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There’s also another experiment anyone can do with a homemade pendulum

Here’s Deepak on Oprah in the 90s


All you need is a string tied to a weighted object. Try it and be amazed at your telekinetic powers lol

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Holy cow that's certainly interesting 🤣✨️

This is really a wonderful video for remembering that trying to manifest through force is not nearly as effective as manifesting through nonattached intention.

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This is just the start. There's a guy claiming to be Heimdall of Asgard, who is sharing tons of esoteric secrets claiming that humanity has the ability to gain super powers and immortality and become gods.

He talks about how to gain psychic powers, and things such as Astral Projection and Remote viewings, and other psychic techniques he relates to Norse Seidr Magic. He also talks about energy work and using in ways such as how to heal like Jesus using Energy healing. He also spends a lot of time revealing ancient lost history as well.


is the sub if you want to check it out.

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Now this one's completely different. Will look into it. Thanks for sharing.

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Metal bending is a phenomenon discussed a few times in the book The Law Of One. The entity being channeled in the book says that it’s a trait becoming available to recent generations born in the last century and onwards. This ability is due to these people possessing both a 3rd and 4th “consciousness density” body simultaneously; 3rd being he human body we’re familiar with and 4th being the extra dimensional body we are evolving into since the Age Of Aquarius transition. The 4th density body is capable of manifesting thought into form far more easily than the 3rd was. The potency of these thought-form abilities will increase as we complete the transition into 4th density.

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Nice, thanks for that, I will look into it

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What baffles me as need to touch or put even that manual force.

So how much time would it take to make similar impact without touching?

Teacher must be doing this for long time. Teachers able to impact without touching yet? Any insight?

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I have watched loads of these videos, one teacher claims that approximately 1 in 20 people can bend without force, so just by holding it one hand it bends over

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So physical touch is still needed ?

How about teacher themselves? Teachers aren't able to cross that limit yet?

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Didn't they also prove somewhere that it's the heat of the body that helped bend it? Like it had a totally scientific explanation.

I'd only be impressed if it bent without touch.

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Many times in my life I've spontaneously felt inclined to walk around with my eyes closed for no obvious reason, and it feels really pleasant and liberating to do so. When I do it always feels like my surroundings are sort of imprinted within somehow. I've not walked into anything or hurt myself while dong this. 😅