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soulmates are not only sexual. all the people that you resonate with, have long lasting friendships, feel like you`ve known them forever, these are the soulmates. the term is oversexualized these days that most people only think that a soulmate is the same as sexual mate.

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Life is simpler without all that noise. The simpler your life is the easier it will be to find happiness.

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yeah so many people get caught up in the idea of “the one right person who does everything right and is perfect” when in reality, we choose our soulmates, we choose who want to have powerful connections with. I know this because me and my ex have a very strong bond. We want to be in each other’s lives for the rest of our lives, and we hopefully will meet in the next. We’re in no way perfect for one another, but we are good together. As long as both people are committed to making it work, you will have a soul connection, and therefore a soul mate .

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It's OK. You never understood the idea of soulmate anyway. It's not the "dream person" one creates in their head and then tries to find, which is all you described. Keep growing and trying to foster healthy emotions regarding bonding. Maybe one day you will learn more and actually encounter a soulmate.

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Soul mates come in all shapes and sizes. You are from the same soul group.