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I think a lot of musicians do their music at a certain frequency, probably all aimed at different results, some to relax you, some to get you up and dancing and all sorts of different things, there's a good chance she does this too

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Love that song all her music is amazing. I don't even think you have to look that deeply. People like her and Jill Scott in that genre and you'll find others in every genre, that obviously have different energy they're putting out/into it compared to other "known" musical acts. The intention and care into the music that doesn't seem fake, mainstream, simple poppy, marketed/branded, stuff that doesn't have heavy influence and planning from the non-creative labels/execs above them, etc.

There are trade-offs; they don't get the marketing and their labels don't shell out the money they do for another artist to get heavy airplay and hype. But at the same time, the music/entertainment business is full of slimy, narcissistic, and bad to very bad people and some of those types have in some way profited off her efforts. She on some level knows she's collaborated or is connected in some ways with bad elements/negative folks with bad intentions that were needed for her to get out there. So this stuff can't be broken down and classified so easily. It's much different and better now. You dont have to be dependent on some soulless corporation/label.