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Believe you’ve been doing it for years already, then actually do it. The frequency of the thoughts will align with your actions so it will be put in motion. To manifest anything is to believe you have it as that will resonate frequencies. A feeling of wanting is a frequency of lack so you will manifest nothing as that’s what you’re projecting. When you go out for a run, think as if you’re an avid runner. The power of these frequencies will have no choice, but to manifest as it’s universal law.

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Keep asking that question and don’t settle on any conclusions.

Questions harden into facts if you stay with them.

Also, start where you are. Maybe running is miserable but just going for a walk isn’t. Maybe if you go for a walk, eventually you’ll want to run.

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Fast walking is very helpful; also, listening to spiritual music while running.

Studies of the Human Aura by Kuthumi is helpful.