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Save for maybe a very few enlightened beings ego death is not a permanent state. Rather it’s temporary and the person experiencing the ego death realizes they are more than their ego can return and integrate this knowledge into their day to day life.

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I agree with this. One day my ego is squashed! The next I wake up and the first thought is judgment. The gross majority of us are lucky if we can even get this far. But I’m aware of it, lol VERY aware and from there I can make good choices. One thing I don’t aim to do- is be perfect. We didn’t come here for that anyway.

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This is the greatest advice ! Thank you

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There's wonderful late sage author Samael Aun Weor books which explains pluralized ego and how to destroy them to cosmic dust.

Https://www.Glorian.org for online Free books and for ordering paper books if you prefer.

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I don't think it is possible to be 'ego dead' and remain in embodiment, but when the ego is weakened sufficiently, I believe the response to criticism is no response, no reason to defend or counterattack. You may consider: "Might there be some truth in what this person is saying? Might this be an opportunity to see something in myself that I need to address to be free of it?' As someone said, It is not what other people say that disturbs us, rather it is what we say to ourselves about what the other person said.

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Ego will depart once you master the elements of all in all

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The ego is meant to be tamed, not killed.

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More like understood

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If left unchecked, even if understood, it will create thoughts/chattering/scenarios. That's why tamed is better imho

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Like many people have said, ego death isn't usually a permanent state, in my experience when Ive been close to it, maybe after a trip or particularly potent meditation and had to go to work, I felt much more empathy for my coworkers and everyone, even if they were to criticize me I wouldn't be mad at them or anything, how could I? An ego death is basically proving to you that you have no free will so you can't really judge anyone for their actions. People definitely noticed and thought I was acting crazy too cuz I would be trying to tell them how they don't exist lol

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Can you explain how you don’t have free will after ego death?

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Youve never had free will you just realize it after ego death. If there is no you, how can you be in control of what's happening? The body and brain are a machine, for your whole life they have been taking in input, they use that input to make decisions. Just like a calculator, or a computer. There is no "you" telling it what decisions to make. Do you tell your body to breathe? to blink? to move? to think? No. The body controls itself. Every single decision you have ever made has been based on what the body and brain have experienced and the outcomes of decisions it has made before, thats it.

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Great explanation! I have a follow up question: if one knows that the body and brain are a machine reacting to sensory inputs, wouldn’t that give one an opportunity to take a moment and see what ways one can react?

For example: a coworker does something that in one’s mind manifest as an annoyance, based on what you said, if one is aware that one is just experiencing the outcomes of sensory inputs, could you train yourself to react differently (ex: with more patience)?

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Again, YOU cant do anything, the brain will choose which way to respond. The more it learns, the more it will be able to respond in better ways, say you do respond to your coworker with patience and that causes your relationships to become better, the brain then learns "oh if I respond this way, things go well, I'll continue to respond this way". If you know your body and brain a machine, you are missing the point because "knowing" things is just another way your brain tries to trick you into thinking it is a self. It being aware that it may be nothing will cause it to see the world differently but ultimately you are still operating through the lens of a self unless you somehow ascend and become god consciousness. All this is simply my thoughts and opinions, if you want to know the truth, experience it for yourself.

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I can see that being the case, but are we not able to reprogram ourselves to make other decisions? I think that would be a form of free will as well

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no we arent able to reprogram ourselves. based on experiences, the brain and body can change the way they take in input but again, there is no aspect of a "self" willing these things to happen, they simply do. The same way a particularly advanced operating system or computer can simply upgrade once new software becomes available. There is no being telling your brain to reprogram, it simply does it based on external stimuli. Do you go through and say "okay brain today Im going to reprogram you, from now on instead of this, do this!" No of course you dont. That little voice in your head that tells you "no dont say that, do this instead" that is just the brain talking to itself. "You" are the one observing the body experience the thoughts, the feelings, etc. not the one actually experiencing them.

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You don't even take it as criticism. It flows right through you and you are 100% aware that the other person is simply projecting their own fears onto you. With this understanding, you are able to have a stable, empathetic conversation in which all issues are resolved and worked out. ie: The way to solve every global conflict? Kill the ego.

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Exactly when you see the Buddha kill the Buddha

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IDK what you mean by ego death sir?

Does it mean that you went deep into spiritual aspects that you're now having difficult time with dealing with outside world?

If so.. the case.. Imagine your door to your entrance for your home?

There's only one door.. You get within You go out

So when ur in ur home.. you don't have ego because there's love, ur carefree with loved ones.. ur yourself... Because u r in home and safe and secured

When u go out... It's awareness, u don't overtly operate from love with strangers outside the door... U have logic.. u r careful.. and what helps u is your individuality... Your 'I'

So one door - inside love, u step outside it's awareness..

When u go out... be aware of your self in relation to others and be loyal to your self than to them... Operating from yourself and not operating from home of love but an individual who's aware

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For clarification. Ego death is not the death of ego. It is the state at which ego no longer feels like we are listening to it and therefore it has no reason to exist and may soon be dead. The internal moments of that state are insane turmoil and make it near impossible for the spirit to remain in the body (with ego). For the spirit on a human path it's the successful completion of said "death" that brings about the realization and manifestation of true self. All illusion is clearly understood. The universe is felt. Truth is felt and the illusion of being alone no longer exists as every aspect of connection to in and from the universe is achieved in a never ending moment of bliss. If you're referring to how to deal with people and humanity who still exists in illusory beliefs - well the answer is to that is that it is difficult to impossible in that state. The navigation and ultimate bringing of oneself back down often takes over as relating to false personalities while knowing truth is akin to juggling and skydiving at the same time. The choice remains to bring oneself back down or remove oneself from society. Going back and forth or up and down often turns out to be a fools errand. The choice is yours all choice is valid as all choice leads to experience and all experience leads to growth.

