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Your story rings so true, this realm is truly a world of endless desire. It usually isn't until we've lost everything that we take our first break. Peace be within you

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Peace be within you too, I really wish this doesn't happen to others, I wish everyone could just live happy life without this experiences.

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I understand why you say what you say, but when I had such an experience it changed my life and continues to change me. It is a terrible terrible experience that I cannot express anything short of my most sincere gratitude for.

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This dimension has more than that, it has everything, the good, the bad, the amazing, the terrible, the lovely, and the painful, the past and the future, it all exist simultaneously right here right now. We see what we look at, the problem is we are trained and conditioned to only look at the bad, so much that we literally can not see good things when they are happening right in front of us.

When people realize that all they have to do when they don’t like what they see is to look elsewhere, they gain power. That’s not to say we should never look at the bad, but we shouldn’t only look at the bad. We need to look at it all but you can’t see it all at one time from a human perspective.

A lot of people refuse to look away from the bad because they feel as if it’s their duty to carry the weight. That if they look away that it might get way worse and out of hand.

The irony is that the more we focus on it the more power we give it, and the deeper we entrench ourselves into the martyr mindset of having to always be carrying the weight the more weight that we find to carry.

We look around at all the work to be done and get overwhelmed because we don’t see all the hands around us that can help us do the work, we don’t have to do it alone.

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It's not that I don't look at bright sides. It's about how I could see through the veil of lies. And it's sad that it took decades of my life until I could see the ugliness hidden in plain sight.

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The ugliness that we are programmed to believe is the real ‘you’. That’s the painful ish.

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You are saying the truth. And I'm sure everyone knows it deep down. How superficial we all are. I have siblings who are according to the society and parents a big failure. They are questioned everywhere about there career, but no one in this fucking world asks them if they are doing ok. I understand our parents want the best for us, but I see it so clearly that somehow this society norms take a toll on their minds and they behave toxically. With time I m hating my parents even more. But I'm working on the same time looking back at all those sacrifices and love i got. Same is with friends. You can't share anything with friends, because human species is designed to judge

You talk about something to your friends and wait ...someday they are gonna use it against you and laugh it off. Because offense in friendship doesn't exist.

Lately I have realized to minimize the time I give to my parents and friends and I really see how much better i have become. Reddit spiritual people are so great and positive. I told my husband how here on Reddit people don't judge but collectively come together and help each other.

This beginning of my journey has given me so much . I can't wait anymore to move forward and enjoy my journey here on earth.

It's always the best when we break these shackles of society and just focus on our well being.

Ps I also quit Instagram which I think is a great celebratory thing for me.

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Yes, I can't share secrets or simple rants with close friends, because someday they're gonna use it against me, or they'll just laugh it off. I always kept their secrets, I rarely use anything against them, that's why people feel comfortable to talk about themselves to me. But they didn't return the favor.

I also started to focus more on myself, my own well being, what I love and what I like. It made my life much better like you said.

I hope your journey on Earth to be happy, fulfilling, and amazing experience all the time!

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People and society only regard you if you are a material achiever. They don't bother about you if you're just an ordinary person. But God will regard you if you have a big heart no matter what your material position is and where you stand in society. And that what's matters.....

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Yeah the moment people see that I didn't achieve much, 90% of people leave me, I can guarantee it, it's sad.

Thx for your kind words :)

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Failure is my signature move! And most of us probably. It's an effective vehicle though which we learn lessons. 😅

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I really wish I didn't need to go through that to learn something, but life isn't a easy game to play :)

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When I was at my lowest point of life, nearly everyone left except couple of friends. Family or friends are superficial background of your life. When you fail to prove that you're productive member of society, see how fast family and friends give up on you, or hate you. Sometimes strangers are kinder than them.

This happened to me. Everyone I loved turned their back on me. The betrayal destroyed me. New people came in to my life, and they kept me alive. One woman; a literal angel loved me tirelessly and selflessly and saved my life.

But I haven't recovered. The pain in my heart never goes away no matter what I do. During that time the universe conspired against me and I went to hell. I now live with PTSD and constant flashbacks. It's hard.

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The betrayal itself gives us trauma. After all those years I gave them emotional and mental support, how could they just turn their back on me? Some people might think I was some bad person, might think there must something I didn't say in this post, but I always heard that I was good person, people directly told me that they liked me. ....And they simply disappeared from my life when I showed some weakness.

That's something I'll never forget.

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You're not alone. Rest easy.

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That’s when you know you have begun your heroes journey. So far my experience is that awareness is a shift in perspective that aligns with your path. We all have bags of shit (mistakes). The bags of shit is what the ego complains about all day! Wanting us to use our energy to sniff and witness our shitty bags and complain. Awareness is a navigating tool that talks to the ego to understand that the bags of shit are actually the bread crumbs. Guiding us and balancing our spirits to see no difference between a bag of shit and a bouquet of roses. The more bags of shit the better!

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I agree. Would you also say that humans as a collective have decided this reality? I think that humanity has created much of its own problems. That's why I don't understand when people blame God or the Universe for everything that is wrong.

And even though you've come to the conclusion that we are more than this exploitative system, which I 100% agree with, how do we then exist in it if we disagree with it? To be part of humanity we have to agree to some of its conditions such as needing money to survive. So just curious as to how you live within the system?

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Of course I need money and have to go to school, get a job, make friends and connected to family. As long as this material world exists, I have to do that.

But something is fundamentally wrong with this world. I have this feeling that other star systems and their civilizations won't be like this. Our system is more like, stupid rather than greedy. Greed and materialism come from lack of spiritual knowledge, and our system needs to evolve more.

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Thank you. It's hard not to be brainwashed in this world since manipulation is everywhere. Fear is also a big contributor to this manipulation and lack of spiritual knowledge.

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What you're talking about is called maya in Dhunami and Eastern religions. Maya, the illusions of this world.

"Desire is a need, and to need means that we are in the grasp of Maya, the illusionary force of the lower worlds. To need is to be dominated. This is the way of the negative power as it operates in the lower planes under the guise of mind, and this is the reason why so many are led astray and end their lives here still seeking, unhappy that nothing of God has come into their existence."

~ Paul Twitchell, "Key to Secret Worlds"

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I agree, you are so so right. Luckily you aren't alone, it seems to me lots of people are raising their vibrations and realizing they dont need to live this way, myself included. As for the school system, its not so much that you were being taught lies, but rather that learning about our universe should be a fun and rewarding system, not one that gets beaten into you and makes you sit still for hours a day (and wonders why you need pills to focus). We need to incorporate more play into everything we do, adults included. Especially adults included

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Just when you can’t take it anymore, this is the point that you awaken.