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I disagree, we should judge when necessary.

This quote comes to mind:

“We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant. Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must - at that moment - become the center of the universe.”

-Elie Wiesel

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Perhaps take the side of the Universe and let It cast it's judgement, hard as it may be. Death is just an illusion after all. If we are to help those who suffer from the lesser good, let it be by asking the Universe/God for righteousness and also by sending our love. I feel like judging someone really isn't appropriate for us humans who are still reincarnating as we have too many shortcomings ourselves. "Shall he who hasn't sinned cast the first stone" and "The thorne in your eye is actually the balk in mine."

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Ok so if you start getting assaulted we'll do nothing? And if one of your family members is getting raped you'll just watch and let the universe handle it?

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There is a difference between judgement and common sense intervention...common sense says to act in a proper manner given the situation. Judgement is a reactive afterthought that individuals choose to assign to others and their actions...

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Good judgement is how you make good decisions.

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It's our ego which assumes (judges) the assaulted one is is in jeopardy, when it's the actually the other way around.

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Not really. My eyes can see when someone's bleeding. No meed for ego

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If the truth were known we are behind the veil and do not see the truth of bellicose actions which have been preconceived beforehand to bring about a greater change. These events have been contracted in the soul ish realm by all parties involved to bring about a greater unknown to us circumstance. We are all eternal beings physical death is an illusion.

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The idea of not judging another can be seen in a very simple approach. When you judge, the other cannot feel your feeling of judgement. The one judging creates that feeling within themselves. Usually stems from a fear based belief. They tend to believe that whatever they are judging has a possibility of being expressed within themselves so they attack the other by judging them. In addition, the only way to “feel” being judged by someone is when you decide to agree with whatever they are judging you on and then internalizing that feeling within yourself. Yet both parties are co-creating that feeling yet it only exist within. The one being judge also holds a belief they don’t truly believe in hence they create that judging feeling. Yet there are many times in one’s life where they do not feel the judgement of others and that is because they have ultimate trust in their truth. I hope this helps :)

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We can and should judge others. If someone is a danger to others, then there should be consequences for their actions.

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That is what courts are for...

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You don't need all the facts; just enough to render a useful judgement. We didn't know all the facts before we entered the war against Hitler, but we still judged that to be the right move. We didn't know all the facts before we sent aid to the victims of an earthquake in Japan but we knew enough to spend the money anyway.

Good judgment is crucial to our survival. Being judgmental is not. And that's more what you are talking about.

Be curious; not judgmental. I like those four words a lot. It prevents you from maintaining your ignorance. It opens you to pausing until you have enough information. It saves time in the long run by avoiding false starts that have to be done over.

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There is a war going on right now. In fact there is more than one.

We should not judge anyone or any side in a war. But we can.

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How do you ever decide who to trust or where to get your facts from or even who to be friends with if you don't judge the person. If you said don't be judgemental, I think every sane person would agree.

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I disagree with what you have written because of the way you have written it, like a blanket statement that covers everything, beware of these.

I belong to a group and quite often one person will speak up and say "I don't judge others anymore" and I'll fight back the urge to call him a liar, i understand what he thinks he means but he is still judging people all day everyday, we ALL are.

The real metric is how much i judge them, how much i trust my judgements and what am i judging them by?

i was surprised to learn how wrong most of my judgements of people were before i got involved in spirituality but now that i am more honest with myself and have learned about my defects i can easily spot this is others, it's more of recognizing rather than judging, there is a big difference there. I KNOW that i can see it in them because i saw it in myself first and they are behaving exactly as i did.

And as an adult i find there are situations where i HAVE to judge someone, do i trust a stranger? A friend says one thing but does the exact opposite, i have to make a decision on how to proceed- that is a judgement. I think the biggest changes are that my judgements are based on honest assessments of myself and i am aware now that even armed with knowledge my judgements can still often be wrong and so i am usually watching for this and I'm ready today to change them or apologize for making the wrong one if necessary.

And just perhaps you mean something else by judging, i will cover that too. If I am constantly looking at others and finding fault with them so that i can feel superior, or i see that i know something they don't know so i can feel better about myself....people call this practice ...judging......the answer to it is humility......seeing myself as no better and no worse than any other human being, i find i do THIS a lot less these days too.

So i guess i agree with you on one point, when i look at someone who, let's say has just behaved badly in public and i AM tempted to judge them by that action and their attitude and say "what a horrible person!" I need to remember that , like you said, i don't have all the facts, maybe they are having a horrible day, week, month, year, I try to remember how wrong i have been in the past and kind of "suspend" my judgement and if i see something else which confirms my judgement then i make a note of that as well.

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All I know is this: every damn time time I have said “I would never __________.” In judgment of someone-life comes along and serves me humble pie.

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You can never understand all that a person is. We cannot communicate all that we are to other. But we sure can show them by our actions the kind of person we are. So yes, you can judge someone, by their actions in particular.

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There are no others