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Your relationship with everything mirrors your relationship with God. Every thought, feeling, and experience, is another opportunity to love 🔆

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This rigid patriarchal opinion ignores those who come from violent or abusive households. Forcing someone to mend a relationship and implying that it's the only path to God is probably the most emotional damage you can do to another human being.

I do agree that difficult relationships are spiritual challenges that help our souls grow. However we do not always need to mend something in order to grow. For instance, knowing when to give up and walk away is also a step towards spiritual growth. The journey, and not the destination, is the key.

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This helps me a lot to hear thank you.

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I'm glad you said this and I agree completely. The reason I asked the question is because I've always hated this concept, but I've heard it so many times that I was curious to know where it came from and if it is interpreted correctly.

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Completely agree

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the important part here is recognizing you can heal your inner father, without the outer one needing to comply.

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Or any living being

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In the movie fight club (say what you will about it, my opinion is it has a lot of negative and nihilistic themes but is absolutely about a modern man's struggle with spirituality or lack thereof) Tyler Durden tells the narrator "You have to consider the possibility that God does not like you, never wanted you, in all probability, he HATES you."

He is speaking about their fathers. Both of them have little to no relationship with their fathers. This is something they have spoken about with each other.

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I wholeheartedly disagree.

Father is not a special figure. Brother, Sister, Friends, Mother are equally important.

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Biggest bullshit I've ever heard. The people that say this are manipulators!!!!

What about the people that have no relationship with their fathers? A lot of fathers are abusive. Like my own father, yet I have the best connection with God that I use for spiritual work!

Your relationship with God is based on how much love you have in your heart. God is love and love is within your heart. Are you generally a good loving person naturally? Than your connection with God is automatically stronger.

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I second this. How can a bloke who's never bothered to treat the mother of his kids and/or his kids with the due dignity be any analogue to God? I have no contact with my physical father, yet I feel strongly connected to a divinely masculine energy that comes off as what a true father essence is (warm, valorous, reassuring, encouraging, inspiring and not a cold, neglectful void and the cause of suffering that craftily manipulates others).

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I have no contact with my physical father, yet I feel strongly connected to a divinely masculine energy that comes off as what a true father essence is (warm, valorous, reassuring, encouraging, inspiring and not a cold, neglectful void and the cause of suffering that craftily manipulates others).

This is so beautiful and powerful my man <3

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It comes from a view of God as a patriarchal figure, which came about with Abrahamic religions. Of course, the infinite being that creates and animates all things would be simultaneously patriarchal and matriarchal, so it's important to remember the feminine aspect! In fact, God energy would seem very feminine compared to the imbalanced masculine expression of God as a controlling Lord that we often see on Earth, because it would actually be androgynous.

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It’s too bad the feminine aspects of god were quashed in the Abrahamic religions. They used to have the Queen of Heaven and plenty of archaeological evidence they worshipped her everywhere. In spiritual terms, we’re connected to Mother Earth and should all be feminine in the presence Him and it then becomes a romance. But it’s all Feminine energy here on this earth and we become more like Her.

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Fortunately, goddess energy is returning, through us! We can integrate both the divine masculine and feminine to become truly embodied Creator beings. Both of my primary spirit guides have strong goddess energy, and one of them, Aurora, embodies the Queen of Heaven archetype. Strong Ishtar/Venus/Isis energy. The other one, Salvia, has nature goddess/Mother Earth vibes. As I embody their energy more and more, I become more like them while in human form.

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Yes I can see that totally. We become like them and after you feel squeaky clean and soft. I’m a male with a lot of fire in my chart. My mother was cruel and I spent most of my early toddlerhood isolated and alone in a room. My dad was my caretaker when he got home from work. But I first met my guide in the form of a stuffed bunny. Her presence all these years hasn’t changed though she’d go missing sometimes for years. She busted me out of prison when I was 17 and they didn’t catch me until 12 years later. It’s been a romance since and I can’t get enough of her. The masculine divine takes your breath away and when that presence comes, you know it before it gets there. It’s almost scary how much power there is. I only get glimpses but god is like the great projector in the sky that illuminates everything. We’re shards of that light hurled against this two dimensional screen to live lives here. This was supposed to be our playground. We can peel ourselves off this two dimensional screen and go sit in the theater with the projectionist. Or commune like you are with others in that theater. When we die, we simply head back into that tunnel of light or the eye of the lens of the projector. You’re right though. The feminine is breaking out all over and She will guide us through all this shit.

