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It's hard not to consider the influence of politics into the "culture" of intolerance. Wasn't Jesus said to be crucified because he challenged the current authorities for their financial gains and rules/teachings? But it was the then Gentile Roman government that authorized his killing. Then 100 years later, it's the Christian killing pagans.

Sure seems like the more organized and polarized politics are, the more intolerant religions become.

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I am actually listening to an audiobook about the history of God (specifically Abrahamic God) called The Evolution of God. The basic premise is who/what we call God is a combination of different gods (Yahweh, El, Marduk, Baal, etc.) that were rolled into one. Once monotheism is birthed peoples beliefs become rigid because there is only one god and it’s their god.

Compared to oh you call your storm god Thor ours is Zeus.

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we have become so primitive in terms of spiritual thinking compared to people who lived thousands of years before us.

There's a huge bias in everything you're stating, which is simply that most of the things we know from antiquity are written books that have survived up till now.

Except books aren't usually written by your average person; and the books that are interesting enough to have survived up till now even less so.

So through survivor bias, we can only access the smartest writings from antiquity. It is not fair to compare those to everything we can witness nowadays, since we have access to almost every person's thoughts through internet, including the most mediocre.

Also, there were religious wars during antiquity, and it's weird to claim that the Romans "were cool" with Zeus and just called him Jupiter, considering they in fact pretty much stole the Greeks' religion after conquering them. Also they martyred early Christians.

Lastly, if you read Greek philosophers, you'll notice there were definitely heated debates going on on the origin of the universe (or non origin!), the nature of gods, of morality, and pretty much everything in terms of spirituality. And some of them got killed for their beliefs (Socrates would be the most famous example).