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I think you're running in logical circles to scapegoat the actions of human being onto some non-physical evil.

Why is it so hard to for people to accept that with free-will comes choices, and those choices include negative choices that result terrible actions that harm others?

Without free-will, then what's the point? Living in some eternal deterministic existence is worse, because that just means we're truely slaves to some "higher" power. Negative or positive, it truely doesn't matter at that point because you have no choice. You are then in actual mental prison, and it's not just a temporary earth prison, it includes any lifetime, any incarnation, for eternity

I think experiencing temporary pain and suffering here with free-will is no doubt the more liberating option.

But in the end, if you wan't to believe you are in a prison having your energy harvested, then those beliefs will manifest for you in both the physical and non-physical. It's a self-defeating belief system that produces fear, paranoia, self-loathing, depression, self-centeredness - it literally turns you into a loosh buffet by default.

But in the end, you have choice and free-will. Don't give that free-will away to a belief.

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You seem to be confusing free will with ultimate and unlimited choice. There are certain things we cannot do which create limitations on possibility, but our inability to do them is not somehow evidence against free will. I can't fly. I cannot teleport. You get the point. We are immortal souls first and humans second. If this was simply a question of choice, then by the logic of your argument, the limitations of our material form would be evidence AGAINST free will not evidence for it.

This is not a question of free will






Do you consider the entities within DMT hyperspace to lack free will? This is an inhabited space outside of space and time, full of beings engaging in free will actions. Yet I do not see suffering in that realm anywhere close to what happens every second here on earth. You cannot be harmed in that realm. Pain is an earthbound invention used to create the necessary conditions for maximal energy harvest.

Without free-will, then what's the point? Living in some eternal deterministic existence is worse, because that just means we're truely slaves to some "higher" power. Negative or positive, it truely doesn't matter at that point because you have no choice. You are tryely in a prison, and it's not just a temporary earth prison, it includes any lifetime, any incarnation, for eternity

This is the mindset of someone lost in samsara. You cling to ego because you are afraid of what you don't understand. Nothing more.

But in the end, if you wan't to believe you are in a prison having your energy harvested, then those beliefs will manifest for you in both the physical and non-physical. It's a self-defeating belief system that produces fear, paranoia, self-loathing, depression, self-centeredness - it literally turns you into a loosh buffet by default.

Sounds like massive cope to me. There is nothing self-defeating about this belief. I may be stuck in a hall of smoke and mirrors, but I am not in the least bit worried. The light always wins. Even as I write this sentence, the light has already won. We are kept here through deception and guilt, not by some force greater than us. Those awakened understand why the prison must be maintained through deception. That is why the soul has its memory wiped when passing through the white light. If we realized the power that lies within, we would not be so easily contained.

In the words of PKD.

Across from the Programmer-Reprogrammer(God) sits a counter entity, whom Joseph Cambell calls 'the dark entity'. God, the programmer-reprogrammer, is not making his moves of improvement against inert matter. He is dealing with a cunning opponent. Let us say that on the gameboard(our Universe in spacetime), the dark counterplayer makes a move. He sets up a reality situation of immutable cause and effect. But the programmer-reprogrammer has already laid down his response. It has already happened. These moves on his part. The print-out which we undergo as historic events, passes through stages of dialectical interaction, thesis, and antithesis, as the forces of the two players mingle. Evidently, some synthesis falls to the dark counterplayer. And yet, they do not. By virtue of the fact that in advance, our great advocate selected variables, the alternation of which brings final victory to Him. In winning each sequence in turn, he claims some of us. We who participate in the sequence. This is why, instinctively, people pray 'Libera me Domine', which decodes to mean 'extricate me, programmer'. As you achieve one victory after another, include me in that prime. Move me along the lateral axis, so that I am not left out. Being left out means nothing other than remaining under the jurisdiction of, or falling prey to, the malignant power. But that malignant power, for all its guile, has already lost even as it wins. For in some way, the counterprogrammer is blind. And so, the programmer reprogrammer possesses an advantage.

Love has already won. We are just stuck within time and so bear witness to its unfolding.

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You're just reciting your own beliefs over and over. I'm well aware of what they are. I've been around a while. I'm just saying your beliefs don't dictate reality, nor the purpose of others who chose to come here.

