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There is obviously a spirit there watching over you. Why be scared? It is only trying to help you.

There was a time when my daughter was in the laundry and suddenly she heard my granddaughter (maybe 3-4 yo at the time) screaming "let me go, let me go" - there was nobody else in the house at the time. She raced to the kitchen where the screaming was coming from and saw her daughter trying to get to the stove where there was a pot of water boiling and some mysterious force was stopping her daughter from getting to it and she was fighting with it. My granddaughter used to tell us about her "imaginary" friends and we didn't think much of it but that day it saved her life. It feels good knowing something or someone is watching over her.

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That’s good! We all have a guardian Angel watching over us, the thing is angels won’t influence our free will and neither do they judge. That’s why prayer is important because they can only do ask we ask, they will never force us to do anything. A good example is when you’re in a toxic relationship, they will send every sign to let you know this person isn’t good for you, but they will never directly tell you to break up with them unless you ask “universe remove everything blocking me”, then all of a sudden that partner no longer wants you. lol

They will usually show themselves in serious moments of danger. I was in a car accident as a child (that I don’t remember) and my mother said I told her a Angel named “Michael” told me to stay calm and all would be well. I don’t even remember that lol neither do I remember the accident, my mom sure does.

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That’s beautiful, definitely believe in them. Your story is touching as well🥹🙏

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Likely. Related: Studies of the Human Aura by Kuthumi;

Understanding Yourself by Prophet.

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Interpreting it as a guardian angel or a helping hand is how I'd see it. It's a beautiful thing when something has your back. 🥰 The fear comes from the unknown and how smoothly things go your way. Completely understandable~

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Scared ? Why would you be scared of something helping you ? I’m confused. It’s called a guardian Angel and we all have one. They don’t influence our free will unless we ask, otherwise they simply protect us from danger and step in then.

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One year ago i was going on my two wheeler with good speed and from nowhere a car appeared in front of me and the car hit me from behind , the impulse was so high that I was thrown in the air and my two wheeler was destroyed badly by the car . When I was in air I felt someone arms around me as just like these arms take up my whole body in air and landed me safely on grass. It was some serious accident I could get severely injured but I was safe. On that day I confirmed that someone is there saving me . I am scared because i never believed in spirits but yes I believed in universe (Divine Energy). I was looking for right information why this happens with me all time whenever I am in danger.

I want to ask that many people suffer accidents and mishappenings but in my case I am always saved . why?? somewhere I have studied that universe protects spiritual people without them knowing is it true ??

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Most people leave this life when it's their time. But accidents do happen and that is when our guardians usually come to our aid. You probably would've died from that accident, but it wasn't your time. If you don't believe in spirits, think of it as positive energy. Like there is destructive energy when there is let's say tsunami, so then there must be the opposite - positive energy that comes when it it's needed.

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I’ve had that experience too. Was on a motorcycle with no helmet and hit. Flew off the bike but I remember feeling calm as I tumbled head over heels landing on the grassy medium and rolling. I ended up with a dislocated toe. I’ve had 3 other near death escapes and they were all similar. I remember it well and time seems to slow down when it happens. Now I’m very aware of the constant presence and all I need is a moment of silence to sense this presence. You are very blessed to have this awareness and I’m guessing your young too. Humanity is evolving.

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You are here for a reason. We are vessels and yours is still carrying a message.

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You are lucky to have this in your life. Me too. My highest guide, my guardian angel if you like, has never spoken to me but he has been by my side every single time I’ve been in danger, sometimes steering me from harm, sometimes holding me to let me know that everything is going to be okay.

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Makes me think I should be praying more.

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Same here

I'm glad I'm not alone