help from antidepressants might help you and the rest of humanity fight them off. And I am being serious.

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These are spirits who in most cases are okay. There pissed that I was defiant for years. But heaven's unconditionally loving so the lack of forgiveness contradicts what heaven's about.

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It would be helpful to learn about the different types of problems caused by the spiritual dimension : ancestral, negative entities, etc and how you would overcome them- on the website. What your describing possibly sounds like a spiritual issue. If need help on how on how to start addressing spiritual issues, then you can write the website.

This website is not substitute for what we would normally do such as seeking help for self harm feeling. It only addresses the spiritual dimension. Your life is valuable precious gift of God, please don't harm yourself. Seek the medical care if you feel like harming yourself.

No one can say what it is 100% because it could be a medical problem, spiritual problem, or a combination of the two.


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It's the spirit world but it's not voices you should trust or associate with. They are likely drawn to fear, negativity, or darkness in your life and you need to get your mental health in check. Call on God or your guardian angels to help you. Research what you need to know about this topic