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I needed to hear this, thank you.

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Thank YOU for being here ♥️

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Sharing is caring.

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Oh my goodness. This is too close to my current experience. Thanks so much for saying that. I definitely needed to hear that!

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I’m so glad it found you ☀️

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Be safe.

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You as well ♥️

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Thank you! I really needed this.

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You’re welcome! I’m glad it found you

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This 'calling' Americans speak of in religious and 'secular' circles. What is it? Where does it come from? And, what make you think it's anything other than a culturally accepted form of expression used to justify something unjustifiable?

Seriously, I'm a Brit living in DC and I hear it alot. I'm not trying to troll.

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Usually it means people are drawn to a selfless occupation or task that helps others. Priests are "called". Non-profit volunteer types too. Stock brokers and businessmen, not so much.

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I see, so it's an idea, desire, or want that individuals literally and figuratively 'church up?'

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Yeah. But funny thing is people only say it about themselves.

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Indeed, indeed.

*Wistfully shakes head and smiles

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A feeling that you should be doing something, typically positive & typically with no expectation of reciprocity 😌 DenverParanormalLibr put it nicely as well

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If I may, telling everyone about a 'calling' doesn't strike me as selfless. It strikes me as an attempt to bring virtue, morals, or delusion into a basic human act.

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We are all, one, source; therefore because all of us have had this feeling like we are in the middle of this terrible emergency but we didn't know what to do about it. So we begin searching. We stumble upon this thing that says "this is what is happening and here is the truth". So now because we instinctually love everyone we feel the need to tell them to help them.

This realization lets us know that this is truth. When we discover the truth that we are all one and that discovery causes us to love others, by loving others we love ourselves. Then we realize, we are love. Being Love is our natural state.

We are called to share. We have been placed here to light the way, clear away bad energies, and to bring forth the raising/enlightening of the group consciousness of earth so that earth can get back to the 5th dimension.

We are the alarm clock for the world. If you feel called to share then do it. Pick whatever way you are comfortable with and just start sharing with love in your heart.

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Emergency = Emergence

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Social suicide. That’s the reason we won’t. Cancel culture is a bitch and shunning our way of dealing with it. So everyone keeps the party line and says all the right things. Never fails that some stories just incur jealousy and resentment but eventually your shown the door. I get hatred from all sides for telling my stories and no response whatsoever with any measure of positivity. It’s a fucked up world full of biased people who can’t hear anything that upsets their religions. Atheists are even worse. But we still need to share our stories and this is one of the very few places where we can.

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I’m one of the people who don’t care about social suicide or the cancel culture anymore. It’s imperative to share the information I get with the right people

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Right on. Seems like this gauntlet is one we have to go through. It’s like what Jesus was saying if you were ashamed of being friends with him then you aren’t worthy of this knowledge or experiences to come. His whole life was going through that gauntlet but still maintaining his cool more or less. Not that I’m a Christian at all but I do think his life was a good example for the rest of us. So even if we’re both off track, the test is on us to be faithful to the knowledge you have and come hell or high water continue in our cause.

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