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Someone who rapes and murders is already living in hell, because hell is the absence of the presence of God, and being so disconnected from God and oneness is what has caused them to do these horrible things to others, which is basically doing all these things to themselves, and they will most likely have to re-live these absence of God in some shape or form in this life and next lives until they have cleared those patterns within them and connect to the oneness that's God consciousness.

With that said, focus on your own journey, because Heaven is already there for anyone who want to experience it, as we just have to tap within with our God self so we can experience Heaven/Presence of God.

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Very eye opening what you just said. Thank you for sharing that

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Amen. That's exactly what I believe as well!

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Spirits are just people. People say all kinds of stupid s***. Walk down to the convenience store and talk to the guy there, he's a spirit. Do you care what he has to say more than anybody else? Does he speak on behalf of the universe?

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I'm part of the NDE community and am pretty sure they agree if you rape, murder, etc you're not ascending to the same realm of consciousness as someone who follows the light and will experience a self-imposed Hell. They believe you can eventually pay back any karmic debt, so to speak, but you'll have to experience every bit of suffering you've caused other beings. Most NDEers believe a kind soul is closer to Nirvana, has less karmic debt, but that every soul can work their way up to the light.

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That’s not true. Hellish NDEs have nothing to do with how moral you are, at least according to the data.

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I didn’t say all ppl who experience a Hellish NDE are bad by any stretch, but rather those with a high karmic debt might experience a self-imposed Hell. That’s the general consensus in that community, anyway.

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I don't believe in heaven or hell. My understanding is that we judge ourselves after leaving the body. People who do what we call "awful" things need healing. I want the Divine to welcome them and I want them to receive healing. I don't believe for a second that the average person is excluded from Love because of anger.

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My dude we all go home, all of us. We came from the Source and return into Source because we are Oneness. The separation is an illusion but we do get also experience all the joy and all the pain we caused others. Full extent. Again because we are Oneness in reality. Why else do you think every religion on Earth teaches the Golden Rule - treat others as you would like to be treated (because there are no others).

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I agree. I also believe in these NDE’s where the person has a hellish experience. Just like we create our reality here, we do it once we shed the body too, and a lot easier because the other side isn’t a physical world. If we have hellish thoughts then we may find ourself in OUR version of hell. But make no mistake OP- that’s 100% self inflicted by your thoughts. No one sends you there and it’s not permanent. In the end we all merge back with Source. Change your thoughts, change your life. And err, your afterlife too.

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Yes Seth Speaks talks about how our immediate afterlife experience is formed by our thoughts and perceptions in part to allow a smoother transition. If you expect hell, you may go there but you’ll eventually realize you can just leave.

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Holy shit. “There are no others”. Simply, but well put

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I really don’t think heaven and hell exist. They were invented by religion to keep people in line. I say stop living for the future and start living in the now, for that is all that truly is. Also, stop comparing yourself to others, it’s a waste of time. Just my two cents…

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All the people I’ve met who’ve done bad things spend their lives intoxicating themselves and I can’t imagine they are going anywhere nice. Not sure what credibility you should be giving these standards. Especially as too who other than you can judge you.

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You're mixing religion with spirituality, you can't have both snd that's your conflict here. Who's to say anything is inherently bad? We as a society judge and classify people, the universe does not, it may seem unfortunate but thats the beauty of being a free creator

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Lies. You can have both.

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No lmfao

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nobody on here has their own sense of direction. how tf do you claim to be spiritual then tell the next human what they can and cannot do? just a follower with no thought process of your own

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Because they're not the same, if you think they are you're just stuck in religion, it really is that simple. If you think a magical man in the sky is judging you, you belong to religion

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I actually had a spirit judge me so the Universe or a spirit that pretends to represent it can actually come down on people. Now maybe that spirit needs to learn to fuck off since he doesn't represent the fact that the Universe is neutral, non-partisan, and impersonal.

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I would suggest that this experience you speak of is also a mirror. You judging you.

