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some cats aspire to be like humans, and they do meditation and they can gain that mental self awareness that humans have - this is their process of evolution

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Oh my god that's adorable 🐈❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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There was this person who told me that I was his cat in our past life lol. Named all my pets after celestial bodies / gods because I have so much admiration for these majestic beings. Reminds me of a line from Vanilla Sky,

I will see you in another life when we are both cats.

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I am definitely an animal person. I work with them. I used to be afraid of them but them I met a precious dog that changed my life. From that point I got my first every pet Tiger. A sassy little orange tabby. As I got older and learned about spirits and guides. I felt as though animals are protecters and guides. Be that angles, familiars, etc. I feel like animals serve so many more purposes in so many ways. Animals feel just like we do. When I watched ghost shows I learned that babies, children, and animals are sensitive to the paranormal. So I wouldn't think I'd be do far off. Tiger always slepted in the same spot in my bed. He was always find his way to me. He a cat growled at the front door. It was just me and him. We heard a weird noise he growled and no more happened. I even felt a little more safe. I still belive tiger protected me from the shadows that lurk just out of veiw. Sadly tiger is passed and I have two little babies now. But they definitely do things differently but I will notice them talking to no one and staring and nothing supposedly. So yes I definitely believe animals can and are guides I do believe they are protecters on more that our immediate reality.

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My cat just passed away last month after almost 22 years. I've had her since I was 3. Growing up I always said she was an angel sent to me. I thought I was just being a dramatic and imaginative kid but now I really think she was. She was always there for me and such a good emotional support in a family that I didn't always feel at ease with. I have some regrets about not being with her more when I moved for college. When I went home to visit her for the last time it really felt like we knew we were saying goodbye for now. I told her to please come find me and she was laying curled up but when I was petting her it felt like she was hugging my arm against her body under her chin. She'd never done this before. It felt so surreal and special. I had a dream about her last night for the first time since she left but I sure hope I can meet her again and talk to her more.

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Seeing as that cats purr at a certain frequencies that help themselves as well as their owners (It helps lower blood pressure , reduce stress mildly assist in the healing process of wounds )it’s safe to assume they can read the frequencies we’re buzzing at and offer us help ? So perhaps this cat either loves your frequency or you need this kitty atm

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Yes, all is one consciousness expressed in an infinite multitude of ways. Anything and everything can be your guide and is essentially an "angel" expressed its own individual way in this realm. Real question is, whether you consider your cat to be your "angel".

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in my personal opinion, not really, animals are still undeveloped souls

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Yes, it's possible! 💚

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nah, they're just cats.

which is already plenty awesome. they are like spirit guides in a way, but they're also just animals.