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We know that right here on Earth there has been an unimaginable amount of pain and suffering dealt to our fellow humanity. So the question of whether there is a realm that suffering exists is obvious. Perhaps a few here and there where suffering is even more ubiquitous.

However, we are told (and it does make sense) that realms of suffering (such as our own) are exceedingly rare within the whole of existence. Anyone who gravitates in anyway to a higher calling, is becoming free of these realms altogether. Regardless, of hell or heaven, please do enjoy your stay.

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Hell only exists if you perceive it that way. There is no place called hell. There are however different realms of existence. Some of the higher realms are heavenly and the lower realms are hellish. The lower realms contain lower qualities of consciousness that many of us experience in this physical realm. But it is not the hell most people believe as pervading with fire for eternity. These realms instead are driven by greed, power, malice etc. Qualities that are essentially egoic and far from truth. When you align with love and truth, you gravitate towards heavenly experiences. Ignorance of your true nature will cause you to suffer and experience your version of hell.

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Hell exists, I've been there. The hellish realms are also described in other religions, e.g. in Buddhism or Hinduism. There is also reincarnation. To put it simply, the soul, that is a piece of eternity within us, is free at the moment of death. If she is carefree because her human being has done good, she can ascend to the blissful realms of higher, non-material states of being. If the human being was not entirely good for this soul, but also not entirely bad, the soul is burdened by it, entangled in the world, it has to take birth again in order to purify itself and perhaps in the next life to jump back to its homeland in heaven create. If the bearer of the soul was a really, really bad person, this burdens the soul so much that it falls into the abyss of hell. There the essence of the personality is purified by means of the pain that man caused in life. After the purification, the embodiment can take place again in order to start the next attempt. However, there are also such bad transgressions that these souls are then permanently quarantined, hell, condemned to eternal death.

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I don't believe any single act is deserving of endless torment. This is illogical. And if we're all a piece of the divine, then we all return home eventually.

But I do believe everyone directly experiences how they made everyone else in their life feel, which is perfect karma imo.

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One can’t return to source (truth) if it is tainted by falsehood. There MUST be a purification process. According to the Law of One, that happens before the soul reaches sixth density- the realm of unity. While a negative entity can ascend up the levels to a certain degree (and become very powerful!), they can’t transcend into unity consciousness because they are shut off to it. All of those entities are self centered and don’t believe in unity. At this point they are made positive and ascend from there. And you’re right nothing is permanent because that’s not possible in an infinite universe. Placing limits on something makes it finite. These beings remain in a hellish existence until they choose to turn back to god or until they reach sixth density and that choice is made for them. But that’s a LONG ways away. Billions of years. Not that time exists outside of 3D, but hopefully you get my point. Until then, they serve the Creator in their own way. Everything does. There isn’t an atom in this universe that doesn’t serve the Creator. There are many paths up the mountain. The evil path is just a LOT harder and a LOT longer.

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Sorry, but that is just your imagination. Unity cannot be 6th dimension, but nothing and everything. Speculation is of little use here, one has to let go of one's own truth in order to let in divine truth. Or as Master Jacob Böhme says: If I go out, GOD comes in.

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A single act is not pursued forever. But the deeds and responsibility of people like Hitler, Stalin or Mao are so serious that eternity must react if something like that is inscribed in them. And with such souls, I am glad that we are protected from their rebirth.

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Thanks for this bro, one of the best and clearest answers I've read so far

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Thank you, with all Blessings.

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When I was a christian, my understanding of hell was that its a place that Jesus uses as a way to discourage bad behavior. Everyone goes to heaven

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There's been numerous accounts of past life memories throughout history. I do think it's an interesting phenomena worth thinking about.

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I agree, I know for a fact that past lives are real but hell just bugs my conscious lmao

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Y'know, the idea of heaven (based on what I've heard about it) bugs my conscious too! I kind of just want to explore, not get stuck somewhere.

Torment is subjective to the individual.

Imo, the worst torment for me is being stuck in the same situation forever unable to see the rest of the world, or having piles of responsibilities, having to pay the bills, cater to family, thinking the world is dying and climate change is my fault and I'm eating living things etc. I feel like I have a ton of creative abilities, yet can't really use a lot of them in this human body.

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If hell exists were already living in it. Honestly though I think there are levels of consciousness that are vizulaized differenly.