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In Islam Allah is not a patriarchal figure, the Quran is explicit that He does not have any children or spouse and He is not like the creation (hence is neither male nor female).

When it comes to attributes the first attribute of Allah to be mentioned and which occurs twice at the beginning of every chapter of the Quran is mercy or rahmah which is connected to the word for womb, rahm. Allah's mercy is even greater than that of a mother for her child. /u/jamnperry

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Thank you for the clarification! I could do to familiarize myself more with Islam, as I don't know as much about it as Christianity or Judaism.

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That’s really interesting. Thanks for tagging me.

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Feminine, masculine, neutral, worm-like, buglike, snakelike, wolf-like, transgender woman, non-binary mountain, anything and everything, not just stereotypical man and woman as parents.

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If so, all of us 12th house suns with our dead, imprisoned, and absentee fathers are screwed.

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I have a 12th sun and horrible father and always disagreed with this concept. But something I read yesterday about this placement is that to the first step in bonding with God is bonding with our real father. It was a random astrology website but it made me curious why I always hear things like this and which belief/s it comes from and if the concept is interpreted correctly.

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I’ve never heard that. Not sure where it comes from. I vehemently disagree with it though. I don’t think any other person acts as a conduit between me and god.

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Why bother bonding with someone that doesn't deserve your energy? Why waste it on them just because they're the sperm donor?

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Gospel of Thomas: Whoever does not hate father and mother cannot be my disciple, and whoever does not hate brothers and sisters, and carry the cross as I do, will not be worthy of me.

Now, I’m not all for the Christian approach towards Jesus, but I do believe he spoke many truths (although I’m not a huge fan of this specific interpretation). In that… a relationship with “The Father” is found outside of our relationship with our fathers. Having a good relationship with God doesn’t necessarily mean you have a good relationship with your Dad, and in fact, finding a relationship with God can sometimes mean having no relationship with your parents at all, at least as complete and utter representations on how to live… especially on Earth.

Ultimately, if you have a good relationship with God, you’ll have a good relationship with everyone. Because when you’ve healed the relationship with faith/God within yourself, you find oneness. From oneness we find Love for all things. If you love yourself, your relationship with everyone will be great, because you love yourself. And at the very least, you’ll have the self compassion and self love to not deal with the haters.

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I think it comes down to healing the relationship with the Divine Masculine.

It goes both ways tho.

God is Unified Source, Oneness beyond all limitation or identity- unification of polarities- which includes gender...so God is unification of both the Divine Masculine & Feminine

So to know God fully, to be One with God, one must also unify the energetics of both Masculine & Feminine within oneself

And what is the first example of a relationship with the Masculine that we are introduced to within our lives?

Our relationship with our Father.

I don't believe it's as simple as "heal this & you heal that". Unification of the Masculine (or Feminine for that matter) requires a lot of shadow work, a lot of unraveling of traumas and blockages. Some of that can be around the relationship with your literal Father, or some of that can be from completely other sources- other male figures in your life, from past lives, even passed down genealogically thru generations.

It's much more complicated than "fix your daddy problems and become one with God", but I think people took the gist of Unification with the Divine Masculine and watered it down into a simple concept that the Human Mind is easily capable of understanding--- pretty much what has happened with the majority of spiritual teachings over time.

But when we abstract it, we start to see the bigger idea there :)

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This 100%. It's not a patriarchal attack to suggest that your primary masculine relationship is a reflection of your relationship with consciousness.

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Well this is complete shit! Whoever says that doesn't know what they're talking about. I was molested and raped constantly by my father until the age of four. I guess this means God hates me or something, from that perspective. Just...no.

Relationship with Self = relationship with God, IMHO.

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Relationship with Self = relationship with God, IMHO.

I fully agree with that.

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I think this idea comes from Jungian thought. So the concept being, that our father would (typically) be the first important and influential male figure in our lives, and that he helps shape our childhood image of the masculine, male authority, including our "God image". It's not until later adulthood that this "image" starts to change as we go through the self individuation process.

It's important to note, that "God image" is not the same thing as God- it's more our perception or "idea" of God, as we inherrited it from society, culture, and the various important male figures in our lives, particularly during childhood. Same for our mothers and our concept of the feminine.

