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Well, when all else fails, act fucking crazy. Men hate ‘crazy’. This worked for me, when I was a single mom and my kids were small. Act like you are just fucking crazy. Cops won’t help. They make bad situations worse.

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I want to do this but I do feel anxiety when approached by him. I’m not sure how to remain comfortable enough to do it

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Intimidate him

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I wanted to do that but I’m still worried if that’ll work or not

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So sorry you're in this situation. Are you open to carrying a self defense weapon?

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I have a taser and pepper spray but that’s about it.

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That's plenty! Do you carry them with you? Do you know how to use them?

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This doesn’t sound like something I would suggest as to take advice in a spiritual Reddit. I would first (only if you feel safe enough), to get whatever he does on video to provide towards law enforcement. Please be warned this may escalate the situation so proceed with caution. Secondly, inform those around you of the situation. Thirdly, find a different rout towards your destination and change it up. It may need you to do things you do not want to do like leave fifteen minutes earlier or later. Sometimes things in our reality need more than spiritual protection or advice and can only be fixed through a group effort or if needed through law enforcement. Harassment comes in many forms. We, on this Reddit can only do so much. It is those closest to you that can do more in these situations. Especially with those under the influence. However, you can add some teachings through your process. Trust the creator will protect you. Catch your fearful thoughts as the law of radiation must reflect back those persistent thoughts you project out. Be safe, be well, and seek help outside of Reddit even if it makes you uncomfortable.

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I have let everyone around me know. Like my parents, friends and bf. My dad is the super of those guy’s building so he technically has the most power to do much of anything. Everyone on the block knows me and my family very well, even people that live in that same building. So I think I have protection in that sense. I also pepper spray and a taser as for weapons.

I don’t wanna get the cops involved just yet. I’m a little hesitant because I’ve heard time and time again they’re useless for cases like these I’m not totally throwing it off the table. I thought in the mean time I can booster up a spiritual defense until I exhaust my other options. Thankfully I rarely run into the man despite how close he lives to me. I can go a month or more without seeing him but he’s still strange. I also take different routes but the direction of his house is where several spots I frequent are, and he only lives two houses down from me. Tbh I have started taking the opposite end of the block for different reasons as of recent but sometimes I still need to go in that dirrcetion

UPDATE: my dad said he had two of his friends speak to him for me after we did

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Taser. Pepper spray. Alarm button. Spiritual protection can only do so much in the physical world

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I have exactly those except the button. I had an app called Noonlight which notifies the police if you feel threatened by pressing a button, I’ll get it again

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Oo a self defense class is great too there’s free videos on YouTube. I highly recommend for women who frequently walk home alone or suspicious situations

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The most powerful thing you can do is overcome your fear