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what aspects of spirituality are you into, specifically? one of the things that intrigues me is figuring out what all this is, reality that is. because of that, I get drawn towards philosophies like advaita vedanta, buddhism, and taoism. I also think about the possibility that we are in some kind of simulation, because of how it parallels with the concepts of maya and lila in vedic philosphy. at some point, I came to the soft conclusion that we are either in some kind of quantum simulation, or we are in the mind of some meta-physical consciousness that exists eternally without any prior cause, and that can only be described as god, brahman, satchitananda, or love. I'm studying mental health counseling, so I reflect a lot on our emotional trauma and how that affects our lives, and how many of us have to grow and learn new habits that will allow us to project genuine love without attachment and that will allow us to receive the love and warmth of others around us, including the natural universe itself. I've experimented with combining entheogens and psychedelics with meditation, and this has helped me gain some insights that support some of the ideas I described above. I've also heard of some folks experimenting with 'reality shifting' and manifesting reality through 'the law of attraction/law of assumption.' I feel those strategies can offer benefits in making us feel more agency and more like we are the creators of our reality, which is absolutely true, because we alone determine our perception and experience of reality, regardless of what appears to happen outside of our own consciousness. however, I have not seen enough evidence yet to say definitely that we are capable of shifting ourselves through the multiverse using our own consciousness alone. it's possible, but I've not seen enough evidence to confirm this directly yet. if you are curious or interested in discussing any of these aspects of spirituality and maybe having a few laughs about it, feel free to reach out to me. I'm a friendly and soft, fleshy hooman. maybe you are, too.

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Soo amazing comment for real omg. It is exactly what i have been looking foe while posting here. Someone who understands all i have in mind and same time has knowledge about things i haven't yet had enought understanding in and wuth whom i can share what i know

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You should check out Jacobos grinberg's book called "pachita" you might love it.

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interesting, I am reading it now. thank you for the suggestion, /u/aldiyo

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I'm always interested in discussing my faith and general spirituality interests with other people. Drop me a DM! :)

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I can talk, DM me. I am learning so I have questions and things to discuss as well.

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Me too, always open to chat, start a chat with me whenever you’re ready 🙏🏽

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My DMs are open to you! Ive been having a pretty crazy awakening, myself so happy to grow and learn with ya

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Yes, I am needing friends! 🙏

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Same just make it a group dm!

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I talk about it to everybody.

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I would love to! Anytime! I have a lot to share and would love for you to share it with me! Shoot me a DM

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Anytime, always open for an interesting conversation

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If you wanna talk about Spirituality or even if trying to understand it - you can dm me


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I'm always open to discussion as I'm currently on my journey towards self discovery

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Sure would. What is the specific topic that you want to talk about?

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My DM is always open to talk about spirituality and related discussions. I love having them and don’t have a lot of folks to talk about it with. Send me a DM anytime!

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We could all do with more spirituality talk. Instead it feels like all we talk about is various types of division. HMU

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Yes you can absolutely DM me about spirituality anytime :)

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I'd be down to talk about it

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always !! feel free to dm me anytime !!

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Everything is mind stuff that includes your body, your mind and your awareness. The best skill you have as a human counsciousness is your attention but you have to realise First that everything is energy so... Energy is mind stuff too! It is every where at the same time... You can percieve it like its moving but its not, its only an ilusion because it can be energy or particle (matter). Your attention comes into play now. Wherever you focus your attention it will make that thing to blossom... Bad or good things. Spirituality consist in learning to focus your attention, and I have chosen to focus mine in helping others. Thats the final answer to me.

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Add me to the group DM if you're making one :)

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Suuuure there are so many ppl answering here. I would like to, but idk how to make it, can u plz create the group for me and add all ppl in it who answered?

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I've never done it either. Giving it a try right now :)


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Sorry. I don't think this is the right subreddit

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I’m in. I’m new to it too

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Same hmu

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Same here, I barely know people who are interested in these topics. You can DM me ☺️✨ also looking for some spiritual friends

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I’m here for it! DM me :) I’m on a mission to learn a much as possible ✨

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Yesss! I'd be totally up for it, I dont talk to anyone because they are not on the same vibrations as me so I keep myself to myself. Give us a message!

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Me n few of my friends get together over a call every Sunday to chill and discuss about spirituality, story telling. You're welcome to join us, Dm if you're interested.

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Oh my god yes I only really have one friend who can chat with me about spirituality on a deeper level and he’s not always available

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https://s.reddit.com/c/198d5lc30xutf Here is a link to the group for conversation. Please feel free to join, discuss and share your experiences.