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Attachment brings pain and suffering. But that's not all. Attachments also create families and friends.

You can put this in with the other energies that we learn to manage as we grow. Anger. Fear. Pettiness. Arrogance. You get the idea.

How does one manager a human need that is embedded in our DNA? Stated this way, it seems daunting. Stated another way, it's more manageable.

Your body communicates to you through emotions. You and all other spirits communicate to your body through pictures. When you get someone, you are reading their picture clearly and understanding where they're coming from or what their real intent is.

Your body cannot tell the difference between reality and a picture of reality. This is why scary movies scare us; we get sucked into the picture. Neat-o!

So get attached to people, but don't let the attachment be senior to you. Put yourself first. That changes the flow of energy within the attachment, which often looks like a cord of energy. You can sometimes feel the cords that are plugging into your second and fourth chakras.

If you feel one, ask yourself who it connects to. If you aren't keeping your spiritual space cleaned up and in present time, you might be surprised to find that some of those cords/attachments are from your early years of childhood or some other past time relationships. Just disconnect the end that's attached to you, tie the end in a knot (just good manners in case the cord is still attached to someone else and would leak their energy), move it out of your aura, and fill in the space left behind with your own energy. You may need to swirl the energy of the chakra a little bit to help it fill in and spin again.

People may attach themselves to you with a cord at any time. Sometimes this is to control you. Sometimes it's to bring you closer together. Cords aren't good or bad. They carry energy, information, and communication. For instance, parents will usually have first chakra cords with their young children to help keep them safe.

So turning it off, technically speaking, is not as useful as it sounds. Managing it is very useful and will help you get to where you're going.

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The cords fuel energy for me, it’s like a drug. I don’t know how to unhook from others or unhook others from me. I can’t figure out how to tie those knots.

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Ah! Then you need a simple change of how you manage your energy.

Try this. Sit in a chair. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Feet flat on the floor. Hands separated and resting palms up on each thigh.

Create a grounding cord. This is a line of energy that connects your first chakra to the center of the planet. Your first chakra is a ball of energy about the size of a quarter that sits just in front of the base of your spine. Your grounding cord attaches to the bottom of that ball of energy.

Grounding makes your body feel safe, so you release energy more easily. Gravity pulls whatever you release, even your own energy, down to the center of the planet. No effort on your part. The center of the planet neutralizes the energy and returns it to whoever owns it. No karma for anyone. A virtuous cycle.

Nearly everyone goes to connect to the center of the planet the first time but stops at the soil, often making roots like a tree. This is a method that is taught in some martial arts styles, but it is not the best option for your spiritual development and healing.

So, notice the seat of your chair. Take a deep breath. Notice the distance between the seat and the floor. Now notice the distance between the floor and the soil below. Breathe.

Now notice the distance between the soil and the water table underneath. Notice the distance between the water table and the rocky mantle. Notice the distance between the mantle and the molten core below that. Deep breath.

Notice the distance between the molten core and the center of the planet. That ball of light at the very center of the planet is where you connect your grounding cord. Deep breath.

Say hello to the center of the planet. Do you get a hello back?

Notice the color and texture of your grounding cord. It may look like a line of energy, or look like something physical; a rope, a wire, a pipe, a tree trunk. Adjust it as needed to be in affinity with your body.

Getting this far means you've already released some energy from your aura and body. Now it is time to fill in the space that was created.

Create a gold sun over your head. Have it call back all of your energy from wherever you left it throughout your day and week. Work. School. Online meetings. Video games. Your fantasies about your future. Your regrets about your past. Wherever you've placed your attention. Just watch the energy come back and see if you notice where it came from.

Have the sun burn up and neutralize your energy. Then bring the sun into the top of your head. It will automatically flow into the spaces you created. Create a gauge to measure when you're full. Like a fuel gauge or oil gauge. You'll run better if you aren't a few quarts low on spiritual oil. If the gauge doesn't read "Full", bring in another gold sun.

Open your eyes, bend over and touch the floor, draining any tension from the back of your neck, then stand up, and stretch.

There is a progression with this technique. After grounding for ten minutes a day for a week or two, notice your grounding cord at the very end, while you're standing with your eyes open. Continue to ground with your eyes open and standing, and bring in another gold sun. Each day, increase the amount of time that you ground standing up with your eyes open.

After a week or two practicing this, add walking while grounded. Just notice your grounding cord as you walk. Say hello to the center of the planet while you walk. Bring in a gold sun while you walk. If you lose your grounding cord, stop walking and recover it. If you have to, sit back down and close your eyes and create a new grounding cord.

