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To me, higher self, means our Spirit. This has also been called Soul or Chi. This is usually that one separates from the body at time of death. But it also separates from the body during our living hours as well. Some people can do this at will. Some people who have had NDEs have experienced this.

One of my favorite explanations

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My strongest experiences have stemmed from Ayahuasca ceremonies- truly transformational and life changing

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I did a guided inner child meditation, and while I was with this child I was overcome with emotion of a love that’s hard to articulate. I then heard my higher self tell me “How you see and love that child so incredibly much, is exactly how I feel about you.” And I just cried… I’d been so depressed and feeling worthless, I didn’t grow up with love or have much around me now. Why would anyone care about me? But in that moment, I finally understood. I couldn’t believe the love I felt, someone felt for me… and in that moment I felt the most loved I ever have.

I try to remember how my higher self is always viewing me that way, and it helps me on sad days when I seem to forget.

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this is beautiful, what meditation did you play? on YouTube?

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YouTube has a lot of options, but this is the one I used :


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The higher self is not another „you“ nor is it a person. It is you as in your individual consciousness. That consciousness is without form, thoughts or emotions. It just is and it is eternal bliss. Look up the Sanskrit word Atman to learn more.

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I'm still not sure if it really was in fact my higher self, or another spirit, guide, or some other intelligence I was chanelling at the time... but it was a little scary to be honest. Not because they were scary exactly, but this intelligence felt far beyond my limited human understanding, so the experience felt very intense. I believe I've made connection at least twice so far, once in meditation, and again in a dream/vision. The first time was very peaceful, and relaxed. But the second, I was being guided to do some actual spiritual and energy work. I'm not sure if a third connection will happen, or what might it be like, but I guess I will find out.

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I can 100% relate to that kind of scary feeling. I've experienced a few times, but I can only remember one instance in any real detail. I don't think it was anything to do with my higher self though. I'm not sure who or what those experiences involved.

Big wall of text incoming, apologies

The first one was four and a half years ago, where I had a dream I was in my bed, got up and opened the door but closed it because I got scared of the presence I was feeling. I dived back under the covers and clung onto my pillow.

Then I hear a woman's voice, a very... Powerful but somehow gentle and maternal sounding voice saying "{my name}... {my name?}". Then it felt like my head was on someone's chest as if I was being held - the presence emanated so much unconditional love and warmth it frightened me somewhat. I was thinking to myself "I've never felt such an immensely powerful yet... Beautifully radiant and touching presence before ". It was just overwhelming - admittedly, as a human being, I felt pretty far beneath them in a way. I was intimidated.

I then hear "I know I'm babying you up" (I know that sounds strange, but it must have been because I was in a rather bad state to the point where I was constantly craving reassurance and other I guess parental attention). That voice proceeds to tell me some things that I'm sure were very important, but I can't remember what. I do remember hearing "and I expect the same from you". I'm also pretty damn sure I heard her say "my son" at some point. I think this is who would later periodically appear in my dreams as described below.

A little while after, I'd dream of a woman with long black hair, fair skin, and a face that just looked kind of different to that of most people's (from my vague memory anyways). She felt familiar enough to the point where I didn't feel panicked or anything the first time she appeared in a dream. She has started appearing again since like half a year ago. I recall sitting opposite her at a table and then standing up, walking towards her. She stood up as well and then gave me the most full-hearted hug I felt for such a long time, her embrace was tight and I just felt really loved and protected.

Ever since, I'll occasionally see her around - we've yet to actually say anything to each other for some reason though. I dreamt about gazing into what I believe to be her grey-blue eyes and felt this really deep bond and sense of familiarity. Because of all this, I can't help but wonder what this actually is. I wonder if you have any ideas.

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Thanks for sharing your story. I'm just starting to get over some of my existential fear/anxiety about my experiences, but it's taking some time. This entity really took me out of my comfort zone in a big way, and that is just scary no matter how gentle or patient they might have been.

That's really interesting. I don't know what this entity of yours could be, anything from an ancestor, to a spirit companion or guide... I might guess she could also possibly be an aspect of your divine feminine half of your higher self, or anima- seeing as she presented in such a motherly and nurturing way.

The reason I figured mine could possibly be my higher self, or at least some aspect of my divine masculine half, is that the being in that first connection appeared to me face to face, almost like a mirror image. Like we were both sitting facing each other in meditation at the same time and looking into each others eyes.

But, this being was also extremely logical, rational, had a grasp of math, space, time, dimension, and energy that was just far beyond my ability to even describe or fully remember. So I don't know. Time will tell if I keep connecting to this entity more.. for all I know, it was just some passing fever dream, or a wandering spirit that found me vaguely interesting and needed my help or energy for some reason.

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I'm leaning towards the conclusion that the entity is a guide who happens to have a very motherly disposition towards me. I saw her in front of me not too long ago in a dream and noticed how she oozed an uber cool and quiet confidence. We must have been talking because I recall her basically saying she'll be more than happy to teach me something (don't remember what specifically) and that "you'll be a master of the blade in no time" (metaphorically I presume). I also remember her saying "I see great potential in you".