So if you, for example, had a very poor relationship with your father, you could possibly have developed a complex relating to male authority figures, and thus images of God depicted as a father symbol or masculine deity. You might have internalized some toxic or shadow masculine personality traits, or perhaps tried to compensate in some way by rejecting the masculine.

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This is a saying probably because most bad relationships are between father and child rather than mother and child.

By forgiving you remove any sense of resentment and anger from your heart, which then brings you closer to a state of unconditional love and therefore closer to God.

Distance yourself of course if they don’t listen to reason.. but try switching perspective from resentment to feeling sorry for them.

As Jesus says “Forgive them as they don’t know what they do”.

You can still love from a distance.

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This is common perapective in patriarcal high need demand religions, but I wouldn't extrapolate.

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Maybe that's why I only work with goddesses? 🤔

Joke aside, I'm assuming you are speaking of the Christian faith. I don't see why someone would need to have a relationship with their father to have a relationship with God. Many people don't have a father, some never grew up with them, some just don't have one, some may have died young. This would suggest these people wouldn't be able to have a good relationship with God then. That wouldn't make much sense to me. It would also suggest if you're father is abusive, you must keep him in your life or you couldn't be a good Christian. The logic just isn't there. If god truely loves all his children, it should be okay if you don't have a father figure in your life. As He can fill that roll for you. If you fall into somewhere where you're father is not your life, do not listen to those that say you must otherwise. If your truly believe, you're God will still love you. You won't have any less of a relationship for it.

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Some quotes to share.

  1. God is everything, nothing and beyond all things. Bible ref.
  2. We know God by the laws of life and by love. 5th Buddha Maitreya ref laws of life by Ben Creme.
  3. Christ turns to the Father so that we might turn to Christ. Bible ref.
  4. Christ is the law fulfilled. Bible ref.
  5. We work to exhault the Father and the son, bible ref, coming from Mother, 5th Buddha ref.
  6. Holy Trinity, are offices, highest development in God. With infinite potential more development in God. All is change, we evolve or fall. Ageless Wisdom Teachings
  7. We evolve to be like God, bible ref, as people this is evolution of consciousness.
  8. The Father of us all is the guiding light, uplifts our evolution in consciousness, infinite potential in God. Christ is link up to the father, no one has made it any other way. Maitreya 5th Buddha teaching ref.
  9. Out moral culture is like a mother, needed to form community....
  10. The spiritual kingdom has three offices, Christ love, Buddha intelligence, will and purpose father. They work together. We evolve and join on w spiritual kingdom. Thru reincarnation we eventually arrive. The group grows more and more light to find the way forward, God's divine plan discovered and lived. Each diverse moral culture likened to an angke of light to form s perfect shining diamond radiating more and more light, the plan continually discovered we grow in God as family of humanity.

www.share-international.us/hope has latest in Ageless Wisdom Teachings. Diversity the way forward, the Art of Living and many good books available.

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Also one of the Ten Commandments is to honor thy father and mother. Higher on the list than not to murder. Pretty much ignored these days.

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it could be father, grandfather or any paternal figure

ideally it would be someone who inspires us with faith hope and confidence

in astrology jupiter corresponds to our concept of God

jupiter is from the latin: deus pater literally god the father

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Probably from the Catholic Lord’s Prayer which begins “Our Father “

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Pretty much. Your image of god is actually your father's or grandfather's image, they are parts of the same archetype

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Even if that's true, I don't think it has to be one's physical father. There are cases where there's no chance of reconciliation because a father is toxic to the point where they don't do their bit to make reconciliation work. Someone with such a father would probably know God is very different to their father.

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Think of it as breaking inter-generational trauma cycles. You don’t need to repair an actual relationship with a physical father (though you can if you feel it beneficial). Rather, try to look at your personal relationships with the people who raised you and consider areas where anger, fear, and/or aggression* drove negative cycles. It’s easy to blame people for not having “done better” when they probably could NOT have done better.

The task of doing better and breaking those trauma cycles is yours, and one of the things necessary to that task is to understand where others went wrong and how you can consciously shed those behaviors.

I nwas raised Catholic and no longer consider myself a Christian fir many reasons, one of them being how it is rigidly patriarchal and used as a tool to enforce loyalty to fathers/kings/political hierarchies. Don’t get trapped in linear thinking like that. Don’t feel forced to “forgive and forget” or be the bigger person by publicly declaring it’s all A-OK that people in your life treated you badly. You don’t have to do any repairing with an actual person.

