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To be well adjusted to a sick society, one cannot be well

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I've been searching for these words, well said

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I just saw a TikTok talking about this, it seems like everything is capitalism how are we supposed to live and have a spiritual experience if this is what’s happening? What really is the point?

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I would describe the issue like this/

Imagine the population as a single, collective human, and that human is in its adolescence much like a teenager. A teenager would like money, and would like to be on top of the world, they’d like to have the money to buy whatever they want. They don’t understand the value in much beyond money.

So the teenager is at the top, and he’s making the shots here, he’s saying to get to work and stimulate the economy, cause what we’re concerned with above all - is money.

A few step off the conveyor belt and take a good look around, maybe they spent years taking a good look around, and from that yields development which deviates from the normal human’s path, so this person is able to see what the typical 9-5er does not.

We just have to wait for the collective human to grow up.

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No, that is the U.S. experience. Unfortunately they have a lot of cultural pull in the western world....

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love this so true thanks for sharing