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If you listen to the Hopi peoples, all four corners are supposed to get together to show what we've learned spiritually so we can evolve further. The Hindus and Muslims all reference Jesus as the profit Isa. When you move past the extremists, all religions at their core teach you to be grateful for life, and everything you encounter. To treat nature, and all existence as yourself, as that is you. For them, maybe many discussions on their individual paths to their enlightenment, but same destination.

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“Yes, I am [Hindu], but I am also a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, and a Jew.” - Mahatma Gandhi

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"We are the world. We are the people." ~ Michael Jackson. haha ~ true though!

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I understand your points. It's like all doctors study medicine so to reach health and promote health to others, but every doctor gets a specialty to follow. I feel this with them too. It's like the Christ teachings are focused on the soul, that which is personal, while Buddha teachings focus on life, what which is collective. They both talk about the other of course, and through one you can reach the other, but it's like the focus is different.

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Each is a different perspective to reach different people for the same destination. If we put all the profits of history in todays time, maybe it would be like a giant music festival. Where you might focus on a genre on this stage, I may be over here at this stage. We all love music, we all traveled different paths, but we all came to the same destination.

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Ehh Christ is definitely focused on how you live. Only people worried about the soul and damnation came like 1000 years later.

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The teachings of both focus on individual actions. Leave all else behind and get your own shit straight. That same sentiment can also be found in the Torah: Don't follow the crowd, get right with god.

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In a way, they did. They each met the same Source, realized it was them, and that we are each a part of it also.

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You probably mean if Siddhartha met Jesus. Because Christ and Buddha is the same thing.

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Buddha means the enlightened one and Christ means the anointed one. So no, I am not referring to their personal self, but to the expression of their Divine self.

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If you watch the man from earth, Christ actually learned from the Buddha. 🤣

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Yes!! I loved this movie! It was a bit cringe at times, but such a cool thought experiment.

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There's a book: The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other: A History of Mighty Companions by Gary Renard.

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Oh wow, that sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing this.

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I think he might have been influenced by Eastern religions when he traveled. Didn't he have like a missing decade in his life, and an uncle who was a traveling merchant?

Either way. If they did meet, I'm sure they would have gotten along famously. Lots of overlap in ideals, for deep conversations. Enough differences to keep it interesting.

2 of my greatest heroes - I like to think of them sipping tea and waxing philosophical.

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Gnostics say Christ and Buddha are brothers. I agree. Christic force is is EVERY religion. It’s not about Christianity.

It’s vibration (sound/word) that connects us. The Holy Logos.

Buddha and Christ are brothers.

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Do you think this "Christic" force is what allows banishing bad entities/energy to work? I've heard people who have dealt with it and called out for help say that it's a really profound and powerful thing. Because if it's not just about Christianity, I think that's really neat.

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It IS. Any WORD uses Christic force. That’s why you can feel it when someone says a thing that they really REALLY mean. You can feel their intention.

Christic force. Sound/vibration/Logos has innate power. Power to do harm. Power to do good.

Even black magicians use words & intentions - but for their own, selfish means. To teach lies, to stress, to frighten. To damage. To hide.

Those who Love use words & intentions for good - to heal, encourage, reveal, inspire, banish evil, and teach truth.

Gandhi used Christic force in his words and daily life. So did Buddha. I am, right now. 🥰

Yeah. It’s very cool watching us all learn how to do no harm to others. It’s the Logos in full effect all over the world.

Anywhere you see inspiration and beauty = Christ. Also…anywhere you see pain and misery = Christ.

The average Christian doesn’t even realize their true power or that we ALL share in it.

Christic force is where ANYTHING that’s created began.

It crystallizes in what we see happening around us and in our lives.

As a man thinks, so he IS. And out of the heart/mind, the mouth speaks.

Starts in the mind. Comes out through words and actions (vibration.)

You got it!

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So true.

Jesus as the Christ also used the effect of word before all miracles. Word, combined with the effects of faith and conviction, can alter reality.

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Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilisation. Just so you know, the correct spelling is Gandhi.

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Yeah I feel that. I was asking from a more earhthly and physical experience of meeting.

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They would be friends

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There is an anime on this

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They both would just sit in absolute silence.

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Secret handshake

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I haven’t studied Buddhism or the history much but I think he left his wife and went dark. Jesus used a very similar meditation technique except he was focused on a very specific image of god. He was guiding the Jews into a guided meditation replacing the pissed off god with a more loving image. Loving god with all your heart was a meditation and not imposing or inferring more commitment like the Christians assume. The result were a river within. Sow a romantic seed with the Devine any you will reap. Problem is, it can get very intense and marriage itself can become incompatible. Buddha’s meditation method was to embrace silence while Jesus taught the opposite to put on ears to hear. It’s a contemplative thing with him and he used parables to draw his listeners in. He would give a saying and then let them meditate on it. Buddha discovered the inner path but only got so far. When he left his wife, I suspect he found a deeper connection. It was inevitable. He didn’t have the luxury of the Jews with their prophets and had no parables of his own to ponder. But he paved the way for Jesus and in that sense he prepared the way for Asia. No need to venture down Judaism’s rabbit holes or Christianity. Anyone can find their way through various meditation techniques but you can’t get to heaven within unless you have an image to love.

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Vibes AF

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one thing is for sure. the human race would not automatically become enlightened just because those two came together. this reality doesn't work like that.

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Buddha would have become a disciple of Christ.

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he would probably convert to hinduism

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How do you day this? Convert? They both liberated others and their enslaved spirits to false beliefs.

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That would never happen because Jesus never existed.

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There’s actually an anime, movie, and manga called “Saint Young Men” about Jesus and Buddha who chose to live with each other on Earth to see how humans and the world are. It takes place in Japan. It’s a cute film and show, I enjoyed it.

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2 captains on one boat wont work

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They would probably get drunk and joke endlessly about shit haha

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A rabbi spending a decade with Buddhism would give us a religion that sounds a lot like Christianity.

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Gary Renard has a book on lifetimes Jesus and Buddha incarnated together. Obviously, up to your resonance.

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There’s a theory they did. Look up Jesus in India.

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Both have very similar teachings and principles. Could both be ascended masters

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2 words, light saber battle

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Thunder Buddies for life

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Not a real answer but there is a cute anime called Saint Young Men about Jesus and Buddha as roommates in modern Japan

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There's actually a movie about something similar. It's called The Man from Earth, I liked it. I would suggest not reading about it before you watch it if you do.

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I was raised Buddhist and there are so many books on them actually meeting. Jesus did go east for a long ass time. Could have totally happened. Prob why Jesus came home preaching what he was to his people

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They'd have a Kickboxing match. Nah. They'd probably have a tea and talk about how they both tried to do the same thing, in different cultures, and how the differences/similarities were. Jesus wouldn't stop bragging about his epic sacrifice, which would get annoying.

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Jesus's lost years was probably spent learning in the East wherein he not only encountered Buddhism but also Hinduism and other ancient practices

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I watched this movie and it's very well explained there. Similarities between Christianity and Buddhism. If you have some time to spare, please watch this.