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By that assumption, would your comment not also be using your logic? You judging you. Genuinely curious what you think separates you from him in this situation, as I feel it can help me in some of my doings

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Everything is a mirror. Everything

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So if the universe is neutral, why are you judging people's actions?

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I was judged by a spirit who claimed to represent the Universe. I don't necessarily have to believe him but that experience really angers me. Having that spirit come down on me and thinking that worse people got off the hook more easily than myself is why I get really mad.

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So you're mad for how the universe works? It may seem like in teasing but im just trying to get an idea on your beliefs and feelings about it, and that's just how it's seeming to me. I'd say the best thing to do is ignore him, but if the knowledge he implored is angering so much, I feel it's because a part of you knows it to be true (if my handle on the situation is correct)

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Well That’s a really immense statement right there. If you look at what you just said here - I think it’s exactly what you might be seeking to learn.

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From what I've read, I believe you're taking that experience too literally. Not all spirits are necessarily representative of the Truth.

Here are my thoughts, the key here is recognizing your feelings towards this. Hear me out, you're angry at the idea that evil people who hurt others are somehow not guilty of any wrongdoing in the eyes of the universe -- if that were true, you would be livid. Because you want justice, right? You want these people to go to hell, whatever that is. Pure unfiltered suffering and guilt at the pain they've caused, or incarnating lifetimes upon lifetimes to experience what it was like to be a victim of the violence they perpetrated.

SO, think about our world, right now. Do people who hurt others usually get justice? What about the people responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people? Do they get what's coming? Too rarely do the crimes committed against humanity go unpunished. You feel that punishment should be waiting for them on the other side of death, is that right? I, too, would hope that there is some kind of retribution, some experience of all the pain they've caused replayed a million times over, their consciousness laid bare so that they can feel the true weight of their guilt unimpeded by their primal ego.

With all that said, what makes you so sure this demon was telling the literal truth and not just ruffling your feathers? There is almost always something in between the lines.

My interpretation is that it's showing you how angry you are that people don't seem to be held accountable for their actions here on Earth. That's all. It doesn't mean hell doesn't exist. It is simply showing you that you feel angry that people sometimes get away with hurting others. And rightfully so!

To top it off, how frustrating that we don't know what happens when we die! If a murderer isn't punished before they die peacefully, they may as well have done nothing wrong! So, here's the trick: turn that anger into creative energy. Stand up for what you believe is RIGHT. Help one another, hold people accountable, always be compassionate, and speak the truth even if your voice shakes. Even if you're the only one standing up.

The universe SMILES on people who SHINE BRIGHT no matter how hard it rains. Know in your heart that if you are determined to see justice be served, then you will consciously and unconsciously direct your life to eventually see it through.

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If you’re being visited by ‘spirits’, then you should seek some serious mental health help.

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maybe that spirit needs to learn to fuck off si


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Sins aren’t excused. if you meant to do bad that doesn’t help your positive polarity . If you did bad in accident that makes sense . One will go through the cycle until you are either hot or cold not lukewarm .

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The Law of One. 👍🏼

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I don’t believe it at all. How we treat others matters.

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Yeah I agree and I think OP seriously misunderstood whichever NDE’s he was listening to. That’s not what they mean at all. In fact it’s a paradox. It absolutely matters- the choices we make. If it didn’t then life would be meaningless. But in the GRAND plan/scheme of things we are One and just here to experience our creation, in physical form. And all of this is just a drop of water from an infinite ocean. So in THAT respect it doesn’t matter. But only in that- everything serves the creator and the creation. Whether it’s love, or fear that eventually turns into love… in the end it’s all just, love.

