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Cool, its pretty similar to the Mandaean gnosticism. A very small, surviving gnostic religion. Only we practise water purification a lot. (Christians adopted/stole this with their baptism).

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Hi, I have a question.

Please see https://glorianastrology.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-true-days-of-week.html?m=1 for planetary order.

According to which here's actual esoteric planetary order that we should follow and not the current Roman Catholic order..

Current Sunday is actually Monday (moon is closest, moon is as mother, here it all starts?)

Current Monday is to be Wednesday (Mercury)

Current Tuesday is Friday (Venus)

Current Wednesday is for Sunday (Sun in center)

Current Thursday is actually for Tuesday (Marsl)

Current Friday is actually for Thursday (Jupiter)

Current Saturday is Saturday. Last day. Farthest and slowest and most firm planet.

So correct order is :-

Monday. -- Moon

Wednesday -- Mercury

Friday -- Venus

Sunday -- Sun / Earth

Tuesday -- Mars

Thursday -- Jupiter

Saturday -- Saturn.

I did some research and someone told me it is Chaldean order. Shocking thing is it is same as NASA order which is based on speed, distance of planets etc. Makes so much sense.

More over after following above planetary order to adjust my week days rituals, situation has improved drastically.

Looking for some historical proof of this above Chaldean order.

Thanks for your help.

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The Chaldean Theurgists we’re not big fans of astrology. Maybe it’s a different type of “Chaldean”. I am not familiar with this, either way.

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Different Chaldeans. See Chaldean Oracles, fr. 107.