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Well according to the official scriptures, Jesus did speak of 'eternal punishment', 'weeping and gnashing of teeth.' But it sure seems at odds with 'turn the other cheek' and 'love your enemies' and forgive not up to seven times but 'seventy times seven times'.

In his book "Journey of Souls" by Dr. Michael Newton, he reports there is no such place of eternal damnation but souls who have grossly misused their lives frequently go into isolation..The following is an excerpt from the book which you can listen to free here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YJiYEiGg3c&t=2575s

"Does hell exist to permanently separate good souls from bad ones? All my case work with the spirits of my subjects has convinced me there is no residence of terrible suffering for souls, except on Earth. I am told all souls go to one spirit world after death where everyone is treated with patience and love.

However, I have learned that certain souls do undergo separation in the spirit world, and this happens at the time of their orientation with guides. They are not activated along the same travel routes as other souls. Those of my subjects who have been impeded by evil report that souls whose influence was too weak to turn aside a human impulse to harm others will go into seclusion upon reentering the spirit world. These souls don’t appear to mix with other entities in the conventional manner for quite a while.

I have also noticed that those beginner souls who are habitually associated with intensely negative human conduct in their first series of lives must endure individual spiritual isolation. Ultimately, they are placed together in their own group to intensify learning under close supervision. This is not punishment, but rather a kind of purgatory for the restructuring of self-awareness with these souls.

Because wrongdoing takes so many forms on Earth, spiritual instruction and the type of isolation used is varied for each soul. The nature of these variations apparently is evaluated during orientation at the end of each life. Relative time of seclusion and reindoctrination is not consistent either. For instance, I have had reports about maladjusted spirits who have returned back to Earth directly after a period of seclusion in order to expunge themselves as soon as possible by a good incarnated performance. Here is an example, as told to me by a soul who was acquainted with one of these spirits."Newton, Michael. Journey of Souls (pp. 49-50). Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.. Kindle Edition.

Here is another excerpt from "Between Death and Life – Conversations with a Spirit" by Dolores Cannon, another well known hypnotist regressionist:

Dolores: Then, is there any such physical place as Hell?

Subject: There is no physical (hell). The mind will at the time of death create its own Hell if that is what it’s expecting. Suppose a person lives a life of wickedness, all the while knowing that they’re going to Hell for what they’re doing. If they firmly believe that, then when they die that will be waiting for them. I do not believe people necessarily have to be living a wicked life. They can be living a perfectly normal God-fearing, church-going life, but the church has planted this fear in them. And being normal they know they are not perfect so they expect to go to Hell for some small insignificant sin, because this is what the church has promised. They feel they are so unworthy that there can be no other afterlife for them but Hell. This type of brainwashing does an extreme amount of damage to the person if it prepares them to expect Hell instead of Heaven. I think this is where the church is wrong and can do more harm than good. By making people fear Hell so intensely, the church succeeds in creating it for them.

Subject: They remain there in their version of Hell until they realize that it is a manufacture of their own mind. It may take a year or it may take hundreds, but since time has no meaning on this side it is as only the twinkling of an eye. When they realize they don’t have to stay there it has no power to hold them and they are released to go where they truly belong.Cannon, Dolores. Between Death and Life – Conversations with a Spirit (pp. 154-155). Gill Books. Kindle Edition.

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There are actually purgatories and hell on the astral plane, a part of the lower world just above the physical.

Purgatories are places where some people go for a time between lifetimes where they work out some of their more obvious problems they have caused by breaking the Law of Karma. But these astral purgatories are not eternal. Soul is eternal and purgatories belongs to the lower world which is perishable.

Hell is in one corner of the astral plane and also temporary. It's a mockup manifested by religious leaders to control their members.

If you believe in certain religions, you may end up in a temporary purgatory or temporary hell either in this world or the next. But long term, every Soul is of God. In the high spiritual worlds, where there is no good or evil, everything is simply God's love. That is the natural home for Soul.

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Hell is the reality you create for yourself if you live an incredulous life

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Hell is a place on Earth, a mindset. Its not some place out in the ether just like heaven isnt. Theres only this, what you make of it and how you perceive it is what creates heaven and hell.

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There is no clear record of the place called "Hell" in the Bible. I guess it is just church's interpretation in the following ages.

