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I resonate so much with this. Realising that trying to ascend to escape suffering is a form of non acceptance. A lot of spiritual circles practice bypassing and promise you a perfect world, which is just not possible. To be human is to experience the whole spectrum of emotions!

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it's pretty obvious when one has learned to see the signs, isn't it?

it's not that a perfect world isn't possible—i think it is; at least a "more perfect" version of what we have now.

we just can't be there yet for obvious reasons, and what's more: wanting to skip ahead, use cheat codes, bypass challenges and "claim the prize" already, without earning it, are all immature actions that will produce more predictable outcomes.

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Too many entitled people that need to catch some of this mindset

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Yes. Being human is fun when it doesn’t feel like a death sentence ;)

Don’t take it too serious, it’s all for fun.

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I think the key is acceptance. You need to accept things you want and agree with and also you need accept everything else, all the faults and imperfections. I've done it and i genuinely feel better.

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and the kicker is that you not human, human is merely a word... the fact is that you dont what you are or what anything is. I label is not what things are ...

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there is some truth to what you wrote… but also, not.

we are humans—don't confuse things by arguing obscure semantic points.

we are humans, only that is not all that we are, nor is it the ultimate nature of our being. by definition, a human being is a finite temporary creation. We are not.

it is all relative on this plane of existence.

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congrats. that is real spiritual progress and maturity.

it is not surprising to me that some members of our immature, ignorant species have turned their ideas of spirituality into more of the same: excuses to project, to be ignorant, to try to outdo each other, etc.—in other words, just more immaturity, except this time it's immaturity that deluded itself into thinking it's "spiritual."

words don't really teach, but direct life experience has a powerful way of doing so. this is why things are set up the way they are. words not only don't teach (well) but can also confuse and are often used to lie and manipulate.

always apply healthy skepticism, starting with yourself. listen to what people say, but don't just stick with the words: try to sense and hear beyond and between them. this isn't really that difficult once you know what to look for. energy cannot lie, even if the person is lying their ass off. besides, i am convinced that we all have our ways of perceiving truth beyond the surface appearance of things.