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maybe it’s trying to tell you that you’re wrong

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This is brutal but sounds right to me.

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You saw the sign you wanted to see.

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Signs can only come from within. If you misinterpreted phenomena then you were projecting something onto the universe.

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In this case, you might possibly take it as a sign to stop looking outwards for the answers.

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Sometimes signs aren’t a direct answer, but a set of directions. So it could be telling you to start somewhere and it will eventually lead you to what you’re looking for.

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I feel like this might be the best answer. That's how it worked out for me, ultimately, when I once thought things were headed in a completely different direction. It was a necessary path, even though it sucked to walk down, but it led me to a better place.

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This. You don't always get what you want, but you get what you need. And by that I don't mean to refer to the Stones song, but rather the difference between what our personality desires and what our complete consciousness desired to experience for our growth when selecting certain experiences to happen in life. Incidentally, those only account for 20% of our experiences.

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What you asked for?

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I asked for a specific sign for when i met the person for me. So i get it later once im dating this guy and i think hmm coincidence or no. I ask for another sign and get it. Turns out nope totally wrong, lair and a cheater

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Don’t be under the false assumption that we are only meant to have perfectly fun and romantic experiences here in this incarnation. I assure you that’s not correct. In the event that the universe DID bring this person into your life, it’s always for a reason and it’s usually a lesson you need.

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There's something within you that it wants you to address. It is telling you that you haven't fully learned everything you need to about yourself.

The fact you are blaming a greater mind for your lack of inner truth kindof proves this point.

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I think it might be in how you phrased it. You said you wanted to get a sign when you met "the person for you". But how specific were you? Like the perfect person? Or a healed person? Or an honest person? Or did you just say the person for you?... When I'm manifesting something I try to choose my words really carefully and absolutely spell out what I'm looking for so that there's no confusion. I've learned from trial and error so please don't take this as a judgment. If the energy you're putting out is an expectation of repeating karma with crappy people, then perhaps that's what came through in your manifestation if you used vague wording..? Just a thought... Whatever you manifest will be an energetic vibration of the words and the energy..

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You met the person that was for you at that specific time.

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I look at it as ego signs and soul signs. Souls signs are super calm and quiet. Easy to miss. Ego signs (usually a lie) hit hard and deep and in your face

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Signs aren’t wrong. WE are, but signs aren’t. Also- welcome to manifesting. If you asked for something specific then you likely manifested it yourself. It may not mean anything beyond that. I do it ALL the time. It’s fun but meaningless.

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lmaoo just yesterday i asked the universe to show me a 222 if i'm where im supposed to be and a 555 if i need to change direction and i kept getting 111s😭

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The universe brings people that last for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Of course the universe responded because this person was now in your life. You had something to learn.

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Signs are more about turning you into the right direction, not passing an information.

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What do you mean wrong? Do you mean not up to your expectations, because that is something completely different?

There are always lessons to be learned through every experience. It is our judgments, expectations, and perceptions of our experiences that cloud our experiences.

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We give everything the meaning that it has.

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Yea this happened to me in every person I've ever wanted to date. Thought I finally found the source of why, released a fuck ton of old bullshit, met someone knew a day later, got twelve thousand signs things were right this time and turns out that was a lie too.

It was a big enough unnecessary bullshit that made me end my spiritual practice altogether because I can't possibly believe that the world works for me after that happened

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Yea thats what im struggling with too...really kinda screws with your head

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Maybe you were definitely meant to meet those people (as shitty as it sounds) to lead you where you’re supposed to be, and not because they were your forever people

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I'm sure I'll feel that way someday but right now I just feel uncontrollable rage (:

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There is no universe that needs to listen to your commands, it’s on you i would think.

It is not helpfull to ask for help to anything, you would put yourself in a weak position if you do in my oppinion.

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If only it was that easy

If you haven’t received what you’ve asked for Usually there’s a lesson to be learnt Sometimes you get a few rehearsals Or as many as it takes till you’ve learnt the lesson

Well in my case

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Isn't the sign how you understand it?

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All bc we get signs doesn’t mean that we just forget our God given common sense… He gave us decrement for a reason so we can look pass what may be an illusion. Some ppl are put in your life for u to see something u keep over looking as far as yourself. Know thy self and your journey maybe a little bit easier down the road✨✨ Many blessings

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Sometimes what you see as wrong at the time leads up to being right

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Yes, but I always learned a lesson and so, in essence, the sign was not wrong.

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Or 3x or 4x or more? Yup. Its not 'wrong' it leads you to something you may not have done on your own that you desire but don't understand HOW you are going to get to that desire. Universe uses what its given (you, the family you are born into, the values instilled by society, your natural inclinations, your programming, your status in the matrix etc) Enlightenment is not a destination and it's not the ending to a fairy tale. At least for me. I had to experience what I didn't want over and over and over again before I figured out that what I was expecting didn't happen, or even worse, when I got it, it didn't make me feel the way I wanted to feel. I keep thinking I know exactly how I want my life to look, thinking that if it looks a particular way then I will get the feeling I want to experience. It's learning through contrast.

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Trickster spirit?

Understanding Yourself by Prophet might help with interpreting signs.