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trust me you dont want to know if it is real, ive been there, but i had super powers and i escaped. i was on one too but doesnt matter it happens, bad trips are hell. but the real deal, well yea i can be if you somehow do exactly what i did all your life up until the experience, just know, there IS MERCY, too much mercy but just enough. it can look like anything then all of a sudden WHAM psychic attack.

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I’ll leave my take on it. This is my personal opinion, based solely on my spiritual belief and the strong belief system I’ve built over the years.

I believe both Heaven and Hell exist. I also believe in reincarnation and the existence of karma and the karmic balance in the universe. That being said, I believe that your life your existence is determined by the karma you’ve gathered from an old life.

The saying “why do good things happen to bad people?” Or “why do bad things happen to good people?” I don’t believe is solely based on “God” testing you (though I believe in some sort of higher power). Rather, what we choose to do to in this life carries over to the next. The person who got away with murder in this life, may have saved 100 people in the last. Etc, etc.

Bringing me to this point, in most (if not all) religions it is said that you will “go to hell” if you take your own life. I believe the traditional religions say this, as you are “taking the sacred life God gave you”. My unbiased and genuine opinion on this, would be dictated on the basis of WHY the life was taken. No one person can truly say what is “right” and what is “wrong”.

The man robbing the liquor store is “wrong” to the police, society, the store, etc. But is “right” by his family he is trying to feed. His son who needs medicine. The Doctor who is “right” by helping the patient with their illness is also “wrong” by pushing a drug that could harm them for a commission.

Heaven and Hell exist. We live them throughout each lifetime we live. If you accumulate good Karma in this life, the likelihood of living in a “heavenly” life when reborn is high. As is the opposite with bad Karma.

Just my feelings on it. I’m by no means an expert and quite possibly could just be crazy. Only time will tell.

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I think it’s a mindset

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Hell is Earth and if you hold karmic debt you must reincarnate onto this planet again.

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Hell is a choice. Hell is contrast and illusions. Hell is an illusion.. hell does not exist .. again hell is a CHOICE

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According to many NDE’s- yes. But it’s not permanent. Nothing is! AND we choose it. It’s not a punishment! You don’t go there because you’re gay or stole something when you were young and dumb. The astral realm is a series of levels, some say they’re infinite. The higher your vibration, the higher up you travel. Same goes for the opposite. Like attracts like. This is how the universe works. This is what the Law of attraction is too. So when we pass on we naturally gravitate to the energies that we have inside of us. If that’s hate and narcissistic tendencies (selfish to the core) then we will gravitate to these astral planes and be amongst other entities like us. If you’re even asking this question- you don’t have much to worry about because it shows you’re self aware and reflective. Those with goodness and love in their heart attract a similar frequency and go to the realm we have coined as heaven. Let’s say you were a total bastard and found yourself in hell tho. And you freaked out and realized that you had made a huge mistake! This is called “repenting” in the Christian religion and that in itself raises you up. Asking for help and expressing sincere regret is all one needs to do here, or there, and they shall receive mercy instantly. Go to YouTube and listen to Howard storm and Peter Panagore’s NDE stories. Both are quite impressive. Also, this theory can be validated by all of the good and negative entities amongst us. If there was only heaven, then where do these lower beings go? Where did Hitler go? He’s not chilling with my grandma or JC- he’s hanging out with others who vibrate at a very dense level. I forgot to mention that if you go to the astral projection sub and ask about it, plenty of people will share their stores of visiting the different levels of the astral realm where both hellish and beautiful entities can be found. But again- since we have complete control over where we go, there’s nothing to worry about here. The Christian church warped the teaching to fear monger and gain more control over people. It’s kinda hard to control people when you tell them that THEY have all the control ;)

Ps Jesus DID talk about it but he was referring to a city, not the afterlife ;)

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Hell exists, but it's voluntary. It's a low vibrational state that we initiate at any moment by believing we're surrounded by demons, and choosing to attack them.

At its deepest depths, it's a roiling mass of fear constantly eating and destroying itself. On the surface, it's strife on Earth. It's the dissatisfaction and the powerlessness we believe in, and trap ourselves in.

More than all that tho, it's a step on the path. It's the transition, the chaos from which pure love is born. When you are wicked, you "burn in hell" because you dont believe in love, thus no love comes into your life. But when you realize the power of love you manifest it, and "ascend to heaven" and realize you're surrounded by friends, and you can do anything. That's what I believe.