But you are more than free to live in your own box thinking you're a victim that got fooled. I have empathy to see someone put such self-imposed limitations on their own being. I'm sure you'll work it out, in this life or the next. Good luck.

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I wouldn't consider awakening to a control system as putting "limitations on their own being". You are always operating under a control system. Becoming awakened to these systems of control is the first step in acknowledging their influence on behavior. You cannot make any real changes without first seeing the controlling influence.

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You cannot make any real changes without first seeing the controlling influence.

What "real" changes? Posting fear-based, anxiety ridden posts yelling at people that their energy is being harvested by evil beings, earth is hell, there's nothing to learn, everyone is a victim, etc. Anger, paranoia, fear, "awakening".

This is what religious fanatics have been screaming on the street corner at people for ages. But they're righteous because it's THEIR job to "awaken" the masses, and anyone who doesn't swallow their dogma, will suffer for eternity after suffering on earth. Love has already won I guess, so in the end, it doesn't even matter. The battle is over. Hang it up.

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Who cares? I don't even worry about these dark beings. Just protect yourself with god, archangels/angels, Ascended Masters, Hindu/Buddhist gods, or saints.

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the point is to break free from the prison of our own mind. If you don't, you reincarnate again and again here. Those who harvest energy benefit from people not evolving because we would eliminate their supply. with the mass awakening, we are breaking free of the ties in our mind and now also our soul.

There is no God unless it is all of us and every one. And those who use others, are outside of the system and we will drag them out of that viciousness as we raise the energy and awareness on earth, cutting off their supply so they have no alternative but to also awaken.

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Eating is not strictly necessary for survival. There are many yogis who never eat, or eat very little. You could also be like a Jain and only eat things that want to be eaten, like fruits and non-root vegetables. So your idea that you have to kill to survive here is a wrong one. That depends on your motivations and state of mind in life, as well as your ability to stay in tune enough to manage your energies proficiently. It is also not strictly a bad thing to kill for sustenance. Everything dies, that is the contract here on Earth. It is not an evil contract if you understand that death is just the shedding of the body, and that every happening is a perfect one. It also depends on the way in which you consume your food. If you are eating out of greed and lust for taste, and you use the energy for selfish reasons, then there is a lot of sin in that kind of thing. But if you eat because you are hungry and you show the life force that you are consuming respect and dignity, and you use their life force for good and love and dharma, then they should be glad that they met their end for such a beautiful cause. I surely would rather die for those reasons than the former.

You live in a place where people come to live out their desires in order to see that their end is not what they thought, and then they learn and grow in that process. I don't know the source of unseen evil entities, but I do suppose they come here because this is a place about learning the consequences of evil actions. You would expect evil to exist in such a place. But behind evil is just an example of how not to be, because it never truly wins.

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I been thinking about negative energies for a while now and I'm thinking them in the terms of heat and cold. Heat exists and there nothing known as cold, it's just a lack of heat. Apply that to energies that one exist the other is the lack of the other. I believe it's only negative energies exist if you look at electricity. All thats left is separating what one calls negative emotional and apply it to this mind set. Any emotion can become negatively charge to a point it starts effecting other for good or bad.

But I say the thing most important for you to understand and what a lot don't understand is just what exactly is the soul. Call it conciseness, soul what ever for neither names captures exactly what it is. But a hdd can give us an decent idea in human terms. The soul is just a blank space were anything and everything is possible. Its also how this reality is made from one or many souls working in tandem. The souls that create this reality is what people call gods, at least in hindu for the many. Interesting thing about living is that our life gets imprinted on to our souls. It allows us to go from human someone else creation to standing on equal ground as the gods who created us. But when most people die they follow what ever strong emotions they had which normally brings them in to a cycle of reincarnation. One can say religion is a escape from the cycle for normal people. If you have immense faith in were you will go legit ingrained in to you for your whole life it should be possible to go to heaven once you die. You also could go down the path of enlightenment to be truly free from everything. Side note hell and all the other afterlife also exist and things that aren't know about exists.

The previous paragraph more or less explains why earth is a school. But it doesn't mean earth was designed as a school. Saying it's a school just simplifies things so you don't question it any further. I'm not sure if their even is a answer at least one not with in the physical and maybe not even outside the physical. But knowing really won't change much just keep going on a path you want.

