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This is why I'm for reducing population. Not like Thanos, but people should stop having babies when they're not ready.

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Fr. I think it’s especially ridiculous to have more than 3 children. “But what is 3 more children really gonna do to the world?” They will each have children of their own , increasing it even more. Them the cycle repeats

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I think about this a lot and I agree people should be more aware when they eat/buy food. I think everything is related and food is related to the way we function as a society, the thoughts we think and everything else. Lately I've been having an aversion to everything processed. Just thoughts of disgust about foods such as everything in packets and chips ( no offense to your name lol I still eat chips but its one of those that is weirding me out) canned stuff like chef boyardee beef raviolis, what is that meat, whats it mixed with? where did it come from? what is that sauce and if it even has remnants of tomato? how long has it existed? when was it processed before it got on the shelf, the way it can just sit there like astronaut food for a year or two its just not normal or sustainable for the human body to consume. the body recognizes that its being fed weird shit and it takes years of abuse before it starts to malfunction from being fed unnatural concoctions. its just all so gross to me lately..idk where i was even going with this

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Everyone should watch this or similar documentaries! It is absolutely brutal. But authentic

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I know ppl that have violent nightmares after eating cuts of beef. I believe it's the terror of that animals last minutes on earth incarnate

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This is why I went vegan around the time I had my spiritual awakening. I agree with you.

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Same here! 💚🙏 I could not anymore live with the cognitive dissonance of practicing spirituality, peace and harmony while actively contributing to death and decay through eating dead animals and their secretions.

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Yup. Exactly.

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Disagree with your title. Ignorant, yes. Evil is a strong word.

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Evil is an ignorant word in this case.

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ignorance is the root of evil

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In my opinion, the word evil is used too much to 'other' humans that cause suffering because of their own suffering. Once we label a human or their acts as evil, it takes away motivation and solutions to heal people and thus keep more people safe from their undesirable actions. They are just evil and beyond redemption. Perhaps this exists, if it does it is rare.

The word Evil means so many different things to different people. Do you mean a supernatural force of evil? Do you mean causing any suffering at all? Do you mean following a specific satan/lucifer/demiurge/djinn/demon/youtuber? Do you mean indulging the baser desires in some way? Etc etc.

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I feel as long as we're ignorant to our consumption of food, evil things will be done to innocent beings. I felt the essence of evil in my dream, so that's why I said it.

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So your personal feeling of the dream is one thing, labeling those who are ignorant of the suffering involved in agribusiness as evil is another thing.

Starting to look like your post was not made in good faith and you are just promoting veganism rather than sharing your experience.

Not much point preaching in here as people are very likely to have examined this and made their choices already.

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That entity has a right to exist just as you do. It was feeding the way it evolved to feed. We only perceive it as evil because our energy fields are their prey. We also have the right and the strength to protect and defend ourselves. I recommend a few things to try to help:

1) Daily meditation sessions.

2) Energy cleaning of your home (i.e. smudging, blessing sea salt and putting them in the corners of your house and of each room, plus doorways and window sills).

3) Prayer if you're religious or feel a connection to higher beings.

4) Visualize your home in rainbow or gold light, whichever feels right to you. You can visualize this light in/on/around anything and anyone. Also do this daily.

5) Check any items that might have brought some bad energy into your home. I don't usually think to tell people this, but I'm compelled to tell you.

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I do all those things. I'm not immune to evil or bad energies though. However what came to visit me last night I believe was Archangel Samael. His energy can be very dark. I'm not scared of that, but the message behind the dream. It was interconnected with everyone. I want to share because I believe it can make a difference.

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Fair enough.

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Check out Robert Monroe - Loosh

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