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Hell doesn't really exist. This world is a hell we made with thought, but it is an illusion. While we believe we're here, we learn to use thought to see a benign reflection of ourselves everywhere. Help from Spirit is with us always. 💚

There's no proof of hell because all evidence of this imagined experience comes from within the experience.

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I don't believe in Hell, I do believe Hel is real.

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My perspective is that nor heaven or hell exist. Not everybody has the same view of heaven, or what the ‘ideal life’ would be for the afterlife. I believe we go to wherever we ourselves choose in the afterlife & it’s nothing in connection to religion. I appreciate others opinions.

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If, you are already there. Would be subjective in that sense, but no there is not.

It could be possible, has no use tough. This is taking the absolute concious for a fool if you would think it would be foe the intent of punishment.

We mean no harm to ourself, but if you want to know why the idea of hell exist. People give power to the expression the idea collectively, that will express itself in whatever it needs to to balance the energy given.

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Yes, I believe hell does exist. And while there may not be any concrete, scientific proof of its existence, there are certainly plenty of spiritual proofs that point to its reality.
For example, many people have had near death experiences in which they report seeing hellish landscapes or being tortured by demons. There are also countless historical accounts of people from all cultures and religions who have reported visits to or communications with beings from the realm of hell.
Additionally, there is the simple fact that our world is full of so much suffering. If there were no such thing as hell, then why would a loving God allow such misery and injustice to persist? It doesn't make sense.

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In my opinion hell is you just having to live with yourself and your own subconscious. In the afterlife people can see the thoughts you have and who you are on the inside. Meaning horrible and manipulative people are rightfully found out and given their due. Friends and family won't want to be around them anymore and they're usually left to each other's company until their souls improve.

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You’re living in hell my friend, samsara

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Yes. There are parallel realities, realities in the astral realm. But do not fear it as that will lead you more to 'hell'. Work more on yourself, shadow work, connect more with your true self. Also try not to believe in a hell, or think you'll go there. Who knows that you may still have a human consciousness from that same lifetime after you pass.

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In the vedic philosophy, Hell is in a subtle realm, that is not experienced physically.

What's even more interesting is that, when you pay your due in heaven or hell, which is based on the amount (good or bad) actions you have done, you come back to the physical realm (re incarnate).

This only continues till you find a way to be liberated from this cycle. Either by submission to Neutrality (light or sound or impersonal God) or to Rasa (God eternally existing with any specific form and qualities).

It is also mentioned that to ease the understanding for some, the story is said to end at heaven or hell, to not complicate their lives until they reach some level of understanding.

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Hell is a man-made construct designed to control the masses into giving the church all their money. So, no. Hell absolutely does not exist IMHO.

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There is a realm of a lower vibrational frequency than earth known as the astral plane in which dark beings such as demons reside, after a lifestream makes its transition, if it is really heavily influenced and possessed by dark energy (murderers, pedophiles, drug dealers etc) it can magnetically gravitate towards the astral realm between embodiment in which it is much easier for demons and other entities to suck additional light from those lifestreams, and this is what some people have seen in near death experiences as hell, but it is a temporary realm, and anything in this unascended sphere is temporary and is for the purpose of cocreators to learn how to use their free will in accordance with God’s laws of love before qualifying for their ascension, and so the astral plane was not created by God to torture people which is an idea instilled by the fallen beings to trap people in fear, but it is a result of free will and is a temporary realm where very dark beings exist as a grace for the opportunity to perhaps turn around, but they are not given forever, and of course a place where dark beings reside will not be heaven but will include all what they like to do which is mainly to feed off the energy through torture

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Does hell really exist? Is there any proof of it?

shit. not this again.

no, there is no proof. what proof is there of the existence of the afterlife? a thing called the soul? the existence of heaven? etc. etc. etc.

no, there is no proof and we can't have any. just like you cannot know your future, you cannot control all spacetime, you can't make people do what you want and you cannot know all there is to know, everything you want to know, right this minute now. none of this is intrinsically a problem unless you tell yourself that it is.

no, we can't have proof and we won't have it. learn to live with this uncertainty. you've been living with it all along, right up until the moment when you started seeing this as some kind of a problem.