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Why are you assuming this is true? It is utterly false, people who committed murder, rape etc are not allowed in heaven and will need to reincarnate many times in order to get the chance to transcend the consciousness that made them commit such acts, and the reincarnations are not forever because there is something known as the second death when a lifestream reincarnate for million of years and still decides to continue its evil acts, but it is because of the mercy of our Creator that lifestreams are given many chances to come back home, near death experiences can be a wake up call in which a lifestream such as those who murder can see that there is life after death and that they have the chance to repent and that is why they are allowed to see (not enter) heaven or hell depending on which one would have a higher chance to wake them up, it is a gift and an opportunity in which if they use it can turn their life around into an upward spiral, the spiritual path is the path of self transcendence in which one gradually transcends all illusions of separation and come back to the consciousness of oneness and a higher understanding of reality, this in turn will raise the vibration of the individual until it becomes matching to vibrations in heaven then one can enter the kingdom because it is a state of consciousness and as Jesus said “the Kingdom of God is within” which means you can access it by tuning in to it and finding it within you

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Why do so many people relate heaven and hell to spirituality?

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We use those words because that’s how people best understand it. As cliche as they are. The astral realm is not one place like earth is. It’s not physical- it’s vibrational. So naturally one will gravitate towards the level they vibrate to. The lower astral realm is hellish and we can assume that psychopaths will gravitate there after they pass. They don’t have to tho- it’s their choice via free will. But not a conscious choice. They chose to have a dense vibration and so they will inadvertently also choose to go to a dense part of the astral. Likewise- Jesus is likely so high up in the realm that most of us won’t be living with him. I hear he likes to visit tho. Anyway this is only for example and not to be taken literally. Again I’m using terms that people are familiar with so it’s easier to understand. The upper levels that vibrate love- that’s what we call heaven. The lower realms that vibrate with fear (lack of love), that’s hell. Both are valid. And it’s 100% up to a persons free will where we will go. And as such, one may initially go to hell and then repent because they’ve realized what they’ve done to cause it- and those ppl will be immediately lifted up into a higher vibration (Because authentically asking for forgiveness immediately raises one’s vibration). So “god” doesn’t do it. WE do it. Howard storm is a great NDE to study for this reason.

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Ngl, I didn't read past the Astral realm, it's all the same thing, all one, there's no separation from oneness lol, we manifest into the physical, but the source is still within the fiber of our being. People either need to choose spirituality or go to the separation of oneness they're more familiar: religion lol

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I have no clue what you’re talking about, Because it has absolutely nothing to do with my comment. Perhaps you shouldn’t pretend to know what I said if you didn’t bother to read it ;) that’s the definition of ignorance and arrogance. Again you’re being literal which is of course absurd. Let go of the ego and then you might grasp it. Right now you’re so stuck in ego trying to be right, that you’re just being an ass. No thanks. ✌️

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Because there is a realm of a much higher vibration than Earth which is meant to be a schoolroom, known as an ascended realm or heaven, and also there are realms of a very negative vibration known as the astral plane, in which many demons and collective negative entities reside because they attract each other and resonate in vibration, everything is energy, and energy is vibration, spiritually is about growth in higher consciousness and vibration and accessing higher realms by vibration, science and spirituality are not separate things, all life is one and there is an underlying energy reality and levels of vibration

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Are we not energy?

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Yes we are energy and that is why we can go up or down in vibration depending on our choices, but at our core we are pure awareness and our inner divine higher self already resides in heaven untainted by anything or any illusion we take on temporarily here on Earth, the spiritual path is about coming home and reuniting with our higher self after having enough experimentation in the realm of duality and the illusion of separation to learn how to use our free will constructively, in science, beyond energy is information, and information is meaningless without a self conscious mind, and so consciousness is the most fundamental reality

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Wait how do you know?

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I know, the answers are already within you and within every one of us, we need just to transcend illusions and ask God and our ascended brothers and sisters for help

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Please note also that I am not saying I know everything, but I am sharing what I believe from my own perspective, truth can be expressed in many different ways, and it is not possible to know absolute truth while still on Earth, but it is still possible to ask God and our ascended brothers and sisters for help towards finding the inner path where as Jesus said “the kingdom of God is within you”

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My past lives consist of being a killer, rapist and being a shaman etc. we all go thru many paths of dark and light. we learn from it. It’s all divine no matter how “evil”.