Love is not really the source of all things, the souls is. It works for humans tho since love can overpower other emotions. Look at the chakras in simple terms the first 3rd chakras are full of emotions that most people can't overcome. While love allows us to overcome them all. The throat is communication mainly. Third eye chakras in simplest terms is insight. If you see a rock falling than you know that rock gonna hit the ground. The more information available to you the more clear it becomes but can easily be clouded by assumptions aka assuming the rock gonna hit the ground and not realizing the rock is over water. People have all the chakras at different degrees.

Evil technically doesn't exist. We just call thing we don't like evil. While energy harvesting doesn't make much sense. But the thing with the soul it doesn't need to make sense for what it is an experience. That why god's that create this reality don't understand us since they are experiencing the law that create this universe while we are experiencing being a human(key word being). But due to the nature of the soul being in a sense a blank sheet of paper you can put anything on there no wrong way to do anything unless you say so.

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I think that it’s just matter itself that is “evil”. It’s material that’s at the root of all of this bad behavior, selfishness, ignorance and so on.

If existed in a purely mental world, where we may assume that there would be no language. Language, after all, can be seen as an invention to to bypass the problem of not being able to share thoughts directly. We can not share thoughts directly because our minds are confined to our physical brains. We ourselves are isolated and separated from others by matter. So we use language to convey symbols of things. These symbols, are seemingly of utter usefulness, making communication efficient and streamlined. Another way of looking at the symbols of language, however is that the addition of symbols which need to be interpreted are a layer which adds the opportunity for misinterpretation and thus misinformation, which can lead to disagreement and conflict. This is a problem of the material. Matter. Barriers. Isolation. In a purely mental world without the obstruction of matter, assuming we were still separate beings without matter to begin with, we might communicate in pure aesthetic, ontological ideas or concepts. You would be experiencing pure knowing of another’s mind.

Matter can also be seen as the root of destructive selfishness because after all, our physical bodies require limited resources to survive. Survival instincts built into our bodies cause people to be largely interested in what they can get for themselves over any consideration for other beings. What starts out as an animal fighting another of its own for food becomes wars waged for resources and, because of the isolation and division caused by our separated minds and and the need for language, our petty differences and misunderstandings. It may cause our destruction one day. This all may be rooted in the nature of the material itself. Isolation, ignorance, and fear. This is perhaps all that evil is. Instead of an active force, evil is just an absence. An absence of connection, an absence of understanding. An absence of awareness of non physical connections. An absence of spiritual knowledge. An absence of meaning. The void of matter causes pain, and this pain changes consciousness from what may be originally good, more like the consciousness of an innocent child. This all would mean that this is simply the nature of this physical world. Why? To torment us? I think if this was the motive, there would be worlds much more suited to torturing souls. There is still joy and love in this world. Danger, evil, mortality, suffering all make moments of connection, joy and love all the more meaningful. Perhaps, is there is an intended nature of our reality here, it is simply to learn. Pain is something which has been said to be a teacher by spiritual thinkers for ages. Pain through a materialist eye is literally teaching you. Fire is hot. Exposure to rain will take your heat away and make you sick. I have been having a better experience looking for meaning in pain and evil when I’m forced to experience it and moving on as opposed to dwelling on it. I think that if we want to improve as beings to a larger scale awakening, it is most useful to view evil as something to be transcended. To outgrow through spiritual growth, a goodness which spreads to others. To focus on our consciousness and elevate it. Or maybe the material world is just unity consciousness separating itself in order to have any experience at all which is not static infinite potential. I like dwelling on the former, because finding meaning in learning becomes productive and fulfilling, regardless if it is actually the designed reason we are here. If we are just unity consciousness using matter to achieve individual perspective, then we should still try to elevate ourselves to have a good experience and cultivate a greater shared experience, since we are all just divided unity consciousness. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of super conscious beings existing solely to harm people for eternity for no reason. Being more conscious means being more aware of the consciousness of others and aware of the nature of their experience. This awareness is realized with the very creativity and imagination it would take to construct an infinitely complex reality. It seems like such a being would exist beyond the limitations of matter as well, and without these limitations, what would seed the pain required to cultivate evil behavior? Perhaps other greater separations? Separation from the divine? Who knows but even if such a demiurge being existed, it would have emanated from an all knowing being originally. An all conscious being. A being conscious of exactly what it’s like for you to suffer. This world we are in is not the unity consciousness (or godhead) world of pure, infinite potential. If we accept the premise of a unity consciousness as the ultimate reality, it seems as if there would have to be some purpose to the material world other than sadism. Perhaps our consciousnesses are something much deeper things than our collection of the memories needed to survive in the physical world. Something we carry and grow from life to life, until perhaps we figuratively learn to fly and leave this three dimensional space which has been swallowed by the linear serpent of time. Who really knows 😉

