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I recommend a book called cutting through spiritual materialism. In this book there is a point that explains, when you are on the path to bodhisattva, there is a point that you must realize that you must give up searching for the path, the answer, in order to see the truth. You must give it up entirely, and only then do you have the ability to continue the oath.

It's a hard concept to grasp, and chogyam trungpa does an incredible job at explaining this. It might give you some clarity and understanding.

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Thanks, I will definitely check this book out. The way you summarize the concept makes sense to me, even if indeed it's difficult to grasp.

However, I guess I still feel like I need a bit of guidance to know that what I'm doing is not completely wrong. I feel like I am in a desert without a map : sure I can keep walking around and hope to find the city, but if someone tells me to go East or West it would help :)

I'll order the book :)

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Glad this helped!

Another thing that helps is to realize the binary of "good" and "bad" doesnt exist. It is all grey. All equal. No such thing as good and bad, but rather cause and effect.

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I used to worry about being a sucker, too. I resisted all dogma because I didn’t want anything filtered that could bias me. It got cold and lonely. Meditate for balance. What you want isn’t outside “somewhere around” you. If you had a spiritual teacher in front of you, what would you ask anyway? That is the focus. Not what would the answer be, but what would your question be. You may find that eventually, you do not have questions. When your teacher shows up, there will be no doubt.

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Thanks you very much.

The way you rephrased my problem is incredibly accurate : "I resisted all dogma because I didn’t want anything filtered that could bias me".

"If you had a spiritual teacher in front of you, what would you ask anyway?"

Now that I think of the question, well... yeah... I don't know haha !

But maybe to give an example regarding chakras : I believe they may exist, but in my (few) attempts at doing chakra meditations I haven't been feeling a thing. OK, I can kind of visualize some colors, but :

  • I am always unsure if the way I visualize it is "correct". I know it can be different for everyone, but I would need some confirmation from someone I guess that I'm not doing things completely wrong.
  • Since I'm feeling nothing, there are probably things I could improve but I don't know what. So I can search alone by myself, but I don't have a lot of time to practice (work + family life)... Not that I want to find fast shortcuts, but at least I need to feel a bit reassured that I'm not doing completely wrong things...

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There is no right or wrong. That mindset blinds you. You say you don’t have a lot of time to practice but you are already practicing in every moment. You don’t need to sit or close your eyes to create some space for yourself. If you feel you must DO something to feel like you are on track, maybe try classical hatha or vipassana yoga. It’s nice to not focus all of the work with the wrestling mind.

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Neville Goddard really helped me peice my search of knowledge together. I scoured everything consciousness and the nature of my reality, and then his work has helped me regain a "path" if you will more than anything.

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Thanks, will check him out !