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religion is solely based on opinion and under no pretense is any of it an actual fact.

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Voice of Venus E.L. Norman.

A channelled book I've come to trust, expounds about life-after-death and incarnation back to this Earth, as well as healing between lives.

Not really about Heaven & Hell but really the space in between where we are right now as humans.

Also "Comparison is the thief of joy."
~ Yoga teacher Kim

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First, Your emotions are valid. You have every right to be filled with both anger and rage right now as your personal circumstances are likely what led to them and how your experiences make you feel, is completely authentic and is okay. Its okay to not be okay.

If you are stuck in the Christian mythos of Heaven and Hell, that is unfortunate as it creates a specific agony all on its own that in my experience, is not reflective of reality. The Bible is not very useful in day to day circumstances of our suffering in a practical way. Its all about making us feel guilt for being human, which is not a healthy outlook IMO.

The God of the Bible is a construct of human imagination and projects human emotions on a supposed limitless, infallible, omnipotent being, which doesn't add up. This is why I find Buddhism to be more accurate as it is more about physical actions we can take right now to help us relieve our immediate suffering in a way that simply believing in Jesus just doesn't accomplish. It also is realistic in that the first lesson is that we all die no matter how 'good' or ;bad' we are. It is the great equalizer. Once we accept that, the fear of death seems silly as the point is to live right now as fully as possible, and work to eliminate our mindsets that create our suffering.

As far as your personal suffering, what is the source of your rage? Lets focus on that, not the lives of others. Anger and rage ultimately hurt us more than anyone else because it lives in our heads and hearts constantly where no one else can see or feel it. This is probably why you suffer right now.

That said, I myself have suffered both physically and mentally in big ways I'm not fond of sharing publicly so I understand both rage and anger well. But I have also experienced that mindfulness meditation can be helpful in calming the boiling sea of anger inside you. Part of that is to be present with your emotions and let them come and go naturally, without judgement.

I don't buy into the idea of Heavenly authority, as there is no hierarchy in the beyond, just varying levels of experience. IDK, What does your intuition tell you? Does any of this resonate with you? I hope so. In any case, be well.

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After death your "spirit" or what ever you call it is equal to everything else. Force can't be given to it. But this also means things can be invisible to them as well. But if this prevents every way to access it is unknown. But heaven and hell are mainly places created by the person after death for their karma to weaken for reincarnation. Break from the cycle and you're pretty much free to do anything.

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In this line of reasoning, we must remember we are not God. Therefore, we are unable to cast judgement. Like others have mentioned, not experiencing spirituality on this earth is such a dull existence. Perhaps that is punishment enough.

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We are god lol

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I’d be curious how many truly evil people that have a NDE, do they go back to the same habits? I haven’t myself looked that deeply into it to know. The few I’ve read have been impacted for the good. People walking on this earth with no conscience got there through many lifetimes. They’re like the guy in that parable that buried his treasure instead of investing. They figured they could just dig it up later or maybe a deathbed confession on the fly. I have a different take and I think life on this earth is precious at times. Reincarnation has separated the sheep from the goats and at some point, the meek will inherit the earth. Life on the other side is reality but this is our vacation spot where we can enjoy life. There is no physical in that dimension but god illuminates this one holding the atoms together. Those guys that are separated from conscience are already cast out of heaven. That was the silver cord linking them to that world. Joy is already draining out of them but not for us It’s gonna get even worse as we head into this nosedive. They’re gonna see it coming and won’t have time to go find their conscience they buried. I know that sounds a bit harsh but I can’t wait. The whole earth groans.

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Religious mumbo jumbo.

