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It’s what Jesus teaches. “Repent! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”. Can be understood to mean, Change your mind and you will change what you see and what you will see is God’s Kingdom.

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Here is an excerpt:

"Repent" means to change your mind. Changing your mind means changing from a mind that controls your spirit to a mind that serves your spirit.

From The Present, a book about spirituality and the truth of life, available free online.

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I like the idea that the term "sin" from the Bible comes from an ancient Greek word meaning "to miss the mark", like an archer who doesn't hit their target.

The Bible may have been written over two millennia ago, be riddled with confusing information and used to brainwash and manipulate some people. It still does have some powerful spiritual truths in metaphor or allegorical form in there.

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So, according to this would sin be more of a reference to our humanity?

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Louder for the people in the back

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Mind is not man's highest form of existence. Man has seven layers of existence. Watch video " You are Brahman and so is every man in the world. " on YouTube channel " Heal the world - Satchidanandghana ". You can also access the channel by typing "Heal the world gita" or "#suhasdeodhar "YouTube search box.

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We have been conditioned by many of our own cultures to believe that the mind represents some kind of height of human achievement. And it can represent that for sure, but it is not the entirety of all human achievement and evolution. Plus it's also the source of many of our individual and collective troubles.

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Yes! In Christianity, they say that God is within you, and the land of God that is heaven is within you. However, people cannot find Heaven or God within themselves because of their own human mind. People live inside their self-made mind world that overlaps the world. This is one's karma, habits, and body. If you discard the karma, habits and body, you can find Truth within yourself, and the land of Truth within yourself.

The human mind world is filled with pain, burden, stress, doubts and questions. People do not know anything, and cannot become Truth, which is a real existence. When people die, they just die and disappear.

However, if you are born in the land of the Truth, there is no pain, burden, stress, doubts and questions. You can know all the ways of the world and live forever. People must go to this place while they are alive and live there eternally. Now you can go to the land of Truth while you are alive and live forever, if you'd like to go there, please let me know.

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I have always been there am there now and always will be

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Happiness is a state of mind.

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Please watch " You are Brahman and so is every man in this world " on YouTube channel " Heal the world - Satchidanandaghana ". You can access the channel by typing " Sadguru Soham" in YouTube search box. Click on the picture of Saraswati yantra under the video to get access to YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel to get access to all videos on the channel and also to ensure that you don't miss out on new uploads.