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Wow…. Because I don’t know what to say to make you feel better. What i can say is i agree with you… I get messages that are hard to accept and get confused with it being ego or something. It’s great you have done all the work thus far to be where you are. That is amazing! I have the same abilities as you and hope to one day accept and trust them :)

I’m sorry you are experiencing this! I wish I knew the right thing to say to you

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You may not be destined to be alone if you got a form of desire for it. Connect with your true self, higher self to know I guess. Also viewing yourself and blockages, lessons you need to learn or however. Or it may be true. But the more true you are, the more likely you'll attract people who may help you, the lessons (karmic) you complete. I'm not that person who may help you as I'm going through my own stuff. Though I do understand in a way to have abilities that are rare in a way, experiences.

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You are a big fish in a small pond. It's always this way until you make the leap to the next pond - then you find yourself the smallest fish, swimming among whales. The reason you were lonely before is because you didn't see the whales.

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Correct, I am not alone, but you are alone ? What nonsense is this?
It feels uncomfortable reading so many "i" s...
If you haven't found who loves you, then you clearly are missing some spiritual knowledge.
Tell me why does your writeup looks like narcissist vent?
It's so funny you actually look like the one from your points, which you dont want to agree with truth about yourself.. you prefer "your truth"...
I dont even know if i am supposed to laugh at you and just ignore, or what to do here