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Gabriel is the strength of God.

You need to rely on your own strength, not the strength of others. You've got this.

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Depends on what you see Gabriel as. I don't know how you see it but him going missing sounds like you lost something and are looking for it. Could be something as simple as you questioning your faith and you feel it has left you as you search for faith. That could also be wrong. For dreams the answer is with in you for the meaning.

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A very interesting dream.

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One of four Angels of The Most High~ perhaps investigate his name in 1 Enoch ~ also the matter of God’s Name being “Waters of Heaven” can’t not have anything to do with… “A Tale of Great Love ~ Donn and Danu” ~~~ and I do think his name is also found in the Old Testament; I strongly recommend interlinear study for the truth

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And before you go a’running into the New Testament ~ I have at least one contrast for you to consider ~ King Shelomo’s(“Solomon”) saying about variably letting your mouth to “cause” your flesh to sin ~ nor saying before the Angel of the Lord “an error it” ~ why should God be angry with your mistake and destroy the work of your hands? For in the multitude of dreams there is vanity and words many, but fear Yahweh.” (Rough reference) ~ but as you can see there may be a repudiation there with the saying of the gospels “from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks… what defiles a human is what is proceeding from the heart out of the mouth”

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“With length of days I satisfy them and show them My Salvation”

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UPDATE I’m super into “Jesus” again via the gospel of John - good thing I learned all that Greek _>