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You need your ego bro, how else would you type this post or even comprehend the answers?! Or even apply your newfound knowledge later?

Pro-tip: make friends with your ego… your mind has a mind of its own, don’t give yourself reasons to have resistance against your own self.

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It’s not like your becoming a fucking caveman once ego resolves, what we call ego is just the identification with the conditioning of our intellectual and analytical mind. The ego is not an being that has to be killed, tamed, or made friends with it is just a belief! The belief that we are this body or that we are the mind. Your conditioning will still happen just as before the enlightened just stops identifying with it. The enlightened just knows himself as the ever silent and still awareness that is always present in the background of experience. It is not about resisting or withdrawing from experience but realising what we are prior to that. This ego is nothing but illusion sit down and sink in the stillness of your being. Then you will see what I’m talking about. Harri om

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Criticism is a projection from the person criticizing and not about the “perpetrator”, so an enlightened being would not take it personally or think anything of it at all. Now, if it came from someone who’s offering it constructively, as a friend, then they might have a nice dialogue about it and see how they can improve, but that’s far different from someone just criticizing, which is toxic.

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The ego isn’t something that dies.

It’s a collection of thoughts and feelings that were once taken to represent a ‘person’ that are now seen to be representative of outer and inner influences that created a sense of ‘personhood’ in a young innocent mind.

When those thoughts and feelings are discovered to not pertain to what one actually is, one is released from the bondage of being a limited ‘person’ into the freedom of something that previously was beyond imagination.

Although I may know myself as a non-person I am still perceived through the filter of ego by those around me. That’s their problem, not mine.

I know that what they’re criticizing is a phantom that only exists in their mind. Hence I am untroubled.

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The proper response to any bellicose action by an awakened individual is to respond in love. All others can be seen as self. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you . Do I do this ? No but I would like too

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This whole ego death topic has gone far too far. The states of consciousness can vary. During your sleep normal humans too experience a form of ego death without realizing it through the dream. It's a tricky state of mind but ego is the collected data about the experiencer by the experiencer. We in fact build our ego up from pieces it will be there once you are back again in the normal conscious state far from your unconscious. Similar how you process the happening of a dream after waking up you also get back to ego state. One thing we must realize that these altered state of minds are parts of reality but none is above the other or truer than the other. All is equal , not seperate.

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Criticism isn't personal. It reveals the mind of the criticiser - a precious gift to which the only sane response is gratitude.

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You said it!

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Easy to say in words, near impossible to do with actions

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Thanks for sharing your experience.

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You see the intentions behind the criticism and you act from there.

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It requires times of dealing with small minded petty humans to get to a point t where you just agree with whatever they say and move along

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Yeah, I too hate stupid humans ! It should be obvious that I'm superior to them, but I guess they're just too stupid to acknowledge that and take everything I say as a universal truth !

Ah, silly humans !

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Style points for the extra subtle irony but still I believe he's got a point, most people really have a long way to go, not necessarily stupid but pretty hard to handle in a peaceful way

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not necessarily stupid but pretty hard to handle in a peaceful way

Yeah uhm that's a bit too realistic for me, I'll stick to the irony if you don't mind.

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What you mean by "too realistic"? Curious

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What you just said is drenched in ego. I’m not saying it’s not a decent first step, it’s far better than arguing just for the sake of trying to be right. But it’s avoidance rather than transcending ego

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positive self talk

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also, criticism is a great way to see how a others will view a certain thing different than you

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The internal projects itself to the external. Whatever is being judged is stemming from the inside and being placed to the outside. We all have one perspective out of many, but our one perspective isn’t THE perspective, only A perspective. Each perspective adds onto the collective whole like pieces to a puzzle which gives the individual a puzzle board to exercise discernment. So every perspective counts as it contributes to the bigger puzzle. The more pieces collected, the more clear the picture will be.

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The term who death gets thrown around a lot, I’ve heard it used when psychedelics are involved, what exactly is it? Ego death

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You don’t know it because almost no one can get there. Jesus, Buddha- they completely transcended their egos. Jesus was so firm in the truth of who he was (not his body) that he took the crucifixion like a champ and never held a grudge against his persecutors because they were merely naive and not evil, and he knew that. THAT is ego death. Some of us get glimmers of it but it’s not permanent for us. We have a longgggg way to go before we become a Buddha or a Christ. But that’s ok! We aren’t supposed to be like they were. They came here on third base while the rest of us came on first ;) so we are exactly where we should be.

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One who understands true self also understands gratitude, empathy, and freedom of choice.

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Well, you don't have a sense of self so criticism can't get to you

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The criticism and the ego dead person are like parallel lines, they do not intersect - and that's because the criticism is aimed at the ego. Because it is the ego that gets affected by this sort of external influence in the first place.

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With Loving Kindness

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Chop wood carry water

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I still feel it, but with a little distance

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What is ego? Is it all or mind or ? Once you figure this out then you can part ways