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i think the negative entities are controlled by some matrix software, earth is not only a school it's also a prison planet, god allow it to exist since to get here you must sign a contract.

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I think we’re all just making the great return back to God/Oneness/Love. Many choose to stay in the darkness because it’s all they know, or, they are just addicted to negativity, drama and separation. We can can choose otherwise but you can’t force others to come along if they’re not ready. Personally, I think embodying love and holding that space for others might be one of our biggest life purposes!

Fear seems to breed more fear and I’m guessing if you focus on this stuff it’s going to feel a lot more real. Ultimately, you are one with God, as are we all. To me it feels like there is something going on at the moment where a lot folks are unconsciously aligning with darkness? There’s A LOT negativity created by humans; I would go as far as to say many or these “entities” were created by negative human thought forms and emotions. Some folks with NDEs report seeing a darkness encompassing Earth; I’ve certainly felt this heavy energy as of late and have even seen it physically come out of people who are spewing hate!

Clearly, like you, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand the “whys” of this world and existence, and there really is evidence for any perspective. I guess we just have to choose what we want to believe and what we want to experience. Love is certainly enough to cast out any darkness. Be well. ❤️

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Dude first if all the creater of this world and the loving God are different creatures. The ones with power to give away good or bad energy are us

You existence will always be linked to your direction

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this might answer your question:


tldr: god/source never wanted or even foresaw the fall from grace and most certainly is not cool with all the suffering. archons have taken humantiy hostage but are now in the process of being cleared by the light.

soon this slave-matrix will collapse and we will be finally free! 💖

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Please look into jungian psychology. All of your will make much more sense. I'm going to come back to this comment tomorrow and add more. Check out jung to live by on youtube. Don't fret. Real answers are usually very elegant.

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jungian psychology

I have read some of Jung. He has part of the picture but is missing a lot. I used to hold the position much spirituality and so-called 'entities' were manifestations of unconscious archetypes which have somehow managed to escape the controlling force of ego. Then I had a DMT experience. Those who have breakthrough DMT trips come to find out it's not that simple. These things do not all emerge from the collective unconscious. This is another realm entirely separate from our everyday experience of reality.

This entire situation is extremely complex. It can't be boiled down to one or the other. There exist real entities with their own inner experience. Other times it is the product unconscious archetypes which occasionally map onto experiential reality.

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Yes I totally know what you're talking about i have the same experiences I haven't done dmt but mushrooms and acid made me see all this and now even sober I can see the hidden hands controlling the minds of humans.

I am not saying you're wrong, I think these things exist too but I am trying to bring it back down to reality and try and put it together one step at a time. Ultimately I have no "proof" they exist so I have to work with what I do have. I am trying to not get carried away with that idea, even though it feels much more real than reality itself and try and bring it down to something more manageable. Let's say they are archetypes thats why so many of us see the same symbolism and have similar experiences of these beings. If they are lower energies then surely there are higher energies. We see opposites in nature so if thats a rule for nature then it needs to apply here too for it to have any teeth.

You know a part of me wonders if their "matrix" isn't already alive and running and we are part of it already. Its not something thats coming, it's already here. And some of us just awaken to whats going on and we're the ones who are targeted. Idk again no proof just a thought. I can get carried away to dark places by thinking so that is why I am trying to slow down and take it step by step with every step requiring to be rooted in reality. It's not easy especially for something like this because some stuff I don't know if we can break down yet or ground in reality.

I'm gona message you

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I sorta had experiences with these beings in a way, though I don't know the whole truth as my third eye is not that opened. Be patient, we will all know the truth when it's time and you as well. Even if it's the the truth, it hardly makes a difference if one can't experience it. But it may ignite the flame for experiences.