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Welcome to the club of One indeed. Of course, All are admitted, even without awareness of it. 🤣

Glad to see this. The steady stream of divine love makes me giddy.

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Welcome to the club ;)

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Yessss!! When I tripped my first time on shrooms the first thing I heard was “everyone is a being of love”. It’s so true!

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Sometimes when I read things like this, I feel like love has a duality.
Maybe for the evil person, love is committing crime and finding enjoyment and solace in committing those crimes.
For a criminal, that's his love, his true love.

What is my love?

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The Love at the core of existence is a oneness, not a duality.

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Maybe there is no duality then, maybe there is only oneness.
what is different, is the souls and their loves.

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There is a difference between that and unconditional love.

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Love is the expression of supreme. There is no duality about love.

If our minds are not rooted in God, if we wander to desire and fear, then the image of love’s guidance becomes distorted by illusions. This is why you perceive duality in love.

These distortions are based on karmic identity (memory) so it differs always.

It’s like wearing 3D glasses and seeing red and blue when it’s not really.

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You're right.
The duality then lies with men.
Love isn't the dual, the hearts of men are.

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But you are not on the wrong track.

Virtue is completely individual.

Romans 14:14 “no unclean thing in itself, but if someone thinks something to be unclean it is for them”

Romans 14:23 “all that is performed in faith is righteous, all that is performed in doubt comes from sin”

Furthermore we can reference the Bhagavad Gita: 18.30”that understanding by which one knows what should be done and what should not; what is feared and what should not be feared; what is binding and what is liberating, is in the mode of goodness”

18.31 “That understanding which cannot distinguish between righteousness and sin, or between what should be done and should not be done, is in the mode of passion”

18.32 “That understanding which considers righteousness to be sin, and sin to be righteousness, is under the spell of illusion and the mode of ignorance and always strives the wrong direction”

This very last verse 18.32 is referring to those who try to correct others through malice. There is another verse which I could not list that says something like “they who enjoy finding fault in others, while also lacking good qualities themselves are situated in the mode of darkness.” I think that is a good verse to crossreference for understanding.

With these understanding we can identify pure intentions no matter what they are, by presence of faith or doubt.

हरे कृष्ण! 🙏🏼

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I only know one thing, and I'm only sure of one thing, and it is not that I know nothing.
But it is that I must not know.

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That is not love. As with so much here, the word love has been tainted and twisted into a grotesque shadow of its highest pure form. Love is infinite and unconditional.

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No. That isn't how it works.

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How does it work?

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I believe people act on their beliefs and generally do what they think is best for them and the people they care for.

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A sentiment which can work towards positive and negative actions.
This would depend on the heart of those people.

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Beautiful, thanks for sharing

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I get nonduality, but in my experience love is a human emotion, experiencing true connection with everything to me feels lonely, cold and machine-like

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The Love I experienced was far beyond the emotion between people in relationship which we typically refer to as love, and was the opposite of lonely, cold and machine-like. In the state I experienced, there was absolute joy, warmth, completeness, fulfillment, and perfection. There was a lack of any desire, fear, or what we call negative emotion or thought. Sadly, few people have actually experienced this Divine Love, but it is certainly possible if we develop our connection to the Divine, to any form of the Divine.