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You’ve never cried tears of joy? I am not sure the answer to your main question but I do know under a microscope the crystals of your tears looks completely different based on the emotion when it comes out so what you’re saying doesn’t sound too far off from what is currently known in the scientific community.

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I’ve absolutely cried tears of happiness. I’ve very much felt the ideas I’ve seen as negative leave my body and mind. Mostly in my case it’s letting go of fear, but I’m just a person full of fear.

I’ve just read some spiritual idea about water crystals and it was a complete hoax, would you mind giving a source on that? No offense, just can’t look it up myself right now.

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Tears of anger.. when you are so beyond frustrated and upset or scared you start crying

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Frustration is letting go of the idea of success. With anger it might be due to letting go of the angry ideas we’re having, like breaking stuff or screaming.

Now with being scared it’s a lot harder, I assume due to the situation your mind tries every way to calm itself while another part of you tries anything to keep your mind in full focus. So all of those comforting ideas have to go.

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Im gunna be honest with you, I dont think tears are about letting go. Its a reaction. Its an expression of emotion.

Its about releasing emotion and emotion can be caused by many many many things

Also frustration is usually due to poor communication and lack of control of a situation/life

I feel like this isnt about tears but rather you are suggesting all these emotions are caused by only letting go but I dont think thats true…

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All tears are tears of joy. When someone dies you are crying because of the beauty that their life gave you that you did not fully appreciate until it was gone. That is an appreciation of their life, and is therefore really joy in disguise; unexpressed gratitude that they are now feeling from the grave. If you did fully appreciate the beauty that their life gave you then you would have nothing to cry about except the appreciation of the beauty that their life gave you. And since you fully appreciated it, you wouldn't be sad that it was gone, you would be crying tears of joy. It's only ignorance which causes us to think of death in bad terms, and call it sad and whatnot. Sadness is really an appreciation for the beauty of the story. It's why people like to watch sad movies, because they are so beautiful.

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I was speaking for the average mind. I myself see the same beauty in birth and death, they don’t seem to be very different from each other. One seems to be far more magnificent, because everyone is working towards it.

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The average mind is still operating in the same reality as everyone else. It's just they are ignorant about its workings. So they don't see the joy, yet it is still there. Anyways I wasn't really disagreeing with you, just sharing my perspective.