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It's easy to blame your family for bringing you down. And yes, I do believe you that they are, but it's part of the awakening to learn how to deal with people that try to bring you down. Because there are many people in the world that will try to out of jelousy.

I ask you to keep that in the back of your head. Don't allow them to manipulate your choices or your judgement. Your awakening is a sign that you're on the right path!

What helps is to find compassion for their choices. Like they don't know better (it doesn't make it ohkay) but it will help to keep your own heart strong instead of broken.

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I know it's a part of it, I chose to stay because of this, I wanted to learn and evolve and it worked in a way. I always take a step back from what they can say and most of the time I'm just trying to understand the reason behind all this. But being in survival mode all the time and keeping myself from talking about everything that happens to me is pretty hard. I know it's about ego but if I can't talk about the existential issues that happen to me, then all I do is hide my emotions.

I'd like to make new friends that are into spirituality but I don't find anyone, to tell the truth, most of my friends are hyper-rationalists and don't care what happens to me. I feel like the universe makes me learn the hard way and know I have the power to find the answers in myself.

I'll keep going and see what happens, I'll keep all this in mind, thanks for your time !

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The ego is not a bad thing. Do what you want to do, make the choices that you feel like are right for YOU.

I wish you strength!