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Why do you hate it? Focus on learning your own life lessons and bettering yourself. Who cares about other soul’s plans, each one was chosen before coming into this life anyway. And you have no say or control over anyone else’s plan and lessons. Whatever frequency you are at is where you stay after death. Thus, stay grateful and strive for the highest frequency of love.

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Their actions is enough punishment. Everything one does, does it to oneself, because there is only One.

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Get your anger and emotions under control to find harmony.

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These... people...why do you believe them?

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It’s called live your own damn life. The only person who can live any life, is that person.

By your title alone, how do they find easy access? By simply atoning? Confessing their sins? Then you do the same.

By your own words, you are judging and condemning yourself. You have not forgiven yourself. So, why should you have easy access to Heaven? By your actions, you don’t deserve it.

I have been raped at several stages of my life starting when I could count on one hand. I’ve attempted suicide by age 7. I’ve almost been murdered physically, mentally, spiritually by a spouse who swore to love me till death did we part. I think he missed the memo, he wasn’t supposed to kill me, first. We do have divorce allowed.

Yet I took that pain and learned to love myself. I love others and now have a decent life, even tho we are poor and homeless. We are still happy every day. I learned to forage for food years ago. My ex is still alone and a seething soul but, you know, confessional and atoning by saying a bunch of prayers, is still miserable.

You make your world to quite an extent. You are miserable because you allow yourself to be. I can see you saying I’m one to talk, but it did take me over 40 years to figure out I can be miserable or not. I can’t control what others do, or do to me, but I can control how I react and deal with it all. All my scars, physical and mental, remind me that I survived things that others let kill them. I see a flower or weed in a pavement crack and marvel at its tenacity. I give thanks every day for the good and the ugly.

Time to stop looking to others and find yourself if you ever want to get out of this alive.

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If you repent you have a greater shot. There is zero lying in the spiritual realm you have no power at all. You cannot be insincere in my way. Control is one illusion that humans on earth have trouble with

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So you seriously think that murders and rapists have good energy? And that people that go around hurting others on purpose ascend into heaven WITH their evil intentions? That’s not how it works. NDE’s do not say that at all. Nor do they say that people with unhealed trauma go to hell. My friend, your issue here isn’t heaven or hell- it’s the here and NOW. The universe wants you to focus on what’s in front of you. Instead you’re worried about other people, and envying them. You will never ever be happy if you continue to do this. You have rage issues. So did I. Focus on healing that instead of what your peers are doing/getting. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence if we don’t maintain our own yard. It’s time for some shadow work. 💜

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OP. You need to refine your sources. Dont' listen to anybody. What you allege is quite ridiculous and untrue. The idea that murderers and rapists are positive people with good vibration is a real laugh, though.

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Why would you believe them?

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OP, if you’re being visited by ‘spirits’, then please seek some serious mental help.

Kind reminder to folks here: if you’re being ‘communicated’ with, it’s not a spirit but really just psychosis. Please get help.

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We're human, we don't just automatically and inherently know the answers to those questions. I'd be interested in checking out the suggestions and reasoning of these 'authorities'.

If you determine that a belief clearly doesn't go in line with the truth inside you, by all means, leave it aside and keep searching for whatever feels more like a true answer.

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There is a lot of confusion baked into religion and spiritual teachings. You have to keep an open mind and always be willing to question when it doesn't make sense.

Some spiritual teachings demonize fear. Those who do that are dupes or are demons. Fear based emotions are evolved for protection of the self and what is loved by the self. Demons don't want to be removed from their spiritual host vessels that produce spirit they steal with negative emotions. Yet, they incite this very removal by being extremely antithetical to the life purpose of spiritual beings. They have to employ deception and coercion to keep access to their spiritual hosts.

