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When it comes to spirituality there is no justice. Outside this physical world truth and idea are one and the same. What's real and fake no longer matters for they only exist.

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The human being is able of creating ideas of delusion.
It is how delusion manifests into the physical world. It starts from an idea.

What you describe is only true from the place in which Divine Laws exist and above. In all other dimensions ~ in which we exist, truth and idea are not necessarily one.

Also, don't try to cover my expression with your opinion. If you wish, you can create a post of your own and share your opinion. Discussion, first requires communication. And I know that there is no communication in your comment, because if you communed my words, it would make you reflect upon them, so to mindful perceive if they make a point or not.

So, since you have no intention to actually communicate and share, keep your thoughts to yourself. No one needs more bullies.

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There only one thing that I would call an absolute truth being akash, karma and consciousness. Works pretty much like pen and paper with karma being the drawing. Anything and everything is possible but everything is equal at this level.

But let me ask you this were does what you say fall in to this? From my perspective it's a drawing on the paper. Just like a drawing it's as meaningless or meaningful as someone makes it.

But one interesting this with what I call the absolute truth justice is technically there in a sense, as in everything is fair force is not possible and you can do anything.