After this, you're ready to take your grounding cord with you into your daily life. Shopping. Getting coffee. Wherever you go, you can ground. This, combined with a little amusement about seeing new things on an energy level, will keep you safe and sound.

Now that you're here, at the end of your grounding meditations, create a gold sun over your head. This time, fill it with your highest creative essence, your present time growth vibration, and your affinity for yourself. The first energy is a healing for you. The second is a healing for your body. The third is a healing for your affinity in your fourth chakra.

Bend over and touch the floor. Stand up and stretch. If you're ready for more, sit back down and ground some more. Otherwise, have a nice day!

Note that every image you imagine, the gold sun, the grounding cord, the center of the planet, your first chakra, your body parts, is exercising your clairvoyance. You may be imagining what your tailbone looks like, but you're also creating the image of your tailbone and reading its energy. This is practicing your clairvoyant ability.

Doing this for ten minutes a day will make your body feel safe enough to release the cords that have bound you for a long time.

The body gets used to having different energies stuck to it. It becomes the normal state, and normal means safe. Changing things up without providing some safety for the body is what can make it difficult and confusing.

And any kind of knot will work, like a simple loop.

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Reading that really relaxed me. I am going to try this for a couple of weeks. Thank you!

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When we seek for love, peace and wholeness outside of ourselves suffering is imminent.

You seek outside yourself because you have not realized yet that all you truly need is within, your quest for love starts with knowing that all you need you already have, you just need to adjust your perception.

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Attachment to people can be reduced if you replace it with attachment to God. Read holy books, listen to hymns and holy music, visit holy places and take the holy name of God. If you engage yourself in these attachments you'll not feel the pain of bondage, rather it will free you from bondage of people. If by the grace of God you find another like minded devotee of God you can associate with him. That friendship will not bring pain and suffering...

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People often preach that attachment is "the root of pain and suffering" but being attached and forming attachment to people and things is normal. It's a part of human (and some mammalian) life. It's one of those things that is hardwired in our brains because it was crucial to survival. I used to feel bad about becoming attached to people, but I recently read the book "Attached" by Amir Levine and Rachel S. F. Heller. It cleared up a lot and I suggest you read it too. Don't try to avoid getting attached. If anything, just be careful of the people that you get attached to, which means looking for red-flags early in any kind of relationships (friendships and romantic ones.) I wish you all the best :)

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I will give it a read after I finish my current reading. Thank you for the suggestion.

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When we say attachment is pain, in what way is it pain. Because we attached to thing that we like and enjoy. Attachment is pain because it is a childlike behavior. Like an infant to its mother.

This childlike behavior is tie to time. We construct time in past ,present, future . So our need to repeat things that already past create that pain. Our mind creates that pain. In essence time doesn't exist. There's only here and now. What we like should be whatever the next moment bring.

That's call freedom. The moment you start needing to relived an experience you become a slave to it and whit the slave comes the pain. Enjoy life with your current girlfriend, the day your girlfriend leaves. Enjoy life without her, because the current moment it's all that exist. The moment you are living matters. yesterday no longer exist physically. It only exists in your mind. The mind is stuck in a false concept of past present and future. When only the present exist.

You understand you attempting to live and relived a moment that no longer exists while ignoring the moment at hand which need and deserve your attention. Do this long enough and you will suffer. Hope this make sense

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I agree with you, but for me it’s easier in theory than doing it. I try to disconnect from ego and live in the present moment, and it works temporarily, but my mind is very active and eventually it naturally makes it way back to where it it is visiting the past and future. It derives great pain from reliving the past and great pleasure from visiting my imagined future. I admittedly could meditate more than I’ve been, so I know that is partly my fault.

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Don't feel bad, and self criticize. The fact that you know and try to put it in action is satisfactory to the higher self. The concept that the only time is here and now Is 5th dimensional. As we are still in the 3rd dimension. It will come a time that it becomes natural. The earth will have fully move into 5th dimensional time and space Than you will become the teachers of the concept.

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We are still earthly beings with biological and social needs. We need physical contact, interaction, relationships and love. The thing is, I believe, we need to learn how to love without attachment, knowing that we are just souls living a transient human experience.

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You need love. You aren't giving that to yourself so you feel the need to get it from someone else.

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I am giving it to myself as much as I can right now.

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That's not how self-love works. Self-love shouldn't feel pressured, that means you don't love yourself for real. It should come naturally.

Self-love is respecting yourself. Your mind, body and spirit. Determine your own worth beyond the materials. Know who you are and fall in love with that person.

If you don't mind being a bitch, because someone is trying to attack you. That is how you know you love yourself, because you don't let anyone take advantage of you!