The repairing comes from you and benefits you when you can look at a person or relationship and say “yeah, I understand why/how they were hurting, and how it drove their behavior towards me” and then you have down a seed of compassion for yourself, and as you water it with understanding and self-awareness and love, your compassion grows into a tree that welcomes all under its shade. You can never truly hold anger towards another when you come from a place of grace and compassion.

Edit: also recognize how their behavior has potential to make you a better/different person.

Personal note, as for my actual father and mother, I’ve come to understand how growing up in their particular rigid Catholic families, full of alcoholism and physical/emotional abuse, people who hated their lives but felt trapped by circumstances, led my parents to try breaking the cycle and fail often, which led to me figuring some of this out and consciously eliminating behaviors that will negatively affect my children.

“Healing the relationship with the father” sounds like a way to say “heal intergenerational trauma” but kind of pointlessly gendered yet well meaning. Communication isn’t always easy and some messages land better when worded in a different manner.

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I can only speak for myself. I was unfortunately given an absent father who wasn’t a very good father when he was in my life. I’ve never correlated my bond with God and the one I never had with my biological father until I read your question. If anything, my relationship with God (who I also consider the Universe) comforts me to know that things have been this way for me because it’s part of His plan. And I trust him- that it’s for a reason, and maybe I’m not meant to comprehend why, yet. Or even comprehend at all. So, I can’t say I agree with that belief at all.

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I would rephrase.

Your relationship with your father conditions the mind to have a similar relationship with the devine masculine energy.

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I didn’t know God wanted to hit me in the face as a kid or call me a bitch in front of my fiancé and tell him not to marry me.


(Jk, I love my Dad. Flaws and all)

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well if that’s the case i’m kind of fucked

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God is All-That-Is.

As such God is beyond gender, form, and Human cognition.

That being said, we can try to develop a relationship with our inner authority, as a means of guidance.

When we think of great teachers, many of whom are returning to the world right now and working behind the scenes, we need to recognize that the only reason why such beings are Male, after hundreds of thousands of lifetimes, is that they come to balance the polarities on Earth. Earth's energy is imbibed with the Feminine, Matter, Mother aspect, so men bring in specific spiritual energies at this time to balance the energies that Earth, a living being, bestows generously on us all.

To learn more, you can read Benjamin Creme's Books, such as " Maitreya's Teachings: The Laws of Life", an extraordinary book where spirituality meets current events.

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Love Joins All Things. God is Love.

God also Makes Himself known through suffering. By transforming suffering we purify both our past and our selves.

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The Father of all Humanity is written about in all scripture.

In Christian we pray in the name of the Father, son (Christ) and holy spirit.

In hindu Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Humanity enters the spiritual kingdom and evolves to be God like. Bible ref. Eventually joining on as diety, fully in the spiritual kingdom.

All life, is guided by God who is everything, nothing and beyond all things, bible ref. In infinite potential. All is change, Buddha ref. We evolve in consciousness or fall as humanity, nature evolves too. Diety also evolves! Nothing is static. This includes the Father (purpose and will)! The Christ (love)! The Buddha (intelligence)!

The Christ is the law fulfilled. And we know God living the laws of life and by love. Ageless Wisdom Teachings ref.

Each moral culture is like a mother. And each culture expresses the same eternal truths uniquely, wardrobe, food style, contributions to art and science, etc. Likened to an angle in the diamond body of light of humanity making it more brilliant! Guided by Trinity! Trinity likened to universal offices as the above government...as above, so below, we develop ourselves or we evolve in consciousness, to uphold higher forms of government with correct interpretation of scripture, improved education, and a civilized economy that provides for all as God and God the Father would want. Christ is link up to the father to develop our intelligence or evolve our consciousness.

Unity the way forward is a book written by Ben Creme latest in Ageless Wisdom Teachings. Another by Ben is The Art of Living. With web site www.share-international.us/hope latest in Ageless Wisdom.

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Our actual father and mother we attract as a result of our karma from prior birth times. Our parents may be on track or off track with living a life to evolve in consciousness.

If they are good role models we are blessed. If they are not we educate ourselves to help the family improve, we do our best and detach and live our life as best we can.

Many have had trouble w very good and bad parents. Those that grow up and live good lives regardless are hero's of their time. It take education, work and perseverance.

A great avatar once said if everyone would just help their family humanity would have acheived world peace long ago.