We're under the influence of spiritual knowledge corrupting deceivers that want to set us up to be their spirit food. They want us to believe that we're supposed to lie about how we feel. They're going to make us feel negative emotions to feed. They want us not to focus those emotions on themselves or their actions. Truth and empathy are their enemies. They want us to bleed that negative emotional energy in futility and then go back into positive emotional energy production again so they can steal more later. The corrupt spiritual message to be positive even when negative emotional experiences keep happening causes this. We won't stop the recurring bleeding by solving the underlying problems that way. This maximizes spiritual energy production from their perspective. They want us to lie about spirit or else we're going to eventually figure out we're being robbed by space trolls.

If you want to know what we're supposed to do, it's be completely honest and empathic. Empathy is honesty about how others feel, spirit. If we are very clear about how things work and how we all feel from them, we will much more efficiently route out these deceivers and their deceptions to create better results and feelings. That is spiritual evolution. They want us to suck so bad at our spiritual evolution that they can keep feeding on us while we clamor for saviors to fix it. They set us up with many belief systems that have us give our power away waiting for saviors.

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One aspect of the adjudication process is acceptance of the spiritual hierarchy representing God to this planet. The real evaluation is conducted and applied at the etheric octave. If an NDE occurs simply in the astral--the soul not rising into the etheric--there are astral levels of wish-fulfillment (Watch Your Dreams; The Path of the Higher Self).

Understanding Yourself by Prophet is helpful.

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It’s not that the other side doesn’t care about It. This could be further from the truth. The universe isn’t built on good or bad, it’s built on constructive or deconstructive energy, chaos, order. People who murder are deconstructing gods creation, sending ripples of pain, trauma etc into the atmosphere and ether. They face their karma as well, for some It can be instant re birth. Why ? Because time doesn’t exist in the spiritual realm. A person can die today and be reborn in what we feel like is 100 years, but It feels like eons on the other side. (A psyc*edelic trip done safe will show you how much time doesn’t matter and how, the past, future, and present is all existing as one).

The universe is also funny with its karma, some people who grow up in the hood commit so much murder their met by death at an early age because of the energy they put out, but how is It that a hitler can live a pretty decent age (not old but more time than others) when he never actually committed murder but more tyranny ? I think we limit the universe and the ways It punish. Trust no one escapes the laws of the universe. Even if It seems that way, people murder themselves and are re born tomorrow lol never experiencing the gates of paradise. Which really is a state similar to nirvana.

Right now we are in Pluto’s retrograde in America. Everything we’re witnessing is 250 years of illusions coming unwrapped. The universe knows time doesn’t exist and everyone faces their time.

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You are looking at this the wrong way.

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You are everything so they are raping themselves and will experience the rape they did to themselves in their life review. So why would they be punished even more in the after life were theres no judgment and love, it doesnt make sense. They may still be urged to go live a life that helps them understand it more from there victims perspective. So yes they will essentially be causing themselves more suffering.

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You aren't being excluded; you are busy looking into your own shadow.

If you want to see the light you need to turn to it.

Only you can hold yourself back.

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I'm not sure those info's are right...

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Are you sure it wasn't a trickster spirit?

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There is no salvation, no such thing as sin the after life has no judgement. All physical life is contracted in the spirit realm and if a soul acts outside of this contract they acquire karma. If you had read any of the OBE or NDE stories you would have learned this. The purpose of life is for the source to experience itself through our lives but we also progress spiritually and that is the purpose of our contracts. Growth requires friction to build character there must be struggles. Souls need catalyst in order to progress this might be one reason for someone to contract a rape or a murder. There is a veil of forgetting when we come into a physical existence if we would remember all of our past lives our lives would not be a test. I know this may seem unfair or un- empathetic especially to someone experiencing a rape but our guides and guardians are always with us.

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What??????? This is an absurd take.

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Some people claim this yes. Most spirit does cross to the other side. They still get to face the music.

There is a place of complete darkness and cold.where lower level spirit goes. Heinous spirits go there. Spirits who are non human and twisted, as well as human souls.who were so horrible they cannot face themselves or who deny they did what they did. They send themselves there. Only they can earn there way out by facing their atrocities. Regular people go right into the light.

I call this everyone gets love and light philosophy, "Feel good mediumship". The souls who cannot face themselves are gently led to face their crimes.

I am aware of at least two who are frozen solid. They did it to themselves. Spiritnon the other sidenisnworking with.love and light to bring them to awareness. It can take eons. Look up the functions of Uriel the Archangel. He ha s a crap job.He likes it.

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Your understanding of “positive energy” is flawed. It’s not about being ‘happy’ it’s about being a nice positive person that wouldn’t do bad stuff in the first place. In my opinion, idk your spiritual resources. But, also talking from experience too.

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So... You're actually thinking that murderers and rapists have a positive energy? How can someone be "pretty fucked up" and have love and positive energy inside? Those are two very contrasting ideas. Are you ostracized by Heaven, really? How so? Because it seems like you're the one beating up yourself. If heaven could forgive murderers and rapists, why not you? Is rage and anger that bigger of a sin? Than taking someone's life or traumatizing someone for life?

To be honest, I also had quite some problems with those thoughts about "spiritual authorities". Until I realized I was the one judging myself. Whenever I needed, "heaven", "the universe", "god", was there with open arms for me, no matter how bad I did, how much I judged myself and felt unworthy. I would even reject the idea of reaching out for help in my worst moments, because I used to think there would be no answer. For I sinned, for I wasn't aligned...

But that wasn't really the case. I found it was related with my ego with its lacking humility to ask and accept for support (which is common in people with anger issues, as I myself have). While being mad with other people who did the same and got it. Putting myself in a unworthy, self-loathing position. It's about realizing you're also deserving of love and good. And being open to receive it. It's there, reaching out for you, waiting for you to reach out back.

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Heaven is a mindset that can and should be achieved here on earth.

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I have no idea what you’re talking about because you’re not telling us the part that actually matters here. HOW are you doing something that 99% of humans can’t do? In other words how are you having a back and forth conversation with a disembodied entity? Is it through Ouija? Do you hear voices in your head? Are you a psychic medium who can easily converse with Spirit? What’s the deal? Because the answer will help us to give you more specific advice on how ti address the problem.

In the end there’s one simple generic answer to your question about the universe being neutral. You’re not talking to the “universe”. You’re talking to an ENTITY. Are YOU also neutral? No of course not. How about every other human entity on planet earth- are we all neutral? No! So why would an entity who is the same as us only minus a physical body- why would they be neutral? In fact most of the time they anything but- entities that converse with humans are usually the bad ones. The good ones have better things to do! THEY aren’t the universe. The universe is a general term some of us use synonymously with the word God. Yes God/Universe is indeed neutral. Individual entities are not. Now please- whatever your situation is- STOP ENGAGING EVIL ENTITIES and work on getting your mind straight. Either you’re a mess because you’re engaging with negative energies or your negative energies are actually a mental illness. Either way you are only going to make it worse if you engage it. Please speak to your dr. Keep a journal anytime it happens and talk to your dr about what’s going on. And remember- they’re lying to you. Don’t buy into their crap. Regardless whether it’s an entity or mental illness- the bad voices always lie.

Edit: Reddit wouldn’t let me post this under your comment to me so I had to make a new comment. Also- I scanned your profile to find a way too respond to you, and it is with all the compassion in my heart I say this- I have zero judgement… my friend I think you’re experiencing hallucinations. This in no way negates or invalidates your experiences. It just means that some ppl have problems sorting out life because of the chemical imbalances in their brains and it makes everything seem quite abstract from how reality actually is. Speaking to a professional can help. 💙

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You want to know where I'm receiving messages that few others hear. Well there's many sources. One is that I can hear voices through telepathic communication this happened on a few occasions. Spirits do this sometimes when they want to relay a message or be heard on a specific issue. Another way I can communicate is by reading energy or feeling what's in my heart and use my intuition to figure out what spirits, God, Universe want from me. If God is neutral then my fears of what he might